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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Astrological Gardening and Saturday Walk

What a beautiful Saturday evening it was! Majestic sunset...



Watching the moon made me return to a long-time question: should I extend my astrological gardening beyond that primitive level that I am at now? So far, I've followed just the main principle: above-ground crops should be planted during the increasing phases of the moon, below-ground crops in the decreasing phases. Do I want to stop here or do I want to also watch the signs of the zodiac? The moon moves into a new constellation every 2-3 days.

There are fruitful signs and there are barren signs. I like the description of them from Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. Here are some examples.
The fruitful signs:

* Cancer is an excellent sign for planting, transplanting, budding, and grafting.

* Scorpio is a good sign for planting, transplanting, and budding, especially with vines.

* Pieces favors plants requiring strong root development.

* Taurus is semi-fruitful but good for root and leaf crops.

* Capricorn is not quite as fruitful as Taurus but suitable for root cropsand tubers.

* Libra is semi-fruitful, good for root crops, vines, lettuce, cabbage, and corn.

As for the barren signs, Leo and Virgo seem to be the worst. (Maybe it's a good thing that my husband stays away from my garden since he's a Virgo! Joke. He is a helper.) Together with Aquarius and Gemini, they are good for weeding and cultivating. Aries is barren, but appropriate for planting onions and garlic. Sagittarius is the sign for seeding hay crops, planting onions, and cultivating. I certainly will remember that Aquarius is a sign for killing pests! They say that for best results, you should plant when the moon is in both an appropriate phase and a fruitful zodiac sign.

I looked at that beautiful moon one more time, then looked deep into my own self and honestly said - so far, I'll stay where I've been all these years: New moon-First quarter-Full moon-Last quarter. Amen.

Well... I might change my mind next time I see this gorgeous moon...


If you want to read more about astrological gardening, this is a good place


  1. Wow ... Very picturesque! I really love these. Beautiful shots.

  2. Simply just love the shot of the mountains! Great pictures and beautiful sunsets.

  3. Beautiful shots! I am not sure on the gardening by the zodiac, I have read of it but don't follow it. I am also a Leo and almost always plant poor little plants in August:(

  4. You have such beautiful vistas, Tatyana. I feel sorry for those who look out windows and into neighbour's windows, or at smokestacks, highrises, and other monstrosities. We are truly blessed to live where we live.

  5. What beautiful moon photos Tatyana. I don't know anything about planting by the zodiac ~ so this is all new information to me. Of course I'm a Leo ~ a barren sign!! How can that be?!!! I'm going to take notes about the fruitful signs. Happy Sunday!

  6. Hi Tatyana, your gorgeous and adorable header photos caught my eye from another blog. Your moon pics are fantastic and I'm really interested in the zodiac planting (I'm Gemini, but weeds often overtake me). Are you close enough to partake in SAGBUTT? It would be wonderful to meet you and talk shop. Cheers.

  7. Hi! I see your link to my blog. You're so sweet. Thanks! I don't know anything (except what I read here) about zodiac gardening. It would be interesting if you could do a controlled study. Do half the work during the assigned time and do the other half at a different time and see which is more successful. --Just my two cents.

    The photos are beautiful.

  8. Thanks you all Lovely Ladies!
    Wether you follow the moon or not, your gardens are beautiful and give me ideas and inspiration!

  9. I was just looking at your other photos too. Your house looks lovely and what a cute german shephard. I have a 16 year old shephard!

  10. What a beautiful Garden you have and
    handsome dogs too! I also have 2
    dogs...Thanks for the visit.

  11. Hi Tatyana,
    I was struck by the beauty of your photographs! The moon shots are amazing, as are the others! You have a lovely area surrounding you. It was interesting reading about the zodiac planting schedule. Now that's something I know nothing about. I hope your planting goes well-I'll look forward to reading about it:)

  12. Aha! Is that Mt. Rainier I see? I have a similar view off our back deck! I'm glad to see my sign cancer is good for transplanting since I'm known to be quite the plant mover!

  13. I should look at the sky more. It's a good time of year for it.

  14. It's hard to say which is more beautiful, the sunset, the mountain, or the moon!

  15. Thank you for stopping by Robin's Nesting Place and leaving your recent comment.

    I've enjoyed reading about your secret garden. You have such a lovely blog. I just added you to my list of blogs to follow, so I won't miss a post.

  16. Flowrgirl1, you should be a very good owner to have a GH 16 y.o.! Mine is almost 13.

    Cathy, I am glad I found your blog - now I have someone to teach me to take care of house plants!

    Jan, thanks! Looking at your butterfly makes me want to be a better photographer!

    Catherine, how lucky you are to have that view!

    Ottawa Gardener, you are absolutely right! When spring comes, we'll look mostly down, not up!

    Msrobin, it is very philosophical question...

  17. Robin, thank you for your comment and adding my blog to your list! I am honored!

  18. Hi Tatyana, thanks for popping by my blog. This post of the Zodiacs made me both smile – and sigh... I'll write a post about it soon (stay tuned!), and will link to your post.

  19. Tatyanka! It's a long way from a garden of your childhood... But imagine! Every night the Moon visits our places and sets out... Let it always bring you something special for your secret garden.

  20. Tina, Kathleen, Gardeness,
    don't worry - it's not about the people born under particular sign, it's about the moon passing through 12 constellations, about the combination of a moon phase and a certain sign. Happy gardening!


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