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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bird House Extravaganza

A dog can have a fancy outfit, a cat can have a diamond collar, but a bird can live in a castle...
First time I saw them in 2007.

They claim that all the materials are weatherproofed.

Then, I saw them in 2008. More varieties, for every taste.
A bird house, or should I say a palace, for a sailor, a wild-life lover, a wine enthusiast, a cook, a gardener, a dog owner....

...a tea lover, a dragonfly lover... I also saw a golf bird house, baseball bird house...

What's next?

Someone can love or don't love them, but what I admire is a creativity and the ability to reinvent a bicycle, as we say.
To see if the birds like them, I need to buy one for my own garden. They were about $50 in 2007, $65 in 2008.... I'd rather buy one soon!
Oh, well, I always can have this classic one...


  1. What wonderful birdhouses. I would be looking very carefully at them and seeing what they used (old door knobs, tools, hardware etc) and trying to create one myself. You just need to start with a plain birdhouse and keep adding to it.

  2. I found a huge birdhouse at Goodwill for $9.99. I wonder if I can dress it up with some of these beautiful embellishments. I love the glass knobs.

  3. Those are cute. Quite a variety. I still like my watermelon birdhouse but I need to repaint it as it's faded a bit.

  4. Those birdhouses are so charming.

  5. Tatyana, I'm like you, admiring these clever birdhouses but for that price(shoulda, coulda last year right?)..At least the beautiful photos are a free keepsake :)

  6. The birds aren't as picky as we are about the colors and price of home! I put a cheap decorative one up, and I'll be darned if the chickadees haven't made a home of it.

  7. Love them! They are so cute. I would love to make some for myself to cluster in the garden.

  8. Hi Tatyana

    They're certainly different.

    A bit off topic, but I'm looking at the side panel, 'Potatoes, I have no idea how they got into my garden' LOL


  9. I would love to receive one as a gift, but I wouldn't shell out $65 myself.
    I made my own birdhouse this weekend and it's no where near as pretty as those, but it was cheap to make, and I know it's sturdy and made with non-toxic materials.
    I like your basic one, too!

  10. I like them all! The classic one would definitely fit my budget :). You could always try making your own using the classic one- all some charm to it from a antique or thrift store!

  11. You have got the coolest posts, Tatyana! I love the birdhouses. I see similarly embellished masterpieces around but the price is usually out of my range. I saw some cute ones at a Habitat For Humanity Restore a few days ago. $1.00 a piece. I didn't buy any of them. I'm not sure why. I'm kicking myself now.

  12. hi tatyana,

    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! you led me to your blog for the first time, and wow, i love it! very original. my sister has german shepherds, too, cute puppy. thanks again!

  13. Oh your bird houses.
    Reminds me I have one large one to build yet. Great post.

  14. Very cool birdhouses .

    Thanks for your comments too on my blog


  15. Great birdhouses, though you can tell they're built to attract you, and not necessarily the birds. Well, maybe birds with $65.

  16. They are just fantastic! Exactly my idea of what I want in my garden BUT, it has to be something I have dreamt up or made myself, not bought off the shelf, however appealing. There are times when I wish I weren't such an idealogue...


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