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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fuchsia in September

Fuchsia is the queen of my front flowerbed in August and September. Better to say, there are two queens there. Bought about six years ago, they don't have tags so I can't give you their names. I call them Fuchsia The Brunette and Fuchsia The Blonde. They were tiny plants back when I picked them, but now, they are two good size shrubs.


They both are very photogenic.

Somehow, I always take more pictures of Fuchsia The Blonde with its large pink-dark pink-light purple flowers.

 - Why do you take her pictures more often than mine? -asked Fuchsia The Brunette.

- And why do you focus mostly on the individual flowers? Look how full my shrub is!

Really, the shrub is pretty big and full!

- Because I am prettier! - Fuchsia The Blonde interjected.

 -I am thinner and my flowers are lighter !

-Show-off! The only thing you do the whole day is flirt with your neighbor Melianthus! - said The Brunette.

- Everyone in our flowerbed knows that!

-Ladies! Stop the squabbling!  I am big enough for both of you -  exclaimed Antonow's Blue Honey Bush, Melianthus as he invitingly spread his huge branches.

- Casanova! - said Fuchsia The Brunette.
- Skirt-chaser! - said Fuchsia The Blonde.
- Fine! - growled Melianthus. I'll make friends with The Daylilies. They bloom only for one day, but there are so many of them!  One finishes blooming, but another is ready to replace it!

-Womanizer! - cried both Fuchsias simultaneously as they intertwined their branches. Case closed.
Melianthus major 'Antonow's Blue': Powder-blue, highly textural evergreen foliage grows along stems to 8 feet tall. In late spring, spikes of deep burgundy, nectar-rich flowers will attract numerous bird species to the garden. USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 7-12. Average minimum temperature of 0 to 10 degrees F. Needs regular watering -weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Partial to full sun. (Description by Monrovia)

I have others fuchsias growing separately, and I will show them later.

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  1. Hey Tanya,
    Hope you having a wonderful weekend.
    What a goudeous fuchsias. Before my childeren were born I had about 125 specimes. The winter was always a problem overhere. The last years I had them I put them in an old freezer. Laying horizontal without soil but coverd with peat. Every year I had to put them in new soil. But the year I had my first child in spring I forgotten to take them out. Stupid is nt it.
    Yours are beautiful. Can you leave them in the garden in the winter?
    Warm wishes Marijke

  2. marijke, 125 species??? WOW! I am sorry you lost them, but it is understandable! A child is more important! I leave my fuchsias in the garden for winters. Our winters are pretty mild.

  3. Wow! Those are huge! I have lots of the Megallanicas that get good sized, but none of the other "hardy" ones get as large as the ones you have there. I love fuschias, and we are lucky in the PNW to be able to grow them, and have different nurseries who specialize in them, to find lots of different ones.

  4. These are great plants in the garden that add a lot of interest and color. Wish they grew here in Tucson!

  5. Your words are delightful and your fuchsias are stunning Tatyana. Ours are annuals here and alas mine rarely make it through our hot Summer.

  6. Oh I am in love! In love with both the Blonde and the Brunette.

  7. Tatyana, usually I prefer brunettes, but I equally like your blonde and brunette fuchsias! They are both so beautiful! The melianthus major Antonow's Blue is a really stunning foliage plant. I love blueish-grayish foliage and this one fits the bill perfectly. Wonder if I could grow it in San Diego or if it is too hot here... Great photos, again!

  8. They're both stunning plants. I've seen them in hanging baskets but not as shrubs - gorgeous!

  9. Szkoda,ze fuksje nie mogą u nas przetrwać zimy w ogrodzie. Są takie piękne.Pozdrawiam

  10. I am jealous that you can grow Melianthus and fuchsias, which are both annuals here. They make a gloriuos combo.

  11. The fuchsias look their absolute best right now, don't they? Yours are stunning. I must say I prefer Blondie myself too.

  12. The fuchsias look like ballerinas to me.

  13. Some flowers are such hussies!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the combination of the Fuchsias with Melianthus. Stunning!!

  15. Oh they are so lovely Tatyana. I just love them. We cannot have that jealous squabbling though. LOL!

  16. I love fushia, yours are gorgeous! I have never had luck with it here, think it gets too hot, but I have had success with Autumnale Fushia, beautiful colored leaves but not flowers like yours.


  17. I used to grow fuchsias in our shade garden, and loved them. I think they'd get a little heat-stressed here. I can only imagine how many hummingbirds you have with all those lovely blooms!

  18. What a wonderful secret garden full of of fuchsias Tanya.

    I too love fuchsias but 2010 lost all my fuchsias to our early long cold winter.

    I am going to bury some in a deep trench in the garden and the rest wrapped in newspaper and put in a box in my attic.



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