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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wild Flower Wednesday

I am joining Gail (Clay and Limestone ) on this Wild Flower Wednesday.
These are pictures of some flowers in Washington and Hawaii. I bet you'll have a tough time guessing which is which! Just kidding.

The pictures above were taken during our Saturday fishing trip in October. See the fish? There"re salmon.

The pictures below were taken during our August trip to Kauai. There is a stone wall at the ocean beach. I was walking along it and decided to check what was on the other side of that wall. This is what I saw:

These beauties were hiding where nobody could see them. Pure white blooms on the reddish-brown soil. I felt like I found a treasure.

Sometimes, we need to get off the beaten path to find a gem in the dirt.
They found the armless statue of the Venus de Milo in dirt, didn't they?

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  1. Hi Tatyana,

    You are right, I think you miss so much is you just stay on the marked paths. Both types of flowers are beautiful and so different from each other.

  2. I love your blog photo of your dog! It's good to know that someone is taking the time to smell the flowers!
    GartenGrl at
    Planning Plants to Plant

  3. You are so right Tatyana. I am reminded of Robert Frost poem "The Road Less Traveled" where "2 roads diverged and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference."

  4. We have thistle here too, which the goldfinches stake as their own. What a beautiful flower you found off the beaten path! It's a real treasure.

  5. That is a fun surprise ! I like good surprises! Dropping my 21 year old snowglobe, bad surprise.
    Hawaii has such abundant beauty.

  6. Tatyana,
    Beautiful photos. I am looking forward to a trip to Kauai. I've really been wanting to go. It will have to wait, however, until 2011. You'll have to tell me about some of your favorite spots!!

  7. That pure white wildflower blossom is just breathtaking. I am heading to Hawaii in 10 short days. With camera in hand! Can't hardly wait... :))

  8. Agreed - you have to look around the corner sometimes. Is that a cactus flower? How odd that it was in a tropical garden, don't they need drier soil? Lovely, in any case! Guess the bees love thistles even if we don't, as you show.

  9. The Hawiian flowers are gorgeous and they're just growing wild like that, huh? Great find. I missed the salmon this year and I am sad about that. Glad to see your pictures though. :-)

  10. Tatyana, Getting off the beaten path is how plant hunters find the best plants! It's where rose rustlers dig up the best old roses. Where garden bloggers discover beautiful pure white flowers to share with us! Yippee for off the beaten path experiences. I am so glad you joined Wildflower Wednesday...there are so many fantastic plants to share... Gail

  11. Wildflowers are indeed very beautiful and full of mystique. These are the little things that we should learn to appreciate.

  12. When I first saw the flower, it reminds me of the "BraveHeart" movie where the girl will give this flower to William.
    somehow, that reminded a lot to me.

  13. Tatyana, that white cactus bloom certainly is a pretty! I like the thistle too!

  14. Hi Tatyana, your discovery was like finding a real secret garden! Your shots of it are stunning, a real treasure. :-)

  15. Very nice Tatyana. That first one is pretty thorny looking. Your white bloom looks similar to the epi bloom I have...though mine blooms at night and doesn't have thorns.
    You are correct about getting off the beaten path.

  16. Your photos are always gorgeous. Love the unique blooms on the Hawaiian Islands.

    Tatyana, I have a "Best Blog" award for you on my blog. There is no pressure to participate though. I know some people do not have the time or just do not accept awards.
    Congratulations you deserve It!

  17. Late again but I've been transferring everything to a new external HD and then setting up my new computer - playing beat the clock before mine died!
    Wonderful pictures of the wild flowers. You did find some treasures in the dirt!

  18. Great wildflowers Tatyana, but THOSE SALMON. I need a rod, line and fly now!

  19. Just beautiful. Can't wait to have flowers in the garden again. Enjoyed this post!

  20. Tatyana, at times it's refreshing to see blooms growing wild like that. On blogposts, I mean. Most of the time we're always trying to show the best that we have. You're right about the dirt!

  21. Your photos are beautiful. Whenever I see thistles, I thing of Scotland. The thistle is their national flower.

  22. Nice! Gail is awesome!! Want some Queen's Tears Bromeliad? It's not very common, mine is over 20 years old and I have plenty of the original husband's idea to put some in a hanging container and I love it!! rusdar at hotmail dot com

  23. Wow, such gorgeous pictures, especially the white wildflowers at the end. I lived in Vancouver for 15 years and have lots and lots of salmon tales, some of the utterly passive - watching - kind, complete with Bald Eagles. Wonderful post!

  24. I love wildflowers, and often stop to look at them while others pass them by as weeds. Isn't that last one a night blooming cereus?

  25. Hi Tatyana. It really paid off to look over the wall ~ that white flower is spectacular. I wonder what it is?? So exotic looking. Did you catch some of those salmon?? Yum.

  26. What part of WA ST are you from ... Chehalis is our birth place.

    Your blog is gorgeous ... I love the florals. We lived in Hawaii for awhile & loved the tropical plants.

    TTFN ~Marydon
    Join me @ our new blog ~


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