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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clematis montana

I love all clematises, but this one is standing apart.
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Clematis montana Wilsonii.
Bloom time May to July.
Height: 25-35' (7 -10 m).
Pruning group A (Flowers on previous years wood,
so no pruning required unless it is becoming overgrown).
Zones: 6 - 9.
Single white flowers 2"(5 cm) across,
with twisted petals and creamy yellow anthers.

This climber is VERY vigorous!
The picture below was taken yesterday. It just started to bloom. Soon, it will turn into a white cloud.

My friend Maura gave it to me in 2004. It is one of those plants that I call by my friends' names. This is Maura's clematis. It already showed considerable growth by the next year after planting.

The mass of branches got so huge, I needed to prune it seriously. Anyway, it almost reaches the ground.

I was pleased to see two babies growing a foot apart from the mother plant. Now, I need to find a good place for them. Thank you, Maura! Your gift multiplies by itself.
Three years ago, I planted another Clematis montana, but not Wilsonii, under another arch.

That place already has three different clematises. They all have beautiful flowers but at some point in the summer they start wilting. Tired of that wilting, I put all my hopes on C. montana, and I sure did the right thing. This type looks very similar to Wilsonii, but his blooms have a light pinkish tint which is especially noticable when the flowers have not opened yet.

Both Clematises montana are among my garden favorites. I've never seen any pests or signs of diseases on them.

I read that Clematis montana Wilsonii is suitable for any location including north facing. Both of my plants have full sun.
It can be a good choice if a plant is needed to cover unsightly objects or fences. And, I almost forgot, the smell of the flowers is pleasant and strong.

By 2006, it grew a lot and enveloped half of the arch as it started to crawl to the left side where an evegreen Clematis armandii was growing since 2003.

Clematis armandii was beautiful, but didn't like something and gradually disappeared. By 2008, his side of the arch was taken by Clematis montana.

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  1. Very pretty! I may try that on a trellis on my fence that gets quite a bit of shade.

  2. Tatyana, the only minus with C. montana is that it sets its buds for next season's bloom in the growing year. So in my USDA Zone 5 garden cold winters were its undoing -- and online I've found differing opinions about its hardiness. I had a pink one 'Rubra' that vined out like crazy, but had, in a good year, maybe three blossoms. Very disappointing. I had to give it away.

  3. I love how you grow your clematis. We just made a new trellis for ours and I featured it a few days ago on my blog.
    Enjoy visiting your garden on this rainy day.

  4. Тихо трогаюсь умом от красоты!!! Белые клематисы - это просто невообразимо!!! А какие металлические перголки! Необыкновенно красиво!
    Я для тебя у себя в сообщении добавил маленький букетик прямо с клумбы:-)
    Боже! Сколько мне ещё надо потрудиться, чтобы привести в мало-мальски убожеский вид свой сад! Смотрю на твой и понимаю - надо трудиться!!!:-)

  5. Oh I have the same vine, sweet autumn blooms from august to october.
    Love the clematises!

  6. I too love the montana. They are growing like weeds here in Bath. I had to cut down the one in my garden as it had moved into next door and they were not too pleased! But I love the abundance of them so much, lovely photos!

  7. AnonymousMay 27, 2009

    Hi Tatyana~~ Your clematis and your entire garden for that matter are gorgeous. The look is very tropical with the Trachycarpus.

    My C. montana 'Odorata' outgrew its allotted space and I could hear whisperings of a plot to consume the house. At which point something had to go and rather than tear down the house, I opted to tear down the Clematis, poor unfortunate thing. It had the most luscious scent. They definitely need a hefty support system.

  8. I have clematis envy!

  9. Hi Tatyana~
    This is a stunning bloomer! I love how you name the plants for your friends, that makes the plant that much more special!
    Happy gardening~ Karrita

  10. I've got several in my garden too. They can get very big but are real beauties as your pictures show (and anything with a dog in it makes it better!). I love the rose coloured Tetrarose variety as well.

  11. That arbor covered in C. montana is breathtaking Tatyana. I have never grown this clematis but wonder too how it would do setting the buds on current years growth with our frigid winters. It might be one I'll have to admire from afar. You have to love anything that is disease and pest resistant don't you? Your friend sure picked out a beauty for you.

  12. Какие красивые клематисы, просто голову сносит! Сад прекрасный! И что, конечно, поражает, - какой огромный!

  13. It really is splendid Tatyana. And so nice to have it as a gift from a friend. I hope you find a nice spot for the two babies.

  14. HOLY COW! Every photo is simply breathtaking.

  15. I said I wasn't adding anyone else to my much for that. Just added you, your gardens are spectacular, had to come back for a second look.

  16. Your garden is gorgeous :)

  17. I love all the little sitting areas and focal points in your garden. Everything is so gorgeous. Can I move in?! LOL -Jackie

  18. Oh I love it. It is so big. Spreads like clematis Autumn Joy. Your bird bath is so pretty.

  19. I like your arch and the outdoor sofa/ seating area, the clemantises make a nice white backgound that match your sofa.

  20. Tatyana, your garden is beautiful, and Maura's clematis is very pretty. I haven't had a chance to visit all my favorite blogs recently so I am just catching up. Your views are great, I wish I was so lucky and I love that bird house.
    I love your succulent plants, not sure about the hops though !!!!
    Happy gardening. x

  21. Very lovely clematis. I have an iron gazebo that I have been growing clematis on. I could only hope that mine would get this big.

  22. Did you see the Clematis I shared early in the month! I love your entry here... FABULOUS!!!


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