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Sunday, March 15, 2009

SPRING?! Can you spell it, please?

Ahh, I was enjoying my morning coffee and admiring all your blooms...

March .... Spring .... Sunday... Life is beautiful...

- "Did you look outside?"

- "No, I didn't. Why? WHAT????!!!!"

It is snowing. And it's a serious snow, not that light - probably last -close to spring one, but real heavy non-stop snow.

These are my March almost-spring blooms...

Can you click on us please, we are so-o-o... even under the snow...

Hellebores foetidus

I needed to shake some snow off to see the flowers of this hellebores...

Petals are so beautiful...

Again Hellebores...


Now, I am back to my usual winter chore - to brush off the snow from two palm trees.


  1. Tatyana,
    You are a true gardener getting out in the weather to enjoy and share your snowy spring flowers.

  2. Brrr! I hope the snow melts quickly!

    Your blooms do look beautiful with their white frosting!

  3. winter is relentless! I hope it goes away soon!

  4. Oh that is too bad! hopefully your
    flowers will be okay. It's been
    spring like weather in my area, but
    that can change in an instant.

  5. My friends naturally call me to say- 'Have you looked out the window?' I love it. They know not to bother calling if the sun is out! I must say the daffs look lovely with snow hats on!

  6. Great photos!
    What a winter. Blah.

  7. Sorry for you, its been a lovely day here in the UK.

  8. Thank you for urging us to click...your photos are wonderful..The snow looks very heavy and very wet...I am sighing with empathy! Gail

  9. Looks like your dafs have a sugar coating.

  10. Oh you are dedicated getting out there in this weather for your pictures. I thought about it and decided not much was blooming so why bother. I'm up higher and bloom about 2 weeks behind everyone else.
    Your pictures do look great with the snow on the flowers though so it was well worth it for all of us to enjoy them.

  11. OH my goodness! Just when you think spring is nigh. I guess patience is needed. my oh my.....I say more south.

  12. Darn it all anyway! looks like you got the snow we were supposed to get in my part of Idaho. Mother nature is likely laughing at all of us.

  13. Somebody has just got to do something. This snow has to just go away until next winter. Snow and palms just do not register in my mind as going together at all.I hope it soes not hurt your blooms.

  14. Glad you stopped by this morning. Hang in there! soon it will melt away.....

  15. This time you really got it! Can you believe this winter. We had some as well, although the sun is out now. I think the daffodils look beautiful with the snow. It shows just how bright yellow they are. Good thing the hellebores bounce back so well after being covered in snow!

  16. What is up with this weather, Tatyana? I hope the snow isn't too serious and melts quickly. Your poor babies need some sunshine to warm up. Still, I must say the snow looks lovely on them.

    Thank you for your feedback on my "hints" blog post. Having extra tools is pretty much a mandate for us garden-a-holics, isn't it?! Thanks again. I always enjoy your blog posts.

  17. Great shot of the daffs.

  18. СветланаMarch 15, 2009

    Не перестаю удивляться, как цветы не мерзнут в снегу?! Сама знаешь, в наших краях так не бывает...

  19. I hope your flowers aren't damaged much by the snow. My daffs are wilted some from the cold, but hopefully will still bloom.

    Your pics are pretty, though!

  20. Love the picture of snow on the daffodils.

  21. Beautifyl pictures...but, that's NOT what we want now!

  22. Oh my goodness your photos are fabulous. We would never have anything like that here. I hope your garden recovers ok.

    Beautiful pics!

  23. Hi Tatyana

    looks more like a Christmas scene.

    Lets hope this is the last snow and your temperatures soar


  24. Hard to believe you have all that snow but it is pretty. I'm ready for spring though!

  25. When it snows like in fairy tales, it is great! But when your garden is feeling spring time, and you have flowers, I think it's not a very good feeling. I hope your blooms and plants will be ok and the snow will melt quickly!

  26. Oh my! I'm sorry for your loss!Makes me glad that my plants aren't even awake yet, it would be so upsetting to see them like that!

  27. Everything is pretty in the snow, but I hope that will be the end of it for you, Tatyana! Hope your palm trees didn't get any damage;-) I love your hellebores, esp. the cream-colored ones. I can't wait to see your amazing garden 'spring' to all of it's colorful glory!

  28. I haven't been on here in forever, sorry! Love those palms covered in SNOW! I am ready for spring now, even in KY when March hit it was time for spring, lol.



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