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Monday, September 21, 2009

Dog's Dreams Of Summer

Told by Amur, the German Shepherd, 4 years old.

I love flowers, you know that. It's me on the header picture of this blog.
There were dozens of red flowers, and there were bees inside them.
It was when they just brought me from Victoria, Canada where I was born. My first home was a nice place, but there were no flowers there. There were many dogs, and all of them looked like me. New people took me to the town, then to the ship, then to their home. I remember seeing tall ships in Victoria before we left Canada.

These pictures can be enlarged

At my new place, I met this old dude, Julik. He looked like the dogs from my first home, but he was not excited to see me. He tried to steer away from me.

We became friends anyway.

I learned a lot from him,

including how to be a garden dog. The main command in the garden is "Don't step on this!"
I miss the old guy. He disappeared somewhere in May. I heard he went to the Rainbow Bridge .They told me that's a nice place and that I'll be there one day, too, and will play with the old guy again. I need to see him! He forgot to teach me how to lift my hind leg when I do some ..., let's call it garden watering.

Well, back to our sheep, I mean flowers. Wasn't I supposed to guard sheep? I'd love to. But they don't have sheep, just flowers. There are so many flowers that I see them even in my dreams. Not always. Just when I sleep in Her chair.

Then, I dream about some strange things.

Weird, isn't it? I am sure these are Her dreams. I just pick them like I pick fleas when lie on a hotel floor.

I wish She took me for a walk more often. Then, I wouldn't have these nightmares, or should I say daymares?
I wish She would walk me, instead of sitting in front of that box and barking eeh not barking, what is that word? Blabbing? No, not blabbing. Bitching? Not that. Bragging? No, not bragging... Got it, blogging! Blogging it is.

I also wish She'd get me a buddy. When She is asked about getting a second dog, She says Maybe. And then when nobody can hear She adds something about Her dead body. These people are strange dogs, I tell you.

Are you still with me?
Why does She say there is something wrong with this picture?

Was I supposed to lie down on my brown towel? But it's hairy!



  1. Tatyana what a cute post. I am sure my little Buddy would love to play and he would think that he is just as big as the other dogs. He is 15# and strong as an ox. Love your baby there. Wow at the gorgeous flowers. The last flower you posted - it is different and beautiful - what is it?

  2. So darned cute!! Love those dreams and your wit Tatyana-um you too Amur.

  3. Hi Becca! Thank you! It's fuchsia on the last picture.
    Tina, thank you!

    But what about the very last picture - what's wrong there? Can you guess?

  4. wat een prachtige bloemen foto"s,zo mooi,en wat ligt je hond daar heerlijk zeg,ze heeft het beste plekje.groeten uit Nederland oma nijn

  5. Cute! Your dog looks so happy and content dozing in the chair. Sorry that his friend went over the Rainbow Bridge.


  6. Таня, всё просто замечательно! Удовольствие и веселье, и, конечно, грустинка - от слов и картинок; восторженный эффект от твоей идеи с цветочными композициями! А каковы последствия: настроение жизнерадостное и жизнестойкое, и о смысле жизни - без слёз!
    Благодарю тебя, Танечка.
    ... Кристинка засмеялась, увидев фотографию, где Амурчик нежится-дремлет на солнце: "Мне кажется, он Таню копирует..."!

  7. Your chair is more comfy:)

  8. Tatyana~~ I've heard that pets grieve just like humans. I'm sure Julik's demise hasn't bode well with the newbie. You really should get another dog. Really... Didn't work, did it?

  9. Thank you everyone!
    Donna, thanks for the guess, but actually that is his chair, with the brown towel. He is supposed to be on that dog's towel!
    Grace, I hear you. I'd love to have another dog. But, we have some restrictions here, for example - no fences! It means poor animals should be on a leash all the time! I don't trust an electric fence,since I saw dogs running around so often, because the battery is low or something else. I think there will be another dog. Another baby for me to take care.

  10. Fabulous storytelling! I haven't really seen many German shephard puppies and these are cute photos of him; you have to get him a pal!
    Rosey p.s. Lovely photos of the Dahlias!

  11. Amur is sure a gorgeous puppy. (they are puppies all their lives) How did he do when Julik passed? Ours were lost when one was gone. Love Amur in the chair in the first picture-- very comfy.
    The foil of the foliage plants with the blooms is very nice. Thought you got rid of the hops?

  12. I enjoyed your story, Amur! It looks to me you have some lovely dreams there! I'm sorry you lost your buddy. Maybe Tatyana will start walking your more.

    Tatyana, I see you said you don't want an electric fence. I've heard they don't work well for a dog that wants out. Some dogs learn that once they get through the area that causes pain, they are free to roam. We use a shock collar for Heidi when we are out with her to keep her from chasing people and dogs that are in the street and so she doesn't leave the property entirely. There is an audible warning first, so we rarely have to shock her.

  13. What a heartfelt post! Your Julik was a beauty! And Amur is just gorgeous! I think my next dog will be a shepherd. We have always wanted on since Our first dog(collie shepherd) She was the best. We have an English setter that is so much fun. Your poem about rainbow bridge made me cry. I have lost 3 dogs over the years. They were all great in their own ways. It's hard to say goodbye. But the young ones make you rebound. We have always kept 2 dogs, but I have to admit, one dog at a time is alot easier and I get to really enjoy him. Thanks for posting this great story. As usual I enjoy reading you blog. Give Amur a pat on the head for me. He is great!

  14. Camille, thanks for noticing the dahlias! That pup stole all the attention!
    Janet, he became more human-oriented, wants to be with us all the time. As for the hops -Ha! If you got them, it's forever!
    Sue, I didn't think about a shock color. The main problem with him, he doesn't like other dogs and cars.

  15. This pictures with the ships is Victoria harbour? It is very scenic. Thanks for teaching me about Rainbow Bridge. Before this, I have never heard of it. The dahlias are gorgeous and looked great against a background of different greens.

  16. Great post, and wonderful pictures.
    What a lovely looking dog.

  17. My first visit to your blog. Your German shepherd is beautiful and makes me miss mine. He was my gardening buddy, and he got away with all kinds of things, too. I would LOVE to watch Amur climbing into that chair. Did he start doing it when he was smaller?


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