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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Houseboats' Gardens. Victoria, Canada.

Canada. Vancouver Island. British Columbia' capital, Victoria.
Just around the corner from Victoria's Inner Harbor,
you will find Fisherman's Wharf.

Click on the picture for a better view
It celebrated its 60th anniversary last year.

If you don't click on the picture, you won't see my cute muzzle!
You can get there by foot or by water. We arrived by water.

Just a few minutes away from downtown, there are floating homes

with their cute little gardens:



Fell in love with this place? There are several homes for sale.

I could spend hours strolling the docks and admiring all the details.
Isn't it something?

Click on me to see all the details!
Funky Fisherman's Wharf is full of life. There is coffee, ice cream, fresh seafood and music:

Did I mention ice cream?

Residents enjoy the beautiful views of the inner harbor from their balconies.
You can get there by water plane, too:

Why am I posting about Canada? We are off for spring break!
To Canada! I love Canada. I love Victoria, we got engaged there.
This time, we go to ski at Whistler. I don't think I'll see any gardens there.
But who knows?!

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  1. I hope you have a great vacation, Tatyana. With the record breaking snowfall this year, probably not too much garden viewing but when you return your garden will be waiting. :) What could be better than that?

  2. I love those floating homes. I live not far from a canal and they have some amazing canal boats but nothing like that.

  3. I am so excited for you! I will someday venture to that area, I am so intrigued by those floating homes. I would just love to stay in one for a week. Maybe someday!

  4. Super pictures - again! Have a great holiday. By the way have you seen pictures of traditional barges on English canals? I'm sure you'd like them. This site - - has some good information on it.

  5. What an interesting thought! Gardening on water! The photos are so quaint and picturesque.

  6. Now that looks like fun! and what a way to garden on a house boat that really is neat.

  7. СветланаMarch 28, 2009

    Татьяна,счастливого пути и приятного отдыха!

  8. That's the great thing about holidays - so much inspiration to be had!

  9. Love the houseboat pics - I've seen them on tv in different places with their gardens.
    But I really love Victoria. Last time we went I believe the holiday was Canada Day and the Victoria Symphony was playing on the waterfront so after hitting Buchert Gardens and going to Louie Louie's for a quick meal we went and layed around listening to the wonderful music. We said we wanted to do that every year but never made it!

  10. Absolutely charming! One of those places I think I'd like to live "some day." Hope you have a great time on your trip!

  11. Enjoy your spring break! I have always wanted to visit Victoria myself. Lovely pictures of the floating houses- it seems like it would be a relaxing way to live.

  12. Just beautiful! I love how creative each was with their little gardens- very quaint!

  13. Grace, thank you! I planted broccoli, coliflower, seeded lettuce and radishes today. I'll be eager to come back and see if everything is all right.
    Hermes and Emily, I've never seen those boats/barges on English canals. I'll find their picture, I'm curious.
    Heather, the whole Vancouver island
    is a worthy place to see!
    Brenda, thank you! Every moment there was a Kodak moment.
    Cathy, thanks! Some of those boats had a lot of stuff placed on such a small spot!
    Света, спасибо, друг!
    Itinerant Gardener, thank you!
    Rain Gardener, we also got there on the holiday - Canada Day! It was something!
    Donna, you are right - it's a very special place!
    Cynthia, a good thing is that it's very close to our states and easy to get there!

  14. Hi Tatyana

    Wow. This is really something.

    Have a great Spring break.


  15. Thanks for the tour !!
    Looks sooo romantic.
    Bet the seafood was it fresh.

  16. How fun. Sad to say I've yet to visit Victoria and the lovely Butchart Gardens. The houseboats are lovely. Are they that great here I wonder? Have a grand time!

  17. Love the houseboat pics ! Last time i visited Victoria was the summer of 2005. Really miss it!

  18. Oh my goodness, that has to be one of the neatest little places I have seen. Every little house is so quaint...and they have little container gardens...very neat

  19. What an interesting place to visit! The floating homes look very cute, but I would be afraid I'd get sea-sick! I hope you have a great vacation with lots of (safe) skiing!! Your boys are sweet--perhaps a bit younger than my son, who is 12. Twins? Very cute. Happy spring break! Ours in next week but sadly, no travels for us:-(

  20. Hi Tatyana, I hope you are having a fantastic holiday. I haven't visited your blog for a while as I have been so busy. I am glad I stopped by today as the photo's of the houseboats are brilliant.

  21. I'm itching to get back to Victoria. I especially loved the coffee place right in the water that had a little pick-up window right at kayak level! Diva Dog loved those Canadian squirrels. LOL!

  22. Love the window box flowers!

  23. Those houseboats and gardens are too cute. I'm not sure if I'd like to live in one full time but I think one would be great for a vacation. Have a good spring break. I'm just catching up on your blog.


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