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Friday, January 16, 2009

Why to Love Radish?

I love radish! Radishes have been reported as beneficial for teeth, gums, nerves, hair and nails. They are also said to stimulate the appetite and to relieve nervous exhaustion. Radishes will relieve cases of constipation and catarrh, reduce overweight and help dissolve gallstones. (J.M.Kadans, Ph.D.

Encyclopedia of Fruits,Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds for Healthful Living)

Addition to this post, after I got comments from Tina :

These are the pictures of long red radish taken from Russian site and white radish called Chinese or Japanese radish Daikon.


  1. For a moment I was thinking "She can't be harvesting radishes after all that snow, can she?" But then I saw the date on the photo. What a relief! LOL

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. Its sad to see that your plants may have suffered with your cold and snow. Ours was just a chimney...not as easy to get emotionally attached to.

    My town of Grand Forks in BC is a Doukhobours community. If for any reason, you find yourself in this area, please let me know so you can stop by and tour my garden.

    Waiting for some of that warm air you are attempting to send our way....

  2. Thanks, Miss Canthus! All those winter dreams about gardening time and thoughts about what to plant this year, made me to post these pictures. Kind of remedy from the days without sun. We go to BC once in a while, and I'd love to tour your garden. Also, I'll have a chance to admire your new chimney. Let me know if you are heading to Key Peninsula.

  3. One of my favorite veggies.

  4. Tina, do you know if they grow long radish here? In Russia, we have round and long radish that looks almost as carrots in shape. I've been here for a long time and never seen long type. I need to look through catalogs!

  5. Not sure. There are many different varieties. Is there another name for the long radish in Russian that translate to something different here? Kohlrahi or turnip? Hmmm, got me thinking now.

  6. The name is the same -radish. The same taste, the same color, only shape is different.

  7. I found them! Or at least a close facsimile at Wal Mart. I went there today and they had long tapered white radishes called Icicle. They are available from Ferry Morse. I bought some and will be thinking of you when they grow and I can't wait to taste them!

  8. Tina, it could be Chinese White Radish - Daikon.


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