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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My October Garden. Zone 7b Pacific Northwest

These are several pictures of my back and side gardens.
They still look summery, with very few signs of fall.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lakewold Gardens' Beautiful Tables Showcase

The Tables are here!
This is the 14th time that the famous Lakewold Gardens invite you to visit their popular Beautiful Tables Showcase!
It is held on October 25-28, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Wagner House.
Yesterday was the first day, and I treated myself to this festive display of 32 tables decorated 
by amateur and professional designers. 
I don't want to spoil your visit, so I'll just show several glimpses of the display.

          If you live in the state of Washington and have a free weekend, you might want to attend this event, get ideas for upcoming holidays and also stroll through the Gardens.
          Following are several pictures of the October Gardens. With most of the flowers gone, the Garden's bones are especially prominent. This is the perfect time to see, admire and appreciate what Thomas Church, the great American garden designer, and Eulalie Wagner created in this corner of Lakewood, WA.

Entrance fee for the Beautiful Tables Showcase: $7 Lakewold Member, $12 Non-Member
Last year's tables are shown here:
Part 1
Part 2
There is one more incentive to visit the Gardens right now - During the Beautiful Tables Showcase, all memberships are offered at 50% off.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Japanese Maples (And Others) in Yang's Garden. Part 1

I invite you to join me in touring one of the best Japanese maple nurseries in the state of Washington, Yang's Nursery. Together with other plants, maples turn this place into an absolutely magnificent garden, which pleases eyes and awakes your emotions. Right now, it's a great time to visit the nursery.
 2- Forest Pansy Redbud
 3- I call it Maple Tapestry
 4- Coral Bark Japanese Maple
 5 and 6 - Meigetsu Fullmoon maple
 7 - Oshio-Beni Japanese Maple
 8- Golden Full Moon
 9- Siebold's Maple
 10- Dissectum Japanese Maple
 11- Coral Bark Japanese Maple
 14 and 15- Tobiosho Japanese Maple
 17- Oisami Japanese Maple
 20- Avondale Redbud
 21- Elegance Japanese Maple
 22- DemiSec Japanese Maple
 24- October Glory Japanese Maple
 25- Ichigyoji Japanese Maple

To be continued.
I am pretty sure I got all the names right. If a picture doesn't have a name of a tree, it means I missed it, sorry.
My last year's pictures from  Yang's Nursery are here:
Part 1 - Japanese Maples. Autumn Madness
Part 2 - Japanese Maples. Picture Gallery

***Copyright 2012 TatyanaS

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