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Holiday Tables in Beautiful Lakewold Gardens

Seeing these tables will inspire you to decorate your own holiday tables. For 17 years, in November, Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, WA has been treating its visitors to a display of beautiful tables designed by amateurs and professionals.

This particular table, 'Santa's Breakfast',  was decorated by Virginia Walkey. She used her mother's Royal Copenhagen "Full Lace'" china, her grandmother's Christmas collectibles and International "Royal Danish"sterling. The centerpiece was designed by Claudia Smith. (This information was provided by Lakewold Gardens).

Another festive table, "Family & Tradition: A Holiday Celebration", was designed by Elaine Edmondson and Karen Pate. They used Lenox Holiday china, Nachtmann's crystal stemware and Bavarian nutcrackers collected over the years.

The garden itself is gorgeous and deserves a visit. Actually, one visit is never enough. 

Pictures above were taken in November, and here are several views of the garden in September:

Other tables will be shown in another post.

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  1. Hello Tanyasgarden

    I am Brazilian photographer André.
    I was traveling through your blog and I really enjoyed the photos.
    Creativity, harmony, sensitivity, are the photos you did.
    All in good taste and beauty!
    The garden is a dream, just beautiful.
    I am already following.
    When you visit my blog goes, I would be happy with your comments.

    Thank you for your attention.

    André Tavares.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Inspiring!

  3. What a beautiful decoration of the christmas table's. The gardens look lovely. I heardly can wait untill my geraniums are starting to flower again. i have to wait a little while.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. The top one sure had a bit of Scandinavia in it.
    I love the garden, absolutely love it.
    Can see how you might never get enough of it.
    Wonderful pictures, Tatyana!


  5. While the holdiay table settings are lovely, it is the view outside that I find breathtaking! Thanks for posting those gorgeous photos.

  6. What a gorgeous formal garden! I am in love with that split log table and benches.

    Some people are just amazing at making things look pretty. A touch there, an addition there, and somehow things magically come together in a beautiful ensemble. My mom has that talent - I have her come and decorate for me!

  7. Oh that is gorgeous! Love that beautiful garden and the decorations. Wow!

  8. Those are inspiring ways to decorate a holiday table. So festive and 'warm'. The grounds are lovely--it must be a beautiful place to visit!

  9. What a beautiful setting for those wonderful tablescapes.


  10. Lovely photos with some very good ideas. Will there be a Part 2 showing other tables? Please ---

  11. Thank you everyone!
    There were 32 tables on the display. I am choosing winter related tables. There will be some more.

  12. What a beautiful garden! I love the boxwoods with plantings filling the centers. I would hate to keep them trimmed though. LOL! In no way would they be so even. Picture washboard effect. LOL!
    Now you won my heart with the blue and white table setting. I collect it and was slobbering all over those pictures. The scroll of Santa's names and pipe is such a lovely touch to that placement. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Beautiful tables and gorgeous grounds. It seems so strange to see Christmas with all the flowers right outside. I would miss the snow, even though this place has really stunning gardens.

  14. The tables were lovely but the grounds, wow! I think that might be the most beautiful swimming pool I've ever seen. Just gorgeous. Thank you for the eye-feast, Tatyana!

  15. Oh, how I would love to see that garden out those big windows every day! Magnificent!

  16. the garden, such a strong horizontal theme. Really not into dinnerware and ornaments, however those are beautiful. The gardens are very well designed and mature.

  17. Great tables ... lovely grounds! We have similar Holiday Table events here too ... always a joy to see and very inspirational! Happy December :)

  18. wow, those garden photos are amazing! and i love the danish china, my mum has lots of it at home. i wish you a wonderful christmas time, greetings from israel

  19. Love the festive tables, and the September garden looks gorgeous.

  20. What a fabulous place! I can't get over how GREEN it is there still! We had our first snowstorm the 26th of October and the garden has been dead since. It's a real treat to see these grounds because of that.
    I love looking at holiday decorations. The place settings are beautiful. Do they have trees & decorations too?

  21. Beauty if season glorious trees !!!!!


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