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Monday, March 16, 2009

Secret Life of Beans.

What is going on with beans after we put them into the soil?
We take the beans:

Make a nice bed with a support like this:

Or like this:

Green plants appear and grow:

Then, they bloom:

Then, we have new beans.

But what is going on there, under the ground, in the dark?

This is what is going on:

Click on us, click on us!

Look like aliens, don't they?


  1. Hi~~ Beans are the seeds I used when teaching my kids about growing things. Their size makes them easier to observe. Cute post.

  2. Isn't it amazing what can grow from such a small thing. But remember what happened to Jack and his handful of beans.

  3. Ну все... Чувствую себя людоедом... Ростки эти в стеклянной вазе похожи на невесту в подвенечном уборе!
    Я не буду фотографировать то, что запеклось в моей цепторовской сковороде со свининой...

  4. Tatyana,

    Nice posting! Those sprouts remind me of the yummy egg fo young I had for dinner last night. Ever grown October beans they are so good and pretty?

  5. Good post! I like the bean teepee. What pretty beans.

  6. Hi Tatyana

    Teepee time.

    I love the way bean shoots almost uncurl out of the pod.

    Sometimes, when they're planted too shallow the bean almost lifts out of the soil.


  7. Just planted some snow peas and love the way the babies look.

  8. Last week I planted some of this beans and I can't wait to see its red flowers...A big hug

  9. Lovely pictures of the bean life cycle. I remember growing beans in a glass jar when I was a child because you could see them growing so well. And I still like planting beans because the plants which come up look so good and strong as soon as they come out of the earth.
    The Russian piroshki look good!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. I just love those red blossomed beans. I really need to plant some--never have before. I love your supports. They look great!


  11. Cool post! Beans are just so fun to grow. They are easy and look nice wrapped around the supports.


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