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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Northwest Flower & Garden Show - 2015. Several Gardens, Several Pictures

Knotty & Nice…Here’s to WE time

Gold Medal

The Garden description from the NWFGS :
 "For a couple seeking to connect, play, relax and set time aside to be with each other—“we time”—this garden caters to both the masculine and feminine senses; calling in the energy of both.
The ‘Knotty’ reference to this part of the vignette is both the trees and plantings which are various forms of pine as well as large beams of pine wood used to create the structure. Meanwhile, the ‘Nice’ traits are displayed by the more feminine attributes of lyrical water, warm fire and cozy furnishings.
A protective pergola surrounded by large bold stones–complemented by a soothing water feature–is mirrored in a reflecting pond. The final touch is a cozy fireplace and cushy furniture that you can sink into.
The majority of plantings in this garden are evergreen so you have a very textural and abundant array of visual interest year round, not just in the spring and summer. After all, romance is for all seasons!
“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Use a minimal plant list to create continuity and an uncluttered look."

Other Awards: Sunset Western Living Award, 425 Magazine Editors’ Choice Award


A Moment to Remember

Silver Medal

The Garden description from the NWFGS :
"We all have those memories of special moments in our lives that we cherish. What makes it special is what happened there, the people that were with us, and the beauty of the moment. This garden conveys such a place in time.
A beautiful alpine waterfall is fronted by a pristine pool surrounded by amazing plants. The stunning focal point is a stone platform that seemingly floats just above the water’s surface.
The Garden Creator has combined a natural organic landscape using native plants and alpine firs with the more formal structural pool and handcrafted stone work. It’s a juxtaposition of two design styles that are artistically united in this romantic setting.
“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Combining formal structural elements with natural organic design"


Step by Step, Side by Side

Silver Medal

The Garden description from the NWFGS :
"Romance takes on many forms, and this garden underscores our close relationship with nature and the ideas we can embrace from our natural environment.
The entrance of the garden is very unique as you walk upon a floating gabion path (stone-filled wire basketstied together) toward a floating gabion “lovers platform.” This is framed by green “waves” of trees and flowers converging into a “river” of green. Several features include repurposed elements, including the use of wine bottles as garden borders as well as art screens and sculptures.
An added bonus: the distinctive raised path and platform drain quickly after a good rain, and the gabion has intrinsic reflexology wellness benefits.
This contemporary garden will take you to another imaginary world of gardening that is practical, inspiring and healthful.
“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Extensive use of gabions; reflexology benefits"

Other Awards: X Factor Award


Rekindled Rendezvous

 Gold Medal

The Garden description from the NWFGS :
"This woodland retreat is the perfect setting for writing a new chapter in a romance. With its quaint cabin accented by antique light fixtures, vintage oil paintings and an Arts & Crafts style artesian well, an urban couple has retreated to this old family homestead to renew their longtime romance.
This rendezvous setting combines both cultivated and native plant selections, including edibles, with harmonizing textures, shapes and colors. The Garden Creator utilizes rock and nurse logs to create elevation changes with added textures.
The garden spotlights unusual reclaimed and re-purposed materials, including 120-year-old barn timbers from an historic barn in Snohomish, and vintage brick and bluestone pavers. Of note: a portion of the original façade from Seattle’s historic Fox Music Hall.
“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Inventive use of reclaimed materials and the artful blending of plants uniquely suited to the Pacific Northwest."


Over the Moon

Gold Medal

The Garden description from the NWFGS :
"The oversized full moon, the pair of great horned owls and a sky full of stars set the tone for this “night garden”–celebrating the energy and excitement of a new or rekindled romantic relationship.
Large conifers and white birches frame a classicScandinavian Garden Pavilion, called a “Lusthus”. “Lust” translates to pleasure or delight and “hus” means building or structure. This exquisite pavilion is the perfect romantic spot for nature gazing and enjoying the meadow of spring flowering bulbs and colorful grasses. The flora is white with accents of yellow, apricot and orange. Maroon foliage shrubs and perennials provide contrast. Conifers, in an array of blues and greens, anchor the garden.
All circular elements in the garden resonate with the moon’s shape, color and spirit—the pavilion, a flagstone patio, entry arbor, and a gently overflowing pool. A hammock offers a place of respite among the trees, and pairs of critters are here and there– signaling it’s spring and romance is in the air.
“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Simple round shapes create rhythm and repetition, unifying a garden"

Other Awards: Founder’s Cup (Best In Show)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

***Copyright 2015 TatyanaS


  1. So beautiful! You are making me excited about my trip to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show next week. Nothing like seeing masses of blooms, even if they are indoors to get you in the mood for spring. Not sure if I like those gabions, but an interesting garden nonetheless.

    1. Thank you Rose! Have a great trip to the CFGS!

  2. Thank you Tatyana!

  3. That concept of a he/she garden or garden room is fascinating! I love that first example--I was especially attracted to the rock-filled reflecting pond. Lovely!

    1. Thank you Beth! It was interesting to watch that pond with all the reflections - people, plants, lights.

  4. You took some lovely pictures of these fantasy gardens. So much fun to relive the show through your post! Thank you, Tatyana!

    1. Peter, thank you! I wish I could spend a couple of days there! I usually get very overwhelmed by the end of the day and miss some details.

  5. Thank you so much my dear gardening friend!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I was unable to visit any good garden shows this winter, so I appreciate your photos. I'm not sure what I think about the garden with all the gabions, and the use of gabions as a design element in general.

    1. Les, thank you! I hear what you are saying about those gabions. Maybe, it's like a fashion show: not everything will be worn, but it stirs one's imagination and gives some ideas!

  7. I did enjoy these although the second silver medal is not my cup of tea with all the wire cages. I like the winners as they bring the outdoors indoors with rustic charm.

  8. Gorgeous photos from this year's Show. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for showing these beautiful gardens


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