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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

End of Month View - August 2015

After removing some dry brown flowerheads and getting good rains, my garden looks totally summer-like.
 Since everything bloomed earlier than usual this year, I was afraid that August would stay flowerless, lol.
But salvia, phlox, roses, verbena and some others came to the rescue.

Salvia 'Black and Blue' is one of my favorites.
Its rich long lasting blue flowers are irresistible!

I am running out the space to plant tomatoes.
This one is growing in the container among perennials:

White phlox finished blooming a week before and gave way to these watermelon-red ones.

As it often happens with me, I didn't provide  enough supports for some plants.
Here they are, after the rain:

I am so glad we have tall shrubs and trees along the garden's perimeter.
Everything looks good with such a nice background.

I usually keep Euphorbia heads uncut till spring, but this year I cut them early.
Somehow, their brown color reminded me of fall, and I wasn't ready to part with summer yet.

This year's blueberry harvest is outstanding.
We've been bringing full bowls of berries during the entire month,
and they are still coming! Not very big, but still tasty.

Lacecap Hydrangea 'Angel's Blush' above and Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) 'Snowflake' below.

This summer, The Frog decided to take a break from playing chess and devoted all of her time to philosophic observations.
She thinks we, people, spend too much time worrying and fussing.
'It's nice just to sit and enjoy the sun under the tree...'

Ok, Frog, we also find time for relaxing and even napping:

I'm glad I planted some pole beans in the kitchen garden close to the house.
The beans that grew in the Terrace garden fell prey to countless bunnies.
They managed not only to eat leaves, but also to chew on the stems. 


This is the mistake I made knowing in advance that it was a mistake:
cucumbers are growing too close to tomatoes.
It's known that they are not companion plants.
Cucumbers were here first, and they had so many little cukes.
Then, a tiny tomato plant appeared, obviously from last year's seed,
and I hesitated to pull it up.
Well, after the tomato plant reached a good size and started to produce tomatoes,
cucumbers slowed down considerably.

The Abyssinian Banana which overwintered in the garage, is pretty good size!
The yellow-blooming plants are Topinambur (Jerusalem Artichoke).
This is the first season that I have it. I tasted young tubers and liked their taste.
I am going to dig all the plants up very soon so their roots wouldn't go too deep and spread.
They need another spot where they can grow without threatening to overtake my garden.

I should admit Topinambur flowers look attractive,
even though yellow is not my favorite color in the garden.

I love this green vignette:

Rhododendron Rex, Barberis, Azalia, Hosta and native Salal in the background.

 New Begonia, on the left, attracted me with its color and a promise to live through our winters.
I bought it during the NWFG Show in February 2015 from Christianson's Nursery.

 The Turtle is ready for the rain with its Saxifraga umbrella

My Tetrapanax is not even close to the height reached by its parent plant last year.
I cut that plant all the way down. There are multiple new plants growing from its roots.

The Front Garden has Roses, Fuchsia and Acanthus blooming.

Hebe 'Quick Silver' is charming, isn't it?

Hydrangea 'Oregon Pride':

Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'

I don't see any signs of fall here. Do you?

Birds loved this bird bath during our hot and unusually dry summer.

One more time, a look at the Kitchen Garden with pole beans, kale, cucumbers, different mints, topinambur, parsley, etc.

It still looks summerish in the garden, but I should have something
telling me about fall, so here it is:

I join Helen's  End of Month View
and also  Beth's Garden Lessons (with my tomato/cucumber lesson)

***Copyright 2015 TatyanaS


  1. Hello. Your garden is still beautiful, despite the end of the summer. I like the idea of placing the pots of tomatoes among kwaitów. My garden has like autumn because of the very high temperatures and lack of rainfall. Regards .

  2. After that wind and rain, my garden looks like the ugly fairy came along and beat it with a stick. I haven't had the heart to go out yet and pick up all the debris. Yours looks marvelous!

  3. Wow, what a bit of paradise on earth you have. I love it all.

    Have a great first week of September ~ FlowerLady

  4. Ok, I so envy you. I am going to clean up our yard this week and get it prepared for the winter. I am also going to be dividing some plants. Hopefully next year I will have more plants in our yard.

  5. As usual, it's always a pleasure to visit your beautiful garden

  6. Love the frog and the cat and the other characters in your garden! I've heard such positive reviews about 'Black and Blue' and "Amistad' Salvias this summer! When I have a sunnier garden, I think I'll add some. What kind of mint is that in the lower left corner of your collage? I just discovered I have Downy Wood Mint here. The plants must be volunteers because I don't remember seeing them before and there are several in one area. Beautiful photos, Tatyana! Thanks for joining in the "lessons learned" meme. Tomatoes too close to Cukes--that's a good lesson.

  7. Your garden is so beautiful. I spend hours looking at each and every image! There are so many wonderful things in bloom that you wouldn't know from looking at your garden that the PNW has just endured some its hottest weather on record

  8. It's funny to me to think of you growing veggies there in your garden, as it always looks so shady and cool in your photos. Black and Blue salvia is not hardy here, but I grow it every summer. This summer it has been weak, I'm disappointed. There weren't nearly enough of those gorgeous blue blooms. And look at the size of yours!

  9. Your garden looks so lush and beautiful, Tatyana! Is 'Black and Blue' a perennial for you? It's an annual here, but I buy some every year, because I love it, and so do the hummingbirds. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments!

  11. superb garden and pics, Tatanya. And how nice to have such a wise old frog living in the garden.


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