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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Postcard From Hawaii

Aloha from Kauai!

Just letting you know that I am alive and well and have already begun my assault on the local gardens. Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and has the wettest spot in the world (more than 400" a year). "Jurassic Park", as well as many other blockbusters, was filmed here.
Besides the absolutely lush tropical greenery that was normal to expect, so far I am impressed with two things here:
-how many wild chickens are all over the island, crossing the roads, proudly walking baby chicks and digging for worms anywhere in towns;
-how clean the island's roads and towns are( I'm wondering if the two facts are connected). More observations to follow.

I miss you my virtual friends and wish you happy gardening and blogging.
I'll contact those of you who showed an interest in my foxglove seeds upon my arrival home. There are more seeds available so don't hesitate to leave a comment on the previous post.



  1. Hi Tatyana,

    Have a lovely time - I am very jealous! Please take loads of photos of everything. Watch out for the T-Rex!


  2. Hi, Tatyana, I bet you must be having a great time in Hawaii. I heard the beaches are like paradise. Oh, I can't wait to see the photos in your following posts. Meanwhile, wishing you a very very enjoyable and memorable and wonderful holiday. Cheers!

  3. Enjoy your time in the tropical paradise!

  4. Tatyana have a great time! I've always wanted to visit the black sand beaches of Punaluu. I've seen pictures and they look so pretty.--Randy

  5. Wondered where you have been. What a lush garden. Looks like Eden would have looked like!

  6. Tatyana, beautiful photo!! No doubt you are having a splendid time. See you when you get back.

  7. 400" a year?! That is amazing. Beautiful picture of those orchids.

  8. Oh, I am green with envy.
    Have a wonderful time and we will enjoy some pictures on your return.

  9. Hi Tatyana,
    We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon 21 years ago. I would love to go back!
    Hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying the climate and surrounding beauty.

  10. Happy holidays dear Tatyana; The postcard is beautiful. I am sure your camera won't get a rest!

  11. Pretty! Not been to Kaui (been to Oahu and the Big Island), but I understand that it is the garden island.

    Looking forward to your reports.


  12. Aloha! We will be in Kauai in just a week and a half for our belated honeymoon and I will absolutely be hitting as many gardens as possible as well. Enjoy!!!

  13. Aloha back at you! Have even more fun then you are already having! gail

  14. Lucky you! I lived 3 years in Hawaii as a young'un but remember it well. Hope you attend a luau and get to do the hula....fun!

  15. Hi Tatyana~~ I too lived in Hawaii as a young'un. It's much better [and safer] to visit. I hope your vacation is fabulous. Don't forget the sunscreen. :) Or the camera.

  16. Envy - big time! Have a great time.

  17. Какая же ты молодец, Таня!

  18. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  19. No waaaaay! Hawaii?! How fabulous! What a great time of year to go. I can't wait to "see" and "hear" the update when you return. Aloha!

  20. Как интересно: жизнь все время водит нас рядом, но на некоторой дистанции. Не удалось составить супругу компанию в поездке на Конгресс в Корею. Работа помешала. Прислал электронку: не грусти, родная, следующий Конгресс будет в Гоноллулу. Ты меня на год опередила!
    А сегодня у нас праздник - сыну исполнилось 25! Здесь я тебя чуть-чуть опередила.
    На чем, наконец, встретимся?!

  21. Nice postcard! I love that pic of the doggy smelling and admiring the flower by the way...

  22. I KNOW you are having an amazing time. You can actually watch the gardens grow in Hawaii. When I was there I felt like I should bring my houseplants next time and liberate them into the forests again! Oh Hawaii!

  23. Go Away, I'm GardeningAugust 25, 2009

    I enjoyed looking at your blog. Love the picture of the dog smelling the flower! My family enjoyed Kauai two summers ago. It is funny to see all the wild chickens. Your pictures are beautiful.

  24. Nice to hear that you're having a great time!
    We have reservations for Kauai in December!


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