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Friday, September 23, 2011

Late Summer Garden Picture

 The end of the summer happened to be warm, dry and colorful in my garden. Maybe it is some kind of a reward for us after having a cool and wet start to the summer. There are plenty of bright blooms right now, but this is the picture I chose as my entry for the Gardening Gone Wild   September's 'Picture This' photo contest  Late Summer Garden:

I focused on the buds of this lovely bluish echeveria. They symbolize the highest moment in a plant's life and contain hope for a new life. Lobelia 'Riviere Sky Blue' was not the main object of this shot, but it adds a lot to the picture. It is finishing its all-summer non-stop blooming, and its summery bright flowers present such a contrast with their dry brown stems! The blooming sedum in the background is another sign of summer ending.
You might remember this strawberry pot filled with succulents and lobelia from the early posting Succulent container. My favorite

This is how the strawberry pot looks now in the second half of September:

Do you see what I see? There are buds on almost every tip of Senecio mandraliscae 'Blue Fingers'! Have you ever seen it blooming? I haven't.  I will post pictures of its blooms soon!

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  1. Wonderful looking plant, hope it blooms!


  2. Great succulent containers! Lovely textures.

  3. Nice Tatyana, good luck!

  4. I am waiting for its blooms! I think the flowers should be pale coral red, but I might be wrong...

  5. Tatyana, I like the picture that you have chosen for the photo contest a lot. It captures the late summer mood perfectly and is very interesting because of the unusual plant combination. Good luck!
    I can't get over it how stunning your strawberry container looks! I would have never thought that lobelias and succulents can be grown together in the same pot, because of the different water needs. But sometimes in gardening you just have to be brave and try things out to get pleasantly surprised!

  6. I hold my thumbs hoping that they will bloom soon! Youg garden looks lovely as always / gittan

  7. I love the glaucus blue of the succulents. I also have the same senecio and although it had flower buds until very recently I've never seen them open fully. Maybe I just missed them!

  8. Great photo, and very inspiring for me. I'm going to take a class on succulents in October.

  9. Such a fun project to try differnt plants in containers ..Winter a time to bring life indooors force bulbs etc.

  10. I love those Blue Fingers. What a strange and very interesting plant.

  11. Tatyana, I am so excited for you to have that beauty bloom!

    Steve and I are going to be putting in a succulent garden. We've been researching hardy succulents, reading, planning, designing, and taking ideas and inspiration from anywhere we can find it. I love, love, LOVE what you've done! I can hardly wait to see your blooms!

    BTW, your choice for the contest is spectacular. We are going to put annuals in the planters with our succulents, and I will have to give some thought to lobelia. It makes such a dramatic yet delicate contrast. I love the effect. ;)


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