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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rustic and Beautiful

Alaska is unbelievably, breathtakingly beautiful. Its valleys, mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers are impossible to forget. Together with a natural, wild beauty, I thoroughly enjoyed the way Alaskans arrange their plants. They manage to keep their flower boxes and containers in harmony with the surroundings. Here are some of the arrangements that touched my heart.



There would be more pictures if my husband managed to stop the car in the middle of the road every time he heard my Aahhs and Oohs.

This picture was taken last year in Anchorage.


  1. Alaska is such a beautiful place. I'm glad you are sharing these scenic pictures with us. I like the last picture most.

  2. Прекрасные места, потрясающие фотографии. цветники даже в лодках! прямо как фотографии из журнала с идеями для сада :)))
    Спасибо большое за возможность посмотретьна такие замечательные места.

  3. Hi Tatyana! Alaska looks an interesting place! Great pictures. (Alaska is situated on the same latitudes as Finland, 60-70 degrees North.)

  4. That is much prettier than I imagined Alaska to be - thanks.

  5. Wow! Alaska is beautiful indeed! I like all the flower arrangements. It's couzy and gives you a intimate feeling.

  6. WAUW it's seems very beautiful overthere!

    when you visit my blog? ..sometimes I don't feel like to translate it myself but I do have a translate button!
    Gr. Anna

  7. Tatyana, great pics as ever.

    Is that Giant Hogweed behind the cart in the first one?

  8. Thank you Autumn Belle, Natasha, Kaija, Hermes, Silvia, Me, Rob! I am glad you liked these images!
    Rob, that plant is Cow Parsley. I have a post about it - April 19th. It looks great, but it became such a weed that people are very unhappy with it. During this trip, I noticed that it grows everywhere in huge numbers and takes big spaces.
    Natasha, спасибо огромное! А сколько же мне не удалось сфотографировать, видела только на ходу из машины. Столько смекалки люди проявляют, не уставала поражаться.

  9. OH my Tatyana, how beautiful! Love the rustic buildings with the freshness of the flowers. You have a great eye. You should offer your pictures up to the villages for tourism posters (for a fee of course!). Really nice. Makes me want to see Alaska.

  10. Looks like a lovely place to see! Just goes to show that even winter can't get a gardener down.

  11. I am thinking I want to go to Alaska on vacation now. It's beautiful and very quaint.

  12. Those container gardens are amazing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

  13. :) Hi Tatiana
    Alaska means 'ice' to me... but you show us how 'nice it is;) lol
    green and bloomy
    Thanks for sharing your trips too, it´s so good ^_^

  14. Gorgeous! I'm so glad you are sharing these photos with us. Thank you!

  15. AnonymousJuly 26, 2009

    Hi Tatyana~~ Did you see Sarah Palin? LOL. Every photo depicts a certain rustic charm. Love the leaning shed and the whiskey barrels in the boat and the "giraffe" taller than the light post. And of course, the overworked "green" roof on the Visitor's Center. LOL. This is the closest I've come to visiting Alaska and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Looking at that first picture was made with the first of many sighs while looking at all the pictures. A very beautiful part of the country.
    Thank you for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  17. How lovely to tour the world through blogging really lovely photos of a lovely place.

  18. Ooh....take me away.
    Love the rustic look and the land...lots of it.
    Always charmed by marinas. Don't want to own and maintain a boat but there's something timeless and intriguing about seeing them.

  19. We love Alaska. We used to go to Juneau every year and the gardener in me was always on the lookout for lovely gardens.

  20. I oohhed and ahhhed at each photo here. As you said, the gardeners are creating very colorful color spots that perfectly match the rustic surroundings.
    Completely charming, from the wheelbarrow to the last photo.
    Will I ever visit Alaska?

  21. You cracked me up when you said your husband wouldn't stop the car...we got through the same thing here. I am always scolding him for not stopping the car fast enough for me to hop out to get a photo. :-)
    I liked the flowers overlooking the pier/boats picture....awesome!

  22. Tatyana,
    I have wanted to go to Alaska for so many years. It must be gorgeous this time of year. Love all the potted up flowers you've shown us. Great to see this beautiful land through your eyes.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  23. Таня! Красота-то какая, уютность и любовь к земле и всему живому.
    И домишки-старожилы удалось заснять - родные-е-е-е; как здорово и трогательно сердцу, что сохранили их...
    Я с наслаждением прогулялась ... и в компании с Василием Михайловичем Песковым!

  24. Just love everyone of these photos. I bet there were many oohs and aahs!

  25. It is his male cow so he know it I think it was brave of me to stand 2-3 meter away infront of it to take the photo....
    well I diod suvive...

    So many flowers, I love when they plant in a boat and the last photo perfect that how i whant my house to look like, MB

  26. Simply gorgeous. The atmosphere looks so clear there.

  27. I for the flamingo at that one place! How funny! The flowers just illuminate there! They look so vivid against the gray sky! Great shots

  28. Lovely lovely pictures, I love the first of the dog taking the time to sniff the flowers..priceless

    here via Becca's garden

  29. Everything looks so bright and beautiful! I imagine it feels great to see all of that amazing nature. I went to Alaska many years ago and remember thinking that the flowers seemed more vibrant and colorful than at home...what do you think?
    Enjoy every moment!

  30. lovely photos!

    I´m a Swedish woman living in Singapore and I love taking photos:)

    Have a good day!

  31. Tatyana,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your comment and Fave at Blotanical led me to your blog. I must say that I'm blown away by your beautiful photos!

    Your trip to Alaska must be so special. The flowers in the boats, barrels and other containers are so perfect and rustic.


  32. Thanks for sharing your trip of my dreams. Great photos ... how charming!

  33. oh my goodness Tatyana, Alaska is spectacular indeed. I've always wanted to go there (but only in the summer months). I want to see what all those hours of daylight feel like! The plants really seem to respond beautifully to the conditions. All the containers are incredible and you are right ~ very suited to their environment. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a great trip.

  34. Hi Tatyana, sorry I haven't visited your blog in a while, but glad I did as the photo's are superb. I have been looking at your back posts and you have some amazing plants in your garden, and so many. The fingerling potatoes look yummy too.

  35. Awesome flowers and creativity. We're due for a roadtrip to Alaska this fall, now I really can't wait! Thanks for sharing.

  36. AnonymousJuly 31, 2009

    I didn't know Alaska could be so beautiful! What gorgeous and breathtaking landscaping and scenery! We just got back from Yellowstone and it was BEAUTIFUL! I just posted about it. Maybe I'll see you there in my neck of the woods!


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