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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

In My Spring Garden

These are March and April pictures. The first thing to say is: this spring is late! Very late!

Oriental Lily baby-bulb

Moss is enjoying our super moisture!

These Hyacinths were bought as an indoor decor several years ago

Miniature daffodils

Hellebore never fails

Podophillum delavayi hybrid from Far Reaches shows two leaves (it was one last year)!

 Garlic overwintered

Parsley overwintered.
New kale and arugula... someone is having them for breakfast. Crane fly larvae?

Schisandra chinensis

Trillium kurabayashii 'Giant Red'

Lovely Primula kisoana

Edgeworthia papyrifera

Edgeworthia chrysantha from the NWFGS

Before planting my new Edgeworthia, I need to remove as many pieces of the Acanthus roots as possible.
I know that I'll never win, but at least, I try to have it under control.

Agave survived the winter.
I moved them close to the house, away from the rains, and covered during the cold nights.

I used to plant one of my three Abyssinian bananas in this big pot.
I wanted a change, so this year, Banana will go somewhere else.

Pink Dawn Viburnum, on the right, is waiting for a spot to be planted.

 This succulent rock will always remind me of James King, a Gardener and Hosta Hybridizer, who gave it to me several years ago.

Kenai is enjoying the sun

Amur is enjoying the sun even more. It makes his hind legs less stiff

Anemone b. is blooming nicely, but to see the very first flower was exciting!

One of many babies that my Fatsia japonica gives me

Gunnera m. was my concern during the wet and cool winter.
But, it's back!

Bacchus is getting greener and greener...

Simple white hellebore is still my favorite

Astilbe emerging... Beautiful red stems

Rhubarb chinese in a pot

Little treasures

Moss is one of my favorite plants!

Lucky lilies which avoided the fate of their friends (got eaten by bunnies)

Petasites japonicus 'Giganteus Variegatus'

I think, these are seedlings of the Candelabra Primrose

 New Itoh Peony


Hakonechloa  is emerging... good! Japanese anemone is invading the bed .... not so good!

Thank you for visiting!
I wish you more sun and more warmth!
We need sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And warmth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Copyright 2017 TatyanaS


  1. Beautiful, as always, Tatyana! It looks like you are just a bit ahead of us this year, which is unusual. My Hellebores and spring-flowering bulbs are at about the same stage. Usually, you'd be way ahead of me, but we had a mild winter and you had a cooler-than-normal one, right? So, it makes sense. Everything in your garden looks healthy and happy. :)

  2. Hi Tatyana, thanks for sharing these lovely spring photos from your garden. I truly enjoyed seeing them! The Edgeworthia papyrifera and the Edgeworthia chrysantha are truly beautiful. I think I have seen these beauties for the first time on your blog. Always nice to discover a new-to-me beautiful plant :-)!
    I like that you are showing in this blog post what you have been up to in your garden. I am always interested in seeing what other gardeners are doing in their green paradise!
    Also was happy to see photos of your two German Shepherds. How old are they by now?
    Wishing you a wonderful spring season!
    Warm regards,

  3. I am so behind, the weeds are taking over and I can't keep up. Unlike mine, your garden looks beautiful. I love moss too, good thing we both live here, where it is so abundant.

  4. Tanya, beautiful spring photos, Happy Easter:) pa Zmorkusovic

  5. Spring is late this year but despite the cold temperautres, it's still progressing. Your garden looks gorgeous as always. I was saddened to hear that Jim King died. When did he pass away? Did it have something to do with his lung issue?

    1. Peter, it happened in February. I learned from Facebook. Yes, I think it's his lungs. He was a good person and a good gardener. I have his plants in my garden; some of them I bought, but many others are just gifts from him. And, of course, I have his sphere, and some volcanic rocks too. He was very generous.

  6. Spring is an exciting time in the garden, isn't it? I'm very intrigued by that Edgeworthia, but doubt I have much of a chance of growing it here.

  7. Wonderful sense of being a part of what you experience in your gardens.... well done! L

  8. Yes, we do need sun and warmth. I am so tired of the cold, blustery weather.
    It is fun to explore the plants popping out of the soil in early spring, and the delicate early flowers are so appreciated.
    Lovely post!

  9. Our weather here is mild for April, but we have had quite a few dips in temperature none the less. I envy you for being able to grow some plants and shrubs that I cannot. Your garden is a little ahead of mine. It's nice to have this spring teaser.

  10. What a beautiful garden you have there!
    Spring is such a wonderful time of the year.:)

  11. Tatyana,spring on the west coast is very late indeed! In spite of late you masterfully have found all the beautiful as per usual. Thanks so much for sharing! Your garden and photography is very beautiful!

  12. So great when things finally start leafing out and blooming! I love your Edgeworthia! Here in New England the earliest daffodils are just blooming. I am still waiting to see if my trillium have survive the winter.

  13. It's always a pleasure visiting your garden and seeing your spring flowers

  14. Tatyana your garden is really beautiful! I really love those stunning Hellebores you have! I can't grow Hellebores here in the subtropical area of South America where I live... it's really frustrating!

  15. Hi Tatyana, enjoy your wonderful spring! I love moss, too. Bacchus is impressive in his verdant covering. I am envious of your podophillum. I saw one last year in a local nursery but turned away at the price tag. Now I wish I had splurged! I enjoyed seeing all your photos!


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