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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Isn’t It A Bit Early?

Winter shall come. We know that. It shall come after fall. It shall come when the trees are naked, leaves are on the ground, flowers are in dry bouquets or in a compost pile. We don’t remember a freeze and snow to happen before Thanksgiving. Leaves were still on many trees and vines, and flowers were still blooming. The first snow, November 21st, was very light and fluffy.


Nasturtium, Nicotiana and Begonia finally realized that their time has gone.

P1010015-1 P1010030 P1010033

P1010011-3 P1010024-2

Foxglove’s secondary blooms haven’t opened all of their buds yet. It could have been the first foxglove blooming in December, but not now.


Then, heavier snow fell, and unusually low temperatures for November changed things drastically.

Isn’t Fatsia supposed to have shiny black berries after its blooms are finished?



Wasn’t I just recently bragging about its fabulous blooms here: Fabulous Fatsia Flowers


Don’t Hardy Fuchsias in my garden usually carry their blooms into December ?



I used to have pictures of calendula flowers under the snow, but not those of dahlia and mums.

P1010037 P1010032

The worst were the winds. They broke huge firs’ limbs, up to 10 feet in length, shook zillions of cones and dry needles onto the ground and turned the yard into a mess. But I don’t complain. How can I be angry with the winds? How can I blame the cold and snow? They are part of winter, and winter is part of life. I can be a bit unhappy with myself for bringing some plants into the garage too late . But, I will try not to worry.


I’d rather prepare flashlights and candles in case we lose power. We already had our first warning. Good thing that I remember how to make coffee when the coffeemaker is dead. You need to have gas, water, Ibrik and coffee, of course!


I wish you a warm, cozy and enjoyable Thanksgiving!


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  1. Hi Tatyana - Dahlias and fuschias in the snow - oh my! Have a wonderful holiday :)

  2. I hate when the power goes out. Darn it. I sometime wish I lived in an area like yours - getting snow this time of year. It doesn't do any good to get stressed over the weather - it is what it is. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. here too. Tonight it's supposed to drop to -4°C and snow is forecast for tomorrow. Have just rushed out and covered everything with fleece.

    And a week ago it was still 15°C and I took my jacket off because i was too hot...

  4. It is hard to believe you are getting hit with this weather. It is supposed to be in the Midwest first. We're getting rain and some icing in other parts of Illinois. Have a great Thanksgiving.


  5. Hi Tatyana! I agree that it SEEMS early, however (for us at least), it's really not. I'd love to postpone Winter, but I believe it should come. After all, if we don't have a Winter, Spring won't be as sweet! :-)

  6. Wow, a bunch of bloggers are mentioning snow storms. Here is suburban Philadelphia, I haven't had a killing frost--it's a month late. It was 63 degrees yesterday. You might think this is good, but frost kills all the deer ticks, among other benefits. Thank you for picking my snowdrop post. Have a great Thanksgiving. Carolyn

  7. Hi Tatyana,

    I hope your snow soon goes, in the UK we're due for some snow in the coming days too. It isn't unusual to get some in late November, but this is supposed to be deep (by UK terms) at between 1-10 inches.

  8. What is wrong with those pictures? Wow! It seems strange to see you and Catherine having snow before us here in Ohio. Makes for pretty pictures but not so happy flowers. And those wonderful blooms that were on your Fatsia plant. Poor things are drooping now. Well maybe the boys will have fun with a few snowballs out of it. LOL!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh it makes for the most winter wonderland photos though. We had to turn our air conditioner on today while preparing food for tomorrow.....

  10. The snow looks beautiful in your lovely photos Tatyana. I do hope it will not stay too long and that all of your plants will recover soon. Here is hoping your power stays on, though the candles look so magical. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  11. all so gorgeous albeit a tad cruel Mother Nature Sandy

  12. I had a volunteer cosmo that just opened it's bloom before the snow hit. Also, it's funny that yesterday the garden looked pretty but snowed on. Today it just looks frozen. Frozen stiff.

  13. Your snow is so beautiful!! Gorgeous pics of the fuschia and fatsia blooms. Our snow is heavy and freezing cold, my garden has completely vanished for the year. Happy thanksgiving to you!

  14. I have to say I am with the rest of those commenting. Up here on the Canadian border and still no snow. How sad for all your flowers. Most of mine are gone, but we still have not had really cold weather. Yesterday it was 60 here in the Falls. At least you got some great shots.

  15. The earliest snowfall here in my memory was Nov 2, the year i was 14. I still remember. I was at school,and we all were having snowball fights between classes! Snow is so rare, I remember all of the big ones, which is anything over a couple of inches. I hope you enjoy your snow and don't have to deal with any nasty side effects. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Yes it is December so you will in a little while be deep in winter again. While on this side, we will just be reaping the cold winds coming from Siberia as its wings only can reach this place. As for those frosts, we only sea them in silk and plastic flowers imported from abroad, which i dont want to decorate in our Christmas trees because they look so artificial. I pity your plants, esp those which are not ready yet.

  17. wow so much snow. I hope you are warm and cozy. We dont get any snow until next year.

  18. Coffee is an absolute necessity. I hope your power stays on, especially since it's so cold!

  19. Crossing my fingers for your power to stay on, Tatyana! That poor Fatsia. Do you think it's been permanently damaged by the early snowfall?

  20. Thank you very much my blogging friends! I hope you all are having a warm, cozy, friendly Thanksgiving! I hope all my plants will survive. Fatsia proved to be a tough plant, and I think it will give a new growth next spring.

  21. It is so sad for your beautiful flowers.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope the winter isnt too harsh for you

  23. Sure is a little early for snow...pretty pictures.

  24. Your garden looks so lovely with patches on snow on them. It's raining at 7:30pm and the temperature here is still 30 degree Celsius. No chance to spot any snow. :)

  25. Thanks for your visit, hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We did.
    I'm actually a tad jealous of your snow, however light it was. We haven't had any yet and our local little snow hill usually opens this weekend, not this year. :(
    Brr, I feel for that foxglove. It looks so cold.
    Anyhow, to have that kind of color in November must have been nice.


  26. We only got about an inch of snow down here in the valley, but with an underlayment of ice. Thankfully it has melted and we are back to the low 40 degrees.

    Good words of advice in having an emergency package ready. We loose power here every year for whatever reason, the worst being a 5-day period several years ago as a tree fell over major power lines.

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday Tatyana.

  27. I have had my dahlias frosted before today, but snow... But then, although I have very occasionally seen snow in South Africa, I've never had snow fall on MY garden! God luck for the long winter - keep cozy!

  28. Blimey it looks cold over there! ...but your photos are great :)

    It's -3 here right now (18.00), and we've only had a few snow flurried so far....but I live in hope of snow!

    Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday :)

  29. Hi Tatyana, we have snow over here in southern england as well and blizzards forecast for next week, it was freezing at work today, hope you have a good thanksgiving and keep warm, wonder what a Ibrik is, a type of coffee jug? take care now...

  30. Is this early for you to have snow? I can't imagine having the blooms you have this time of year.

  31. I'm sorry your snow came early this year. It's always hard when the last of the flowers have given up.

    I love your hellebore that's blooming. I am looking forward to seeing how much my 2 year old plants will have grown, and how the ones I planted this spring will do. Well, I'm really ready for spring to get here, but that's not to be for awhile.


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