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Friday, July 1, 2011

My Columbines' Different Personalities

 There are two types of columbine (aquilegia) in my garden. They have absolutely different personalities.
This one, pink and cream, is  joyful and cheerful. It moves, dances and laughs.
 It is curious and peeks here and there.

It is cute, happy and loves itself and the world around it. 
 It loves to show itself and asks for compliments.
The other columbine is dark purple and looks almost black from a distance.  
 It is dramatic, almost tragic.
 It is philosophical and shy.

It appears to be sad.
 It  turns away its face. 
But, I might be wrong. Maybe, everything is simple. The first one is happy because it grows in front of the house in a very prominent place. And, maybe the second one is sad because its place is behind the house, far from the crowds of admirers.

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  1. Columbines are such beautiful dainty flowers. I tried them but they didn't come back reliably - I think our climate is not good for them. Yours look really great.

  2. Thank you, Masha! I think your climate is too hot for them. Here, I need to control them. If not, they'll take over the whole place!

  3. I love the pink one, not a big fan of dark flowers in the garden. But, I do love darker vines and feature plants that don't flower.

    I have a daylily called Dark Ruby and am always puzzled how to group it so it shows up. I have it with white shasta this year, we'll see!


  4. I love Aquilegias, dainty yet showy flowers and so reliable and undemanding (in here at least) :)

  5. They do have personalities, don't they, Tatyana? I have the dark ones because they've got the variegated foliage that I love. They are awfully shy. Your pink ones really do dance, don't they? Lovely. Happy 4th.

  6. I have these exact two kinds of Columbines too in my garden and a pale pink kind...but I love them all...they are fabulous additions to anyone's day! Photos are wonderful!

  7. Different personalities. But both are very lovely. Columbines are perennial here. Hopefully ours will bloom again come spring but ours are not as lovely as yours.

  8. Great post. And don't forget the fascinating doubles.

  9. Tatyana, we are also very fond of Aquilegias, I think the like the Scottish cool climate. Your pink one looks like one of the McKana Hybrids'

  10. How stunning. Love the purple, especially. I've thought of trying columbines...need some color for my shady part of the flower bed. Love your pictures.

  11. They are both very attractive in their own way...

  12. Why they do have personalities don't they. LOL!Very observant girl. They are both beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Both beautiful, but the first does look a bit more cheerful!

  14. I really love your pictures, they are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Your flower are stunning. I love the columbine. Mine isn't doing so well this year (My oldest son thought it was a weed, so it has been "replanted").

  15. I love them both! Columbines are my favorite flowers. They grow well along the mulch path of my Front Garden. Your purple one may be in a dark mood, but it is gorgeous, nevertheless.

  16. I really like columbine and your two are lovely. Your first photo of the pink one with the Laceleaf Japanese Maple behind it is wonderful. What a backdrop! My columbine will bloom next year, can't wait to see them!

  17. Beautiful varieties! I think your darker one is gorgeous in an understated way :)


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