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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Garden In Late November

These are some snapshots of my late fall garden. It still has a lot of color. 


November is typically the most rainy month in Western Washington. 
But, we shouldn't complain after having almost three rainless months earlier this year .

Love this carpet from the Japanese maple's leaves:

Berberis thunbergii 'Maria' (Gold Barberry):


A very late cleome:


Campanula poscharkyana 'Blue Waterfall' (Serbian Bellflower):

Japanese aralia, my favorite:

Endless Summer Hydrangea:

Japanese maple:

Angel's Blush Hydrangea:

Japanese maple Shindeshojo:

Senecio mandraliscae Blue Finger:

Melianthus and Hardy Fuchsia look pretty summery:


Since it's fall, I'll finish this post with an appropriately yellow blackcurrant:

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  1. Autumn has its own special beauty and you can see it your garden. Lovely shots as always!

  2. Your garden is beautiful in late November. I'm jealous! That's similar to what mine looked like in mid-October. Enjoy!

  3. Tatyana, Your garden is lovely in any season of the year! I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous photos. I especially like the color of your 'Endless Summer' hydrangea.

  4. Looks a lot nicer than my cold white world. Thanks for warming me up.

  5. Nie tylko w ogrodzie jest jeszcze ładnie , ale i cudowne zdjęcia w nim zrobiłaś. Pozdrawiam.
    Not only in the garden is still nice, but the wonderful pictures in it did. Yours.

  6. Fall is so lovely, I can't complain about the transition to winter. Each season offers its own beauty. I love the fallen leaves piled below the Japanese maples!

  7. Beautiful ! I enjoyed so much the tour of your lovely garden ... Thank you, Tanya !

  8. Leaves have fallen here like crazy last weekend. All the trees have let go of their leaves al at once it seems. Winter is on the doorstep. I enjoyed your colourful pictures. Autumn is such a beautiful season.

  9. Beautiful pictures of your garden in autumn, thank you for the tour!

  10. What beautiful photographs. I have cousins in Washington State and at this time of the year I am totally jealous. Wonderful post.

  11. Beautiful. The purple of the hydrangeas is my favorite, even though the frog is adorable, and the clematis just starting to bloom is lovely. Even the mushrooms look pretty!

  12. Your garden looks very pretty! Love all the fall color you have left. We've had frost the last couple of mornings.
    We did have some nice dry weather, but wow did that rain last week make up for it. Glad to have had a couple of sunny days again.
    Hope all is well with you and your family!

  13. Thank you everyone! I hope we'll have some winter! But, so far it's pretty green and warm.

  14. So many beautiful fall pictures! It's been promised to snow here in Finland tomorrow.

  15. Your fall garden looks still lovely, even in the rain. We also have lots of rain in this time of year and a stormy weekend, so all leaves have fallen