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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Front Garden in July

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago. They show not all but the biggest part of my front garden. It mostly includes shrubs, small trees and perennials. The only annuals here are the petunias in the planter and fuchsia in the hanging basket above the fountain.

Among petunias, you can see the blades of amarylis which bloomed in the house last winter.

Oriental lilies started to bloom. This is Stargazer, a hybrid.

You can see how tall it grows.

Dark purple Japanese maple is in the forefront:

This particular Columbine amazes me by its long blooming period. It bloomed all of June and is still going in July:

White astilbe starts blooming.

Asiatic lilies are also blooming. Did I say lilies? Actually, this is one plant with about seventy blooms. It was a prolific bloomer last year too.

Sun is illuminating my new Japanese maple 'Autumn Moon' (the lower right corner of the picture below). I bought it after visiting an outstanding conifer and maple garden featured here. Its golden leaves tell exactly why it's named this way. Spanish lavender has been blooming non-stop for two months:

Blue and white pansies are still sitting in big containers. Usually they are gone by this time. The beginning of the summer was cool which  allowed them to flourish longer than usual. The central porch is inbetween two Privets (Waxleaf ligustrum) in the left part of the picture. One of the Privets was injured badly in the winter of 2009/2010 by snow that fell from the roof. It lost a lot of branches and looked like a goner. Slowly, it is coming back.

 Euonymus behind the lily needs to be trimmed to stay low:

Looking back toward the garage from the front porch:

Below, in the right part of the picture, you can see an 'island' as I call it, under two huge firs:

The firs steal water and nutrients from the other plants. I try different shrubs and perennials here. Some go and some stay.

Rosemary is doing good and getting along with huge conifers. A rose and a pieris are suffering and have stunted growth.

 Going further past the central entrance of the house:

Campanula is starting to bloom, and daisies show some buds.

White astilbe is blooming here too. It spreads wildly, and I dig out small plants for other corners in my garden:

Below is the right side of the house. Behind the metal arches, there is a terrace garden that I show so often in my posts.

I'll continue a tour in the next post.
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  1. No comment other than "wow"! Absolutely phenomenal with such a great mix of colors and textures. and the photography is so crisp. Super jealous but quite an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a glorious garden!! I love the formal setting with all the structure and the color of the Japanese Maple and the lilies. Beautiful! I am amazed you have so many spring blooming plants still blooming along side summer bloomers.
    Is that the Fatsia so tall in the last picture?? wow!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! You have some magical spaces going on...beautiful!

  4. So beautiful. I'm a novice gardener...still experimenting with what will work in my yard. It's really a learning process! I was thinking of trying some type of lily next year. I need some low maintenance color. I don't have the time that I'd like outside with three small ones to care for.

  5. ONG, thank you! I suspect my pictures could be better if I didn't leave my camera outdoor for the whole night, under the rain...

    Janet, thanks! You have a good eye - Yes, that is one of my three fatsias.

    Rohrerbot, thank you for your kind words!

  6. Hannah, thanks! Lilies are easy! I planted them, and this is it. The only frustration - when they are small, bunnies can munch on their leaves.

  7. I'll chime in with a "Wowzer" is all so delish! Healthy, green and so manicured, just how do you do it?

  8. Wow! That's gorgeous and so well maintained. Reminds me how badly I need to weed.

  9. Your front garden bed is gorgeous!! I love the Japanese Maple as it bows in the front bed. Your whole front garden looks so lush and inviting! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your front garden is so pretty. I love the stone planters you have.They look so at home in your gardens. Look at all of those buds on your lilies! They are loving their spots in the garden.

  11. At its peak - what colours. And love your house.

  12. Tatyana, what a beautiful yard and garden! You must spend a lot of time working on it.

  13. Your front garden is looking wonderful! I'd like to do something with my front area, once I finish with the back (if I ever finish the back).

    Have you ever tried Epimedium in that island bed? They like dry shade. I'm still waiting for my lilies to start blooming.

  14. Everything there is looking so pretty and green. Love the landscaping you have in the yard. Thanks for the tour.

  15. Beautiful, Tatyana. Your garden is so lush and tidy.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! Your garden is really beautiful. I hope mine looks half as good come summer.

  17. AnonymousJuly 07, 2011

    Beautiful front landscaping, Tatyana. I very much like your fountain, too.

