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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Paperwhites

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  1. Hi Tatyana,

    So lovely to see yours actually blooming in December for Christmas!
    I planted some and they bloomed way back in November and are pretty much dead now... Grrrrr :D

  2. Hello! So nice flowers. What is it?

  3. And don't they look good - and love your table.

  4. Ah, just starting to bloom! How exciting! Love the little mouse that scampered into the pot!

  5. Beautiful paperwhites, Tatyana. I love the container you chose for them too. I hope they bring you much cheer.

  6. Oooh Tatyana, your paperwhites are looking lovely! You have chosen a very nice and interesting mustard colored container to plant them in, which increases the pleasure to look at them greatly. I like the photo best where you place the container with the paperwhites on the column. I didn't get to plant any this year so I enjoy seeing yours even more!

  7. The paperwhites are so welcome this time of year, aren't they? I have a few in bloom, but the fragrance is a bit intense for me so I don't bring them inside. I love your potting bench and how you have "accessorized" it for Christmas! Happy New Year to you!

  8. That's a gorgeous container! And I can't believe your lawn is still so green.

  9. I LOVE paperwhites but it's so hard to find them over here. I had them last year but couldn't find any this year. I do have some bulbs of similar narcissus starting to bloom outside now though.

    Beautiful pictures again btw!

    Have a great last week of 2011 and a Happy Newyear!


  10. Dear Tatyana, Your paperwhites are lovely. My favorite picture is the one you took outside. P. x

  11. They are such lovely flowers! I always mean to grow them, and always forget... Yours look so wonderful.

  12. What pretty tableaux your paper whites are set in. I especially like the indoor one with the poinsettias and pomegranates. I love giving paper whites as gifts.

  13. Those look nice and your container choice is great. I need to do paperwhites this year. It's been a few years since I last grew them.

  14. I adore paperwhites. Such an early reminder that spring will be here

  15. So beautiful ...
    Happy New Year, Tania !!! I am looking forward to seeing your garden in the next year.
    Greetings from Greece !!!

  16. Lovely photos, Tatyana! This is the first year I grew paperwhites especially for Christmas. Two weeks before
    Christmas I planted five bulbs in a container and put some 'tree branch' type lights in the pot, with the idea that the lights would intermingle with the flowers. I held my breath, hoping that the flowers would be blooming for Christmas and the lights would have the effect I wanted. Hooray, it was a success!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog; it has always been one of my favorites. Best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year!

  17. Beautiful, Tatyana! I just potted some paperwhites, so I'll be lucky if they bloom before the outdoor ones do:)

    A little late in sending greetings, but I hope you had a very Merry Christmas--loved your son's Christmas photo!

  18. Beautiful photos indeed. Happy New Year!


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