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Friday, February 26, 2010

Expectation Has Color

Expectation has color. I realized it recently when I started to notice a hint of color while driving. Just a hint. It was not grey, green and brown everywhere. First, it looked like a subtle shadow. Then, it got more prominent. I started to watch several trees along my way which began to turn pinkish.

Do you remember these cherry trees ? They had dramatic burgundy outfits last fall (
Neighborhood Walk, sixth picture from the top ). Here they are, awakening and hurrying to cover their winter nakedness.

Soon, all of these trees will turn to a pink cloud, bright and luxurious. But, there is still some time to enjoy these miraculous moments of unveiling wonder.

The tree on the left (the picture below) is just beginning to reveal its spring pink. Heather is way ahead:

Actually, I liked it more when the heather was just beginning to show its spring color:

Purple caught me unprepared. I noticed this pile of purple blooms suddenly, when the flowers were already fully opened:

I was not the only one who got excited during a recent walk in the neighborhood. However, my dog's excitement was not about the pink color:

Here it is, our friend from the post Images For You .

What color is your expectation of spring?

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  1. What a gorgeous and welcome sight. I love the heather below the pink blooms. Just beautiful. I am so glad you are getting some color into your world. Mine is white and getting a new coat of white so I will enjoy your colors of pink.
    Have a wonderful weekend Tatyana!

  2. Dear Tatyana, What a very attractive and eye catching sequence of pictures. It is so surprising what a difference a few day's warmth makes to everything. One day there appears to be nothing and then, suddenly, ...

  3. Yesterday I was driving down the highway and I saw a peach orchard in the distance -- it was clearly blushing. Not blooming, but the twigs looked slightly pink from the swelling buds. In the midst of my excitement I remembered I was driving... :)

  4. In Alaska, that color is a very light chartreuse that the birch tree buds break open into. Only slightly less anticipated is the poo brown color of the almost melted and dirty snow with its accompanying poo odor. All that dog doo from people walking their dogs all winter (and not cleaning up after them) is really pungent along sidewalks and roadways.

    Can't wait for spring!

    Christine B.

  5. My colour?

    hints of green around the base of plants. Just letting me know they've come through winter and are ready to burst!

  6. What lavish swath of pink, beautiful! So far the color of our expectation of spring has been mostly a beautiful, golden, sunny yellow color, as our daffodils have just started to bloom!

  7. Lona, I can't believe it's snowing again in your corner of the world! An in NY too!

    Edith, isn't this the best time when the colors are just starting to appear?

    Eliza, I love the word you used - blushing. Drive safe!

    Christine, it would be even worse if it was bear scat!

  8. My spring color is light purple, the shade of our tulips in the front garden. Can't wait to see them.

  9. Tatyana, it is happening! ;) That wonderful rose color surrounds us. Your heather becomes even more pronounced when it blossoms against the lime green moss. We are currently fogged in, AGAIN, but I see signs of life everywhere. Have a great weekend.

  10. Oh lucky you, Tatyana, enjoy the gift! I know what color spring isn't ... white :) It's snowing here again today but then again, I take that back since white IS the first sign of spring here in my garden ... shadblow and Yoshino cherry bursting in a profusion of white! Brave blue wildflowers also seem to be the first to poke their noses through the ground ...

  11. Wow! What a beautiful spring in your part of the world!

  12. Lovely enjoy the anticipation it is a little way off here in cold windy Surrey.

  13. Love those pink cherry blossoms, Tatyana. The colors of expectation here are the reds/oranges of swelling branches and the bright greens of new growth peeking out around the edges of the melting snow. -Jean

  14. This time of year is so exciting. You are right about suddenly noticing the changes in color on the trees. The Cherries and Plum trees are starting to bloom around here too.
    The cat looks like a little black Panther.

  15. What splendid scenery you have there. Wow, there is so many cherry blossoms among the bare stems and branches. Looks so much like the fake ones I have in my vase for my Chinese New Year decorations. They do certainly bloom in winter and early spring. So beautiful!

  16. Gorgeous pink hues! I'd say spring has arrived in your neck of the woods. :)

  17. You are right about expectation having color. I am with you on the color pink, in the cherry blossoms and heather, and also, to me, nothing shouts spring more than yellow of daffodils and tulips.

  18. Beautiful cherry blooms. I love the purple azalea too.

  19. We are enjoying the pink and white blossoms of fruit trees. I also love the light shade of green that all new spring leaves have.

  20. I think mine would be yellow. In Vancouver it can be quite grey here in the winter - lots of rainy cloudy days. So when a bright yellow crocus pops open to 'sing' to the sun, that for me, is new beginnings.

  21. Thank you everyone!

    Rob, I agree, it's exciting to see the first green tops poking out of the ground!

    Curbstone Valley Farm, I love daffodils too!

    Kim and Victoria, my tulips are showing their green tops already.

