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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sky, Mood and No Boat

The Garden Witch woke up before 4 o'clock in the morning. This was the best part of the day. Peace and quiet. She made coffee, took the dog for a short walk around the house. By 6:30 when it was time to wake up the kids, e-mails were checked and answered, several blog posts read, school pants ironed, lunch bags packed and breakfast prepared. After 7:20 when everyone else left, important calls were made, the house was picked up, dishwasher unloaded and laundry started. It was time to go clean the garden. For several hours, she pulled and dug, weeded and dumped, moved and raked. Something felt wrong. She sat on the bench. Tired and irritated. The grey sky didn't help. It pressed down, bore heavily and compressed the air around her to a minimum, just enough to breathe, crushed the space, flattened the atmospfere, forced down, jamming her brains, mashing, squashing, squeezing and squishing them.

She looked at her hands. When was the last time she had a manicure? Ma-ni-cu-re... Sounds almost like ma-nu-re... She touched her hair. What was the name of her hairdresser?... She looked at her clothes. Dirty gloves, garden clogs, sweatshirt and sweatpants with dog hair and dry leaves stuck to them. There was no need to employ a scarecrow.

Forgive me, my garden! She jumped up off the bench, threw the gloves on the ground and almost ran to the house. Let's go somewhere one day, anywhere, she almost begged No- Matter -What-Always-Happy One . There was no need to beg. Let's go right now, he said! Shower - fast! Nice clothes -on, make up - on, quick look at the mirror - o-la-la, mama! They jumped into the car and off they went!

Driving on an almost empty road trimmed by golden dry leaves makes her feel better.

It was foggy at the beginning.

The road wound along the water. Water made all the difference. The day can not be bad for her if she sees water.

Soon, the fog disappeared.

She liked to look at the houses with their views of the water...

Do people realize how lucky they are to live where they live and see what they see?

This house above was for sale for $750,000. It has a little guest house on the back.
Why don't I reach for my wallet, get the money and move in to this miniature castle right now, she thought?

Nah... Maybe it's good that they didn't live on the water. She wouldn't be able to garden then. She would just sit and watch the water. And the sky. And the waves. And the ducks. And the boats. And the seals' heads poking here and there out of the water.

They made several stops.

They had lunch, and these were the views from the restaurant window.

Without even looking at No-Matter-What-Always-Happy One's face, she knew what he was thinking about. A boat... A little white boat... No, there is no space for a boat in the garage. Where then will she keep her shovels, rakes, garden forks and the old wooden chest to put her plants in the winter?

Forget about boats. The food was good.
She had a huckleberry salad, fresh Puget Sound mussels and a huckleberry dessert. Delicious! He had Caesar salad and salmon. Of course. Ah, so predictable! She was glad he wasn't a gardener. Then, there would be the same flowers in the garden as those he'd planted the very first year. Daisy, daisy, daisy.... Or roses, roses, roses... No there wouldn't be any roses. Roses are tough. They need to be pruned and sprayed. Vinca. Yes, vinca minor. He would plant vinca. It's easy, spreads itself and blooms with gorgeous blue flowers. Yes, it's good that he is not a gardener. He is a good helper, yes. He is such a good helper, he deserves to have a boat. But then, who will help her while he is boating? No, no boat. It's time to drive back !

They drove back home.

Several stops were made to see farms, leaves, berries and more water.

She came back to her garden. It survived, didn't it?

Well, it worked well. The sky was clear, shovels and rakes were happily ruling in the garage, and no boat was on the horizon. Life is good! .... At least til the next big cloud blocks the sun for a week...

Copyright 2009 TatyanaS


  1. These are wonderful images.... and all though the boat is not there I can totally 'see' it!
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

  2. Beautiful photos and story . . . we won't tell him that the boat doesn't have to be kept in the garage. ;-) Ours won't fit in there either so has to be kept outside!

  3. Татьяна, просто супер фото, и как всегда тебя приятно читать! Пусть даже я не все поняла)Лес разноцветный ну просто моя мечта)

  4. This just made MY morning! I enjoyed your saga thoroughly and the pictures are very beautiful. Life is good.
    Thank you for a delightfully, humorous post.

  5. I could do with a great big bowl of those mussels right now!!!

    Tatyana, as ever you have a good eye for composition.


  6. Hi Tatyana~~ You are such a creative writer! And photo-taker! What I like about my life is that it's always changing. No boat, or whatever, NOW but there is time in the future for those things, once the kids are out on their own and bills are paid, etc.

  7. Oh Tatyana,

    This was a great post! I am glad you and your husband were able to get out of the garden and enjoy the beautiful area where you live. I think too often, that many people don't take advantage of the attractions and scenery where they live. I'm glad you did. I am also glad you didn't come home with a boat because we would miss your garden.

  8. What a beautiful part of the world you live in Tanya!

  9. When my husband and I got married, he tried to convince me to buy a boat, after all "You can live on a boat, but you can't sail a house". Needless to say, no boat, yet, anyway!

  10. What a perfect day you had. Thanks for taking us with you -- though I would have liked a better taste of the food!

    And I love your question, "Do people realize how lucky they are to live where they live and see what they see?" It's a thought that each one of us could bear being reminded of... especially when we've been swept away on a magical journey like this one.

  11. Tatyana,
    Lovely photos and I enjoyed reading about the start of your morning, you are quite the early bird. The girls went out today and got pedicures!

  12. A delightful string of observations and ruminations. Great to just take off when you need to... spontaneity is quite desirable in a partner. Better than a manicure or day at the hairdresser... but I know what you mean oh too well. Lovely photos of your trip to and fro. Lovely garden! Lunch sounded yummy. Too bad there is no way to have a boat and sail it too. Carol

  13. Beautiful pictures. I especially liked the house on the water. The last one which shows a beautiful garden is also very pretty. Is it your garden?