  18. Very pretty! You have a wonderful garden - color, texture. You can tell a gardener lives there, and that the garden is loved. That lily is amazing!

  19. Wow! I am amazed at your garden. I have astilbe and it is not nearly as beautiful as yours. What is your secret? I am so jealous. Carla

  20. It all looks so healthy and happy! I love all the different foliage!

  21. Your garden is picture perfect!
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. I like how you've limbed-up your Ceanothus in the last photo. If I were driving by your house, I would be drooling and slobbering and generally embarrassing my self enjoying the view. :) Thanks for the tour!

  23. AnonymousJuly 07, 2011

    Great! Awesome mix of colors, textures and forms. Now if I can squeeze in a neat conifer or two, perfect! :)

    I'm glad you bought an 'Autumn Moon'. They're a 'perennial' that keeps on giving.

    Is your garden on a NPA tour??

    Cya again soon!


  24. Your garden is spectacular Tatyana! And I really appreciate the visits to the other gardens that you share... wonderful! Larry

  25. You have a beautiful garden(s). The lilies are stunning and now I know why mine get so tall - they are supposed to! lol
    The color of that columbine combines beautifully with the Japanese maple - great combo.

  26. Your gardens are lovely. I am a new follower. Stop by when you have a chance.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  27. Your garden looks great Tatyana. All of the different colors and textures and heights work beautifully together.

  28. That is very impressive, especially for July! You are a dedicated gardener!

  29. Your front garden is lovely. I can't believe you still have Columbine in bloom! Then again, even here we have some things blooming we shouldn't this time of year because of all the rain. I just love the pop of color from that Japanese maple too, gorgeous!

  30. Wow, these are really beautiful. I've really enjoyed "visiting" your garden. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of your amazing garden.

  31. Your lilies are many blossoms! Your post on the conifer garden was so inspiring. I remember the 'autumn moon' from that post and fell in love with the name. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your garden with us!

  32. aloha,

    beautiful tour, everything looks amazing especially the oriental lillies, i can almost smell them all the way to hawaii

  33. Absolutely stunning... every inch of it! Those lilies are to die for.... we have the red lily leaf beetles and asiatics are a nightmare here because of them. I'm in lily envy!! The firs might be a challenge but they end such an aura of old world to your garden. Are you sure it's not the acidity that's the real culprit there? You might try some azaleas and other acid lovers...

  34. Thank you, thak you, thank you everyone! I am SO glad you find my front garden interesting!

    Darla, I don't know...

    Cathy and Steve, I do have three azalias there. Maybe, need to add more.

    Alison, I might try epimedium there.

    William, I hesitate to put my garden on the tour after visiting all those wonderful NPA gardens in our area.

    Southern Lady, no secrets. They have part shade and moist soil.

  35. Thank you for showing your beautiful garden. It is an absolute delight and I love everything you have planted and the combination of plantings. We are experiencing a very cold Winter in Australia so I have enjoyed been reminded of the plants that we will see here in Spring. I am on the east coast of New South Wales and I have seen so many plants in your garden that are also popular here. Thank you again.

  36. Holy Moley that is sharp! It looks so lush and inviting! I'm super impressed.

  37. Glorious the way the colors intermingle and get to know one another Sandy

  38. Wow Tatyana! Lovely, lovely, garden!
    Thanks for the tour.

  39. olá, estou encantada com seu blog,que lindas fotos adorei.

  40. Your front yard is a piece of art! It is so well composed and everything seems to grow healthy and vigorous. I love your Asiatic lilies. Very inspiring post!

  41. I am very greatful for your comments! I'll see you on your blogs!

  42. I just love this garden. I am inspired with new ideas. I think I'll buy a new camera, a belated Christmas gift to me, and start digging up the back yard!

  43. AnonymousMay 19, 2012

    Hi! Your garden is beautiful! I am a gardener in Richmond, Virginia (z7) and I would love to put in a dark purple japanese maple like you have. Do you know the botanical name and cultivar? Thanks in advance for any info you can share. :) Becky

    1. Hi Becky! Unfortunately, I don't have the maple's label. Yang's nursery, which is specialized on maples, has pictures of the different varieties (just foliage). Maybe, it can help you to make a choice. Their site:
      I posted pictures of their maples in 3 posts (First is here, but there are no names.
      I hope you can find a great maple for your garden! In our area they sell them even in Costco, Home depot, etc.
      All the best!


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