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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabulous Fatsia Flowers


This is one of my three Fatsia japonica (Japanese Aralia, Aralia sieboldii) plants.


You can see an emerging umbel in the right side of the above picture.


Here, it starts opening, showing creamy-white flowers.


Sometimes, they call Aralia glossy-leaved paper plant, false castor oil plant or fig-leaf palm .


The blooms remind me of snowflakes and dandelion heads at the same time.


The pictures were taken in October and November 2010.


I showed all three aralia plants in my garden here: Aralia Blooming.


Japanese Aralia is an evergreen spreading shrub growing 5-12 feet tall, with thick, sparsely branched stems. The dark green leaves are spirally-arranged, large, leathery, with 7-11 broad lobes, toothed. The flowers are small, creamy white, borne in branching, long-stalked compound umbels in autumn or early winter, followed by small black fruit. Zones 8-10.


Soil: fertile, humus-rich, moist, well-drained.

Location: sun or light, dappled shade with shelter from cold, drying winds. Variegated cultivars need partial shade.

Beautiful plant!


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  1. Wonderful photos! I've never seen one of these in bloom before... wow! .... Larry

  2. That's an amazing looking plant. So large! Great photos of it.

  3. Your photos are fantastic!

  4. Tatyana, these are beautiful, wish they would survive in my area.


  5. Hi Tatyana. I love seeing plants that I have never saw before. What a lovely plant. Not only are the leaves pretty but the white blooming globes are lovely. Looks like a mass of Allium blooms on a bush. Beautiful images with the rain or dew one the blooms.

  6. Спасибо за идею!
    Обязательно себе такую посажу: я посмотрела, что эта аралия выдерживает заморозки до минус 15, как раз для нашего климата!
    (это ничего, что я по-русски в английском блоге?) :)
    А еще очень понравилась клумба с агапантами, просто чудесно!

  7. Dear Tatyana, What a bold and dramatic statement this plant makes. It looks wonderful in your border. In the UK, the Fatsia rarely flowers and is grown mainly for its foliage. How marvellous it is, though to have both!!

  8. Fatsia is a great plant. I loved your 'time lapse' photography presentation too. Suspenseful...

  9. There'll be loads of dark berries to follow.

    Nice shots Tatyana

  10. Tatyana, This is a fabulous sculptural plant and the flowers as you show are so gorgeous! I love how you let things spill over in your gardens. Beautiful photos!! ;>)

  11. I always enjoy your photos of the Fatsia. If I didn't have the deer issue, this plant would be top of my list of 'must haves'! Love the first photo of the closeup with the water drops on the blooms. Great!!!!

  12. What a gorgeous plant and your photos makes the buds look like glittering diamonds!

  13. I have never seen one of these before. Great photos! Carla

  14. Wow. they are amazing flowers and wonderful pictures of them, too!

  15. Yes they are real fabulous, just like your photos which do not fail to mesmerize me, always feel envious. But those frosted heads are real stoppers, of course i haven't seen them in person yet. Hopefully i can see them in person before this lifetime ends. haha.

  16. Tatyana, thank you for sharing your fabulous pictures. You are a talented gardener with a keen eye for beauty. Looking forward to more posts from you!

  17. Lovely plant and great pictures.

  18. Fatsia plant is very common in our tropical landscaped yards here in Texas. I can honestly say I have never seen the bloom. Magnificent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  19. Very beautiful! It does look like a dandelion and a snowflake.

  20. Wow! I'm not too familiar with this plant and although the leaves look familiar, I don't think I've ever seen the flower bloom. Thanks for the interesting post and photos!

  21. What an amazing plant with terrific architecture and beautiful blooms! I linked back and also enjoyed your previous post on aralias. They look wonderful in your garden.

  22. You got me on this one. It's very striking, have never been introduced to one before, it's been a pleasure.

  23. I never understood aralias until just now. Great post and pictures!!!

  24. That's cute. It looks like it has frost on all the tips. :)

  25. Very interesting post. You take amazing photographs. It was very interesting seeing the progression.

  26. Таня, спасибо! Первый раз в жизни вижу, как цветет аралия. Несколько лет подряд какой-то энтузиаст высаживает три куста на Океанском проспекте. Но дальше бутонов-шишечек дело не идет: в октябре растения гибнут от холода. Даже в нашем Ботаническом саду, укрытом от ветров и туманов, аралии зацвести не успевают, хотя в прошлом году я надеялась, что зацветут и несколько раз специально туда ездила. Так что еще раз СПАСИБО! Это чудо!

  27. Dear Tatyana, Your Japanese Aralia brightened my gray November Pennsylvania day. Beautiful photographs of your beautiful garden. Pam x

  28. All I can say is AWESOME plant.
    Super shots...thanks.

  29. Hey Tatyana,
    Wow! These fotos are amazing. I love the aralia flowers.

  30. I just did a search of Fatsia flowers as ours is just about to bloom, have never seen it bloom before so wondered what to expect, now I know it is going to be wonderful ! :-)

    1. Hi Julia! Congratulations on your first blooms! Mine is going to bloom too, and yes, the flowers will be pretty!

  31. i have a two year old one that flowered in northern ireland and its really given no care ...what happens after it flowers??? any cutting back ? or just leave it alone???

    1. I leave my plants alone, and they grow very tall. One is reaching the house' roof.


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