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Monday, March 10, 2014

Just a Teaser - Butchart Gardens Perennials

Recent rains slowed down work in the garden but gave me a chance to browse through my photo archive to get some ideas and inspiration.
These are several pictures of perennials from Butchart Gardens which I never published.
By the way, the Butchart Gardens are included in
USA Today's short list for the "10 Best Readers'Choice travel award" in the Best Public Gardens category.
You can vote for your favorite garden (Here). The vote ends March 31st.

I hope you enjoyed the perennials and the views of Butchart Gardens.

Again, if you want to vote for your favorite garden, this is the link:
Vote for the best public garden

The whole list of gardens:
Bloedel Reserve (WA)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (NY)
Butchart Gardens (Canada)
Callaway Gardens (GA)
Cheekwood Botanical Garden (TN)
Chicago Botanic Garden (IL)
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (ME)
Denver Botanic Gardens (CO)
Desert Botanical Garden (AZ)
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FL)
Franklion Park Conservatory (OH)
Huntington Botanical Gardens (CA)
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (VA)
Longwood Gardens (PA)
Missouri Botanical Garden (MO)
National tropical Botanical Garden (HI)
Portland Japanese Garden (OR)
Ruth Bankroft Garden (CA)
United States Botanic Garden (Washington, DC)
Wave Hill, (NY)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Tatyana, as always. I love how you also captured the busy bees. I'm so ready for spring. Have a great week.

    1. Grace, thank you! I need some sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ricki! Photographs help when the days are grey and rainy.

  3. I can almost smell the flowers through the computer screen.
    Beautiful photos as always when I visit.
    After church on Sundays we alway went to the Huntington, but my favorite is still Butchart.
    Today the sun is out, I need some dirt under my nails it's been a long winter.

    1. Linda, I've never been to Huntington. I need to include it in my travel plans when I'm in California. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful pictures of a great garden! It looks as if the perennials are planted in Piet Oudolf style (Dutch architect with lots of projects in USA)

  5. So full lush and colorful, a perfect taste of summer for a soggy March day! Thank you, I can feel the warmth!

  6. Hi Peter! Digital photography is great, isn't it? We can relive summers with its help!

  7. Thank you, Tatyana, for sharing the photos of those beautiful perennials. I have had the pleasure of visiting Butchart Gardens on two different occasions, some years ago, in Feb and April.. Both times the gardens were breath taking!

    1. Thank you Dorothy! We visit Butchart Gardens every time while we on Vancouver Island. Love this place, especially in the very morning.

  8. It's beautiful there! And Butchart is definitely on my bucket list! Love the combos of flowers, including Bugbane, Coneflowers, and Rudbeckias! Lovely!

    1. Beth, thank you! The perennial border is one of my favorite parts of these gardens.

  9. Even if it they are out of season, it is nice to see so much pink and green, two colors temporarily lacking around here right now.

  10. Stunning! And it's amazing how the coneflower petals aren't chewed the way mine are. How do they do that??? I had hoped to get to Butchart Gardens on my nano-second stop in Victoria last year. Sadly, I didn't make it. But I loved Victoria so much, and so want to spend a full day at Butchart Gardens, that I may have to schedule a second trip to the Pacific NW to give them both their due.

    1. Sarah, you have a good plan! Go for it!

  11. I can see why it's on the list - what a gorgeous garden! So exuberantly planted, and obviously well maintained! It's great to see some garden photos of colorful flowers when outside it is so white still!

  12. An absolute magical teaser Tatyana.

  13. Ahhhhh....a feast for the eyes! Love the cimicifuga and the castor bean plants!

  14. This place is on my bucket list, and every bit as beautiful as I pictured. Gorgeous.


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