    Di, it should be beautiful in your place, you have so many trees around! Mine are mostly firs, and I need to walk a bit to see the blooming trees.

    Joey, I can't believe it's snowing again!!!

    Floridagirl, it looks like our winter went your way!

    Joanne, our last winter was snowy, but this year is different. I hope spring will come soon to you!

    Jean, melting snow itself signals spring, doesn't it?

    Catherine, I hope we won't have snow in March like it was last year!

    Autumn Belle, I like your New Year posts and pictures!

    Rebecca, it smells like spring, but I won't be surprised to see some white stuff later.

    Terra, yellow daffodils came first to my yard, but I needed to take a walk through the neighborhood to take pictures of pink - I don't have blooming trees in my garden.

    Sweet bay, it is pretty indeed! I am not sure what is that - an azalea or a small-leaf rhododendron.

    Noelle, I wish those trees were in bloom in August when we plan to come to Phoenix!

    Stevie, crocuses are special, indeed! I used to have them in my previous garden in Kansas City, but don't have them here yet.

  22. Your pink spring is looking beautiful! I just hope for more and more green as the snow melts.

  23. Beautiful pink! Oh, where, where is our spring here?


  24. The tree and heather swathed in pink is just beautiful. For me, the first sign of spring is when I see the little green shoots of spring bulbs showing themselves above the soil.

  25. Not that it is spring here in New Zealand (we are late summer at present), but the spring colour for me is when the trees have just the barest haze of green starting. I adore spring greens. So soft, so pretty, so fresh.

  26. Цвет весны? А вот заставишь же взять фотоаппарат и вернуться к блогу: такие рассветы нежно-серо-лазорево-синие над морем за окном, что ни в сказке сказать, ни пером описать... Айвазовский...

  27. Your neighborhood is so manicured...just beautiful...I'll take any color of spring right now!

  28. WOW! I can hardly wait to see that around here! But we've had three days with thaw now so... it won't be long =)

  29. Absolutely beautiful photographs! Just love the pink of the trees. I see nothing like that in our local area.
    You are very lucky!

  30. Tatyana, I love the pink blooms of spring, though there are some super white blooms on the Star Magnolias and Chionanthus in May.
    Thought your kitty in the photo was a baby bear at first!! wowoo

  31. Wow... so beautiful... I just love the way those woody trees burst out with color. Redbud trees are doing that around here (well, a little north of here actually) but I always look forward to them as the first trees to bud out in early March.

  32. Hi Tatyana~~ You always have the coolest photos! The pink trees are just dazzling either up close or from a distance. It seems like I'm noticing heather flowers a lot more this year. I wonder if the weather is just right or if it's just me. The "pile of purple" is outstanding with the weeping coniferous foliage behind it. Love the kitty!

    Sunshine here, how about there?

  33. Zone envy again for me.... It's snowing here today so no sign of spring. But how wonderful that you have some nice color popping up!

  34. Hi Tatyana, I love the scene of your dog and the cat - a fun way to end the post - Gloria

  35. Hi Tatyana, we are certainly awed by your photos, a lot of commenters are here touched by them. You know the compositions and tones which captivate us. Four seasons views are something we are not privileged to have in the tropics. Spring and fall photos have been magical for me ever since, so maybe i will be in temperate country again in my next lifetime.

  36. Oh Tatyana, spring is already so gorgeous there! It gives me hope that spring will eventually arrive here. But when? I can't wait!

  37. Oh yay, spring is arriving in your area! Gives us all hope. I also thought I saw some purple yesterday. It must be the redbud trees. I plan to drive by today and have a good look. Although not much is blooming here, I saw just this morning the Blue Jays stealing old crapemyrtle bloom sticks for their nests. That must mean spring will get here eventually. Love all your photos.

  38. Oh, they are so pretty. My color of expectation is the purple of the Oklahoma red bud which should be blooming anytime now. Great post.~~Dee

  39. How did you keep your dog from lunging at the cat?!!! I love cats so glad he didn't but I bet he was very interested. Your neighborhood is looking glorious. Nothing like that around here. I just stared at all the green and color ~ totally transfixed ~ it's like another world. Enjoy all your new color.

  40. That beautiful and elusive purple haze the bare branches of the trees get when they are ready to burst.

    You can see it as you drive past stands of trees, there is almost a quivering of excitement. It's time, it's time.

    My most favorite time of year.


  41. Hi Tatanya

    What a beautiful neighbourhood you live it - such a lovely balance between everygreen and decidious trees. The cherry blossom looks lovely where there is a evergreen background behind it. The heathers underneath are a great finishing touch.

  42. Tatyana, It has been a long time since I've been able to pop in and visit other blogs... barely enough time to throw together a handful of posts of my own. Seeing your blast of spring colour was a lovely treat. We're all still mostly greys and browns here. However, the willow trees always seem to be harbingers of spring -- pumping up the yellow-green and pumpkin colour of their branches. They make a cloud of subtle colour in an otherwise wintery landscape.


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