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Friday, January 22, 2010

Countryside. Winter

Do you like the countryside?

Does it make you feel like you are in a place with no time and no space?
I had a surreal feeling being somewhere in between seasons and places.

Don't these cattails remind you of a happy childhood?

And doesn't this stack of firewood give you a sense of comfort? Winter is here, but everything is prepared for it.

Can you tell that this is winter? Looks like fall, doesn't it?

And this?

A new growth is a sure sign of spring.

I can almost hear the birds saying: Hey, why should we fly south? It's warm enough here!


But wait! It might be winter.

This is winter. Snowless winter.

Where will it go from here? To a warm spring or to a cold snow?

Actually, I don't care right now. I enjoy this present moment and a feeling of being among birds and horses.
I love the picture below. Stillness and movement. Confinement and openness. Permanence and temporality.

Isn't she beautiful?

Countryside. A shelter from the madness of a busy and unpredictable life. A place to go once in a while to clean one's mind and regain sanity.


Copyright 2009 TatyanaS
countryside art


  1. Yes, being in the countryside is wonderful. :)

  2. Lovely countryside indeed. Great pictures. We used to call your cottontails cattails in my neck of the woods (northeastern U.S.) I always loved running my fingernail along their length and watching the fuzz appear. Such good memories indeed.

  3. Okay this did it for me...I am out the door to my little piece of heaven for a cleansed and renewed mind, Thanks! (Did God tell you to post this for me?)

  4. Lovely photos of the countryside.

    Yes, I live in the country, but it's an unusual arrangement -- 4 to 9 acre lots (only 21 of us) in a subdivision created from a 200 year-old dairy farm. We all maintain the original dairy barn, red tin roof and all!


  5. I would not want to live any where else. I love living out in nature away from the noise and bustling cities where the pace is slower. Fresh clean air. Mosquitoes and all. LOL!

  6. A wonderful getaway, or full time residence!, Tatyana! Seeing the buds on the trees fills us with happiness too, knowing that spring will indeed come. :-)

  7. I can't believe how we went from frigid cold to now more temperate 50's and for weeks. My walk around the garden yesterday found green popping out all over. I fear we may get slammed again and talk about "nipping it in the bud"... ;)

  8. Being in the countryside is ever changing and beautiful Tatyana! Seeing the wood all stacked makes me think of my wood pile just outside. It is a comfrey feeling to have a wood fire, but it truly is a good amount of work too. Winters can be hard in the country but very rewarding too. I cannot imagine my days without nature's large presence. I hope you get some snow soon... wish I could share some of ours! Lovely post! ;>) Carol

  9. Beautiful pics of your countryside :)

    If you would have asked me a few years ago if I could ever enjoy living in the countryside, I would have said no. But now I sing a different tune. The blog post I made this morning is sort of about my journey to that viewpoint :D

  10. Beatiful photos as usual. I love the pinecones, the moss on the tree trunk & the barnyard scenes. Must have been a lovely little trip to the countryside.

  11. Winter in the countryside has its own charms, you can see the 'infrastructure' more clearly and the landscape stands clear.

  12. That reminds me of the farm I grew up on, thanks for sharing!

  13. Dear Tatyana, These are such evocative images with just enough text to draw one into the picture, allowing for personal thought and reflection.
    Thank you so much for becoming a 'Follower' of my blog and for leaving a comment to which I have replied. It is so encouraging to a newcomer. I shall look forward to receiving your future postings as a subscriber.

  14. I couldn't live anywhere but IN the country, Tatyana. It would do me in--haven't had to since I was a young teenager, thankfully. These are gorgeous photos, for sure.

  15. Loved these.
    I love going out in the woods and in the country because of its stillness and beauty.
    Ironically, we went for a ride today and I also took a few photos of some horses that we saw on our ride....
    it will be posted on my blog next week sometime probably.
    We are so lucky you see so much beauty in your lens, too..that way, we all get to share it!

  16. Beautiful photos, Tatyana! I am lucky because I live in the country and can enjoy the peace and quiet it provides. Our winter scenes look a little different than yours, though, especially with all the snow we usually get. The budding on the tree branch looks very promising. Thanks for the reminder of enjoying the beauty of each moment.

  17. Nice post! The old cliche about a picture being worth a thousand words sure rings true here. Hank

  18. Lovely pictures. I love all those birds all lined up just waiting to fly off somewhere.

  19. We are waiting to find our farm up country. Imagine getting up each morning and seeing this beauty. No more apartments across the street, just trees and fields.


  20. Hiya Tatyana

    Sometimes I just need the city, but I always NEED the country to recover.

    Your winters are very much the same as over here. I was pruning roses yesterday, no wind, temperature at 12 C and hazy sun. I just thought, 'please may this continue, I don't want a cold spell, just spring now'.


  21. A lovely interesting post and yes could be autumn or spring but not winter.

  22. Looks like you had a lovely time in the country. I like a couple of your photos above the rest-- the one with the pinecones hanging over the creek and the new growth on the limb of the tree with all that lichen....both are really extraordinary.

  23. I love the countryside; after moving there, I'm just not sure I want to live in it. ;)

    The pictures of the birds were especially lovely.

  24. I have lived in the city and in the country, and for me, I have to live in the country.

    The cattails remind me of living in England as a kid. We would cut them in the fall and soak them in kerosene. We used them for torches on Guy Fawkes Night, when we would light the bonfire. We had such fun being kids in the country, too.

  25. I love the countryside too Tatyana. I grew up in it and sometimes want to live there again but not sure I'm up for the work. Your pictures are just beautiful. Sorry there has been no snow for you this year. Maybe there's still time? If I could, I'd share. I'm ready for spring tho ~ no more snow here please.

  26. Hello Tatyana! I've not been around for a while - I'm afraid my limited blogging time has gone into my own blog. Hope you are well. To me these phtographs look VERY wintery - cold and grey! But I suppose to you winter is white? Anyway, they are lovely atmospheric shots of what seems to have been a refreshing visit to the countryside! Jack

  27. Its a real priviledge being brought up in the countryside and now living in it too - all that lovely fresh air and so much room to roam.


  28. Your countryside pictures are wonderful.
    They bring back childhood memories of climbing trees, building huts in the bushes and galloping without a thought across an open field.

  29. Super Beautiful post! I am captivated by all your picturesque scenes,magical indeed! I love the countryside..both the open space and small hidden places..all carry magic..nature is magnificent! Thankyou for creating a wonderful post!

  30. Wow, Tatyana, what beautiful scenes of your countryside. And such a poem in your words. Those cattails do indeed remind me of my childhood.

  31. I have been out of town and away from blogging, so just now seeing this post. Wow! My first thought is how much this looks like Alabama! What a great time you must have had in the country. All of the photos are beautiful, but my favorites are the cattails and the horses.

  32. A change of scene is always invigorating.

    We went to the city yesterday. It's always a relief to come home to the country. Today we took the dog for a short ride across the creek and back by a different route to see how it had flooded out of the banks. Spring is coming.


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