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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Picture of the Day. WHITE NOSE

This is Amur. He is a mix! He is German - obviously, he is Canadian because he was born there, he is American because he lives here, and he is Russian because his owner is Russian-American.
I hope he is not confused!
Click the picture to make it bigger.


  1. What a beautiful addition to your garden!

  2. Privet Tanya,

    I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind talking to me about the source of your German Shepherds? I'm currently looking for a shepherd pup, and am considering the shelters, rescue groups, as well as a couple of breeders, one of which is in Canada, so I'm curious if it isn't the same place, and if so how your experience with them has been.

    I recently found your blog by accident and enjoy checking in from time to time. I garden in the NW as well, and it's fun to see your updates.

    Thanks much!

  3. Anya, thanks for stopping by! The dog on the header picture of the blog and on this post's picture came from Victoria, B.C.
    The older dog came from St.Louis, MO. Write me if you have more questions, you can use my plot on Blotanical for messages. Good luck in your search!


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