  14. You certainly have wonderful sights to see when you do get out and about. I know what you mean about the magic of water. I grew up on a lake and still miss seeing the water every day. Your beautiful garden must have been a welcome sight upon returning home.

  15. Hey, if I got up at 4am, I'd feel funny too. This is winter, we're supposed to hibernate...
    (Great photos. Isn't it nice to take a break sometimes?)

  16. I feel like the garden witch on occasion too Tatyana! I like to work in the morning like you're talking about ~ before I take a shower and get all cleaned up ~ but then if someone stops by unexpectedly, I feel so frumpy. Maybe only other gardeners understand this? It's good you took the day to yourself ~ the garden will definitely keep ~ but a day like this one is special.

  17. I know what you mean about the manicures. That is what dark nail polish is for. ;)

  18. My fingernails, hands, hair and clothes scream gardener too! I actually soaked my hands in baby oil last night after moving rocks and soil......your photos are great as usual, no boat for now and your garden is over the top gorgeous!

  19. It's funny how we feel the need to see a different scenery, yet when we're gone, we start thinking about the garden. You live in such a beautiful area, but the most beautiful place you've pictured is your own garden.

  20. What a delightful post, Tatyana! Loved reading all your descriptions and saw myself as the garden witch too, frumpy beyond words!:)

    Amazing photography as usual. Your part of the world is so beautiful. I agree with your question...I've often thought about that when we pass by areas where the landscape is completely different. Do they feel blessed to see a view lie that, first thing in the morning?!

  21. An adventure. Yes that is needed sometimes. A change of scene and, as you say, anything water. What a nice post.

  22. Wonderful post. You ran away from your garden -just what you needed. I love it!

  23. I'm not sure I could make it with my sanity intact if I lived in the gray and cloudy northwest at this time of year. I have a hard enough time getting through winter here! I know rain is essential, but when it's gray, my mood begins to match. I'm glad the day turned around for you. But getting up at 4am? No wonder you were getting crabby! LOL

  24. Мысль о парусе приходила ко мне неоднократно. Но не подобралась команда: муж не загорелся, а сын быстро вырос и уехал. От души хочу, чтобы у тебя получилось!

  25. What a lovely outing. It makes all the difference when you take off somewhere unexpectedly. The views are gorgeous.

  26. What beautiful scenery, Tatyana! If I lived nearby such places, I would have a hard time staying in the garden. But anyone who gets up by 4 AM and accomplishes so much early in the morning, deserves a day out! Besides, it's nice to clean off the gardening dirt once in awhile and wear something other than jeans or sweatpants:) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  27. Gorgeous post...nature's brilliance is shinng bright in all your photos..wonderful!Lovely commentary as well..Fantastic storytelling!

  28. Tatyana, I had some good laughs over this one. Can't imagine you looking like a witch, but I think your busyness before you even get into the garden must keep you trim. The $750,000. castle was a steal- buy it! You could only get the guest house for that much where I live. I love what you ordered for lunch and the view! What town was that? Thank you for being you Tatyana!

  29. What a lovely trip! What a true story! You are a creator of joy, Tatyana - in your own life and others'! Jack

  30. Okay, I thought we were heading to the spa! But a yum lunch with that beautiful view was second choice! 4 o'clock wake-ups have been the norm for me, Tatyana, but the only accomplishment we have in common is the coffee drinking and blog reading...
    Can I buy the little guest house? Maybe be the live-in gardener for room and board...haha!

  31. Great photos Tatyana! Water is so peaceful to watch. I think everyone needs a water 'fix'.

  32. Lovely photos
    Where exactly was that ... the marina and waterfront

  33. Tatyana, A marvelous post! I so loved the water shots and views...Goodness the starter castle was huge and with a guest house~~a mere quarter of a million dollars! It's good to step away from our everyday life...we so appreciate the return! gail ps Stellar photos!

  34. This post rocks! Seriously I wonder the exact same thing when I drive by houses on the water. And I'm with you...I would get absolutely nothing done! Kim

  35. Very pretty post! I think I need a manicure, as well. It is good to drop everything and change the routine up a bit during the day. Looks like you had a wonderful day! I love your garden.

  36. You make me want to move to where you live, what beautiful pictures. But I agree with the commenter who said that your garden was the most beautiful of all the pictures.

  37. Love your sense of humour and your sense of adventure, as always. Glad you ran away and had a little time out from the garden to-dos...they always get to-done anyway, eventually. Or so I tell myself. :-)

  38. This post, the best, Tatyana, a day often like mine ... head swimming, like mine, camera near, like mine and though seldom indulge, each manicure is an apology, "Sorry, do I need an estimate, I'm a gardener!" And Mr. Ho-Hum also a predictable Caeaer Salmon Salad and me, the mussel, huckleberry girl :) Though blessed to also have a cottage on the wate, boats, and stuff, time there is bonding with my loons and bald eagles, and yes, tending the earth, ever so gently. Your photos, delightful, matched your day. Happy Holidays :)

  39. Thanks so much for your post on my blog. Blue picked fences are fun for me.

  40. Wonderful post! I'm amazed at how much you get done before 7:30 am. I'm so not a morning person... I can barely function before 10 am.

  41. Oh the stupid holiday got in the way and I almost missed this amazingly wonderful post! You did such a great job of weaving a delightful rythmic tale. I enjoyed every bit of it and your photos were so good I almost forgot we live in the same state.
    Great post!!

  42. What an enchanting post, Tatyana! How lucky to be always happy no matter what, too. Deserves a boat, yes? :-)



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