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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Willamette Valley Autumn Drive

This was one of the best trips of my life. And, we didn't need to fly over the ocean and go through time changes. 
Mesmerizing landscapes, stunning sweeping views, excellent local food and wines (especially pinot noir) were waiting for us in our neighboring state, Oregon. 
Sloping fields, orchids, hundreds of vineyards, rolling hills, gorgeous foliage fall palettes  - every mile of the way had something to excite travelers.
The enchanted, beautiful, friendly Willamette Valley showed us its best, and I want to share some of it with you in this post.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

September Garden. Just Pictures

Yes, September, not October... It's good when there is no time for blogging, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bushy Tail. Wordless Wednesday

Western gray squirrel

***Copyright 2017 TatyanaS

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Visit to The Old Goat Farm

Clean and crispy October air, blue sky, sun - it was a perfect Saturday for touring the Old Goat Farm belonging to Greg Graves and Gary Waller.
Rain came too, but later.
It was my first visit  there after  last year's Visit to the Old Goat Farm: Winter Garden and Christmas tree.
The garden was something in-between seasons with plenty of bright summery colors and the first subtle signs of fall.

Gabion columns and other rock structures  are one of the signature features of the Farm.
Rocks come from the farm soil itself which is glacier till.
 As Greg says in his  blog, most of the rock is between the size of a potato and a watermelon.
I can relate to his story about using a pickaxe, not a shovel, when digging a hole for a plant.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My August-2017 Garden

September is gaining speed, so I'd better post my garden's August pictures.
This was a different August. Summer came later than usual this year as
everything in the garden shifted to a later beginning.
So, what was usually blooming in July, was flourishing in August, making last month colorful and lush.
And now, to the garden, with numerous pictures and a few comments.
The pictures are in chronological order, so there will be the same plants and parts of the garden shown in different times throughout August.

This pic is a symbol of some kind. A symbol of an era ending in my life and in my garden.
The birdies have flown out of our family nest. Tests have been taken, applications submitted, acceptances received, bags packed.
Test preparation books are now free for serving as stands for bouquets...

White begonia basket in the Shade Garden.
Different time of the day, different lighting, different atmosphere...

Right border is getting more full and colorful with the lawn shrinking slowly but steadily.

Some new plants - Hypericum p. above and Canna below

Hakonecloa, Japanese Forest Grass, got lighter, more yellow tone after being moved here from shadier corner of the garden.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Peter's Garden (Washington State, U.S.A.)

                                                                                                        'If you look the right way,
                                                                                                You can see the whole world is a garden"
                                                                                                             F.H.Burnett "The Secret Garden"

I feel almost bad publishing this post: I don't want to take away a 'surprise' moment 
from the people who haven't seen this garden yet. 
So, dear guests of this blog, if you plan to visit Peter's Garden in the close future, 
please restrain yourself from looking at the pictures. 
It's like getting a preview of a movie before you see it. 
I don't want to take the Wow factor from you. You've been warned!

If I thought I'd see just a garden, I was mistaken. 
What I saw that sunny July day was a concoction of museum of modern and not very modern art, 
headquarters of some secret service, 
chamber of Riley's 'Believe it or Not' type of place, 
a jungle, a toy store, a labyrinth and a lot of other things
 that I'd never ever guess could exist in the middle of a town. 
And, after all, it was a Garden! 
Unexpected, unbelievably entertaining, creative, full of contrasts and very-very personal.

Peter, you treated visitors of your NPA Open Garden with something they'll never forget.
Your place is so unique and almost unreal that it took more than a month for me 
to get ready to show it on my blog. 
It takes several minutes to look at some of the pictures. 
You just can't absorb everything in a pic by just glancing at it briefly. 
You need to sit and indulge yourself by slowly moving your eyes from object to object, 
admiring the multitude of big and small details.
I am so grateful to you for opening this treasure grove to us!

There could be a dozen posts written about Peter's Garden. Let's see... what would be the tags?
1- Cacti and succulent garden
2- Art in the garden
3- Humor in the garden
4- Container gardening
5- Perennial garden
6- Trees, vines and shrubs
7- Rear and exotic plants
8- Greenhouse
9- Shade garden
10- Paths, pavers, stepping stones
11- Found objects and collectibles in the garden
12- A Garden of a glass art instructor
13- How to create an oasis in the middle of a city
Etc., etc.

There won't be many comments below. 
Don't expect to see many names of the plants either. 
I need a second chance to see the garden for that. 
My first encounter with this place was all about emotions, 
oohs and aahs, about discoveries and just pure amusement.
You might see the same corners of the garden several times. 
It's because I made two circles around the garden... no, three circles.... or four?
Let's go! 

Excitement starts brewing already upon approaching the Garden...

 If I wouldn't know which garden on the street is an NPA Open Garden, this guy would tell me, he has a sign:

 Heavenly Romneya greets the visitors

There is a promise of something special ahead...

Can you believe, it's not a garden yet? It's what  passersby and neighbors can enjoy daily:

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Belated June Garden Pictures, 2017. Wordless

July is coming to the end, it's time to post JUNE garden pictures...
Better late than never.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fletcher Bay Gardens on Bainbridge Bloom Tour - 2017

Just the first look at this garden told me that it was worth it to drive all the way to Bainbridge Island to attend the 29th 'Bainbridge in Bloom' Garden Tour.
It's not easy to beat the beauty of a mature garden set among towering majestic Douglas fir trees.
It's the Fletcher Bay Gardens, whose owners created a tranquil oasis, starting in 1986 on a two-acre lot covered by blackberries and scotch broom.

If to choose just several words to describe the garden, it'll be lush, healthy, authentic, inviting and meticulously maintained.
I loved everything here: huge variety of plants, mass plantings, mature trees covered with moss, restricted, smart use of hardscaping materials, peaceful atmosphere.  
All this evoked excitement, a sense of mystery and a great appreciation of all the time and hard work involved in creating and maintaining this garden.

Smart vegetable garden and fabulous greenhouse (more  pictures of it we'll see later).

The pictures follow the walk that we made through the garden.

Lupins were everyone's favorites. Just look at their colors!
And alliums were fabulous too!

Rhody, Australian Shepherd, welcomed guests and was very friendly.

I liked this pergola combining a charm of the old world with a modern twist.

Seeing masses of perennials made me want to return to the garden when they are in bloom.

Clumps of healthy looking, generous size Hosta in different parts of the garden attracted attention.

The garden design creates expectations of something special along the whole walk toward the house.
The side path leads to a quiet, peaceful spot with a water feature.

On the top of the property, there is a studio with a B&B loft upstairs.

Inviting spot on the porch... Just imagine sitting there in the morning with a cup of coffee...

Dense plantings and, again, stunning variety of plants ensures a garden interest throughout the year.

Doll House with a swing nearby, and that wonderful, luxurious Hosta...

A gardener's dream...

The greenhouse reminds me of a museum...

Gorgeous garden, friendly, knowledgeable gardeners... It was a pleasure visiting Fletcher Bay Gardens.
Thank you, Marj and Nick, for opening your garden for us.
It became one of my favorite northwest gardens.

***Copyright 2017 TatyanaS

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