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Monday, September 28, 2009


I am a bee

Just me, a bee

That never takes a shower

Just a bee

A bee

That sits under a flower
(Denis, 4th Grade)


  1. As busy as a bee. I like the colour of this flower. Is this the colour of autumn?

  2. Gorgeous capture Tatyana! Love the poem and how like a 4th grade boy to care that a bee doesn't shower, but sits under a flower...gail

  3. Great photo!! A priceless poem.

  4. Bless his sweet heart!!
    He described me almost to a 'T'....
    (I DO shower!!)
    but I would rather sit under a flower any day with a spot o' tea :)

  5. Hi Tatyana: Stopped in for a visit, nice blog you have done a great job.
    Looking forward to further visits.

    Have a great Evening,

  6. Таня, первое слово, буквально вырвавшееся да ещё одновременно с улыбкой, было: "Прелесть!". Вот его и отправляю в комментарий!
    Авторов фотоснимка и стихо-творения поздравляю с успехом!!!

  7. Tooo cute! Great photo. THat poem is perfect for your photo. As always, enjoyed your post.

  8. What a delightful little poem. :) Your photo is bee-ootiful too!

  9. So sweet! What a great poem for a beautiful photo. That little bee looks fuzzy -- I just want to cuddle it! Wait, bees have stingers...

  10. Fantastic photograph and the little poem is just right.

  11. Nice shot of the flower and the bee.
    Your poem is great too.It is perfect for that photo.

    Thanks for visiting me too
    Have a great day


  12. What a beautiful photo and the poem is precious~!

  13. Kids write the best poems!
    Thanks for sharing this. Very cute and made me smile.

  14. Sweet poem about a bee... Original and innocent.. Wait till they are much bigger, then this phrase carries meaning,"sting like a bee, dance like a butterfly" .. Cheers ~bangchik

  15. What a sweet poem! Love the 'never takes a shower' part!! Such boy talk:-) What kind of plant bloom is the bee on...I don't quite recognize it!

  16. Thank you everyone for the comments! I also liked the part about a shower the most. The plant is a Joe Pie Weed.

  17. Such a simple poem, yet so apt! Beautiful photo.

    Congratulations on your nominations on Blotanical, Tatyana. It's posts like this one and the last with such stunning photographs and heartfelt prose that make your blog one of the best. I love all the photos of the front gardens of houses--inspires me to try a little harder on my own garden:) But those twinkly eyes have to be the best photo of all. I had no idea you had twins--this makes your blogging even more amazing!

  18. Oh, how sweet! Just perfect to go with the photo! Love the Joe Pie Weed too.

  19. A picture is worth a thousand words....and that is certainly true of this one. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  20. Hi, Just visited your lovely blog. What a wonderful bee, busy as ever in a beautiful garden.
    Thanks for your comment in my blog.

  21. I never knew there were so many kinds of bees until I got into gardening. It's amazing how our hobby opens up our eyes to so many things.
    A great poem to go with a great photo. Did one of your son's write it?
    Congratulations on the nominations. My fingers are crossed for you.

  22. Congratulations on your Blotanical win!!!

  23. Congrats again and my goodness this is a beautiful photo!

  24. I think the bee is smiling...probably at the funny little poem :)
    Beautiful photo. Is that Joe Pye Weed?

  25. Congratulations on your Blotanical award Tatyana!

    Lovely photos, and what a cute poem.

  26. Спасибо! В стихах твоего мальчика есть что-то, чего нам постоянно не хватает. Ясное море, майское утро... Не могу подобрать слов!

  27. Such simple words from a 4th grader, but dead on. :) Beautiful photo.

  28. Way to Go Denis! Keep it coming.

  29. Great picture. I have bee's all over my Pineapple Sage and Rueilla, but can't seem to get a picture of it.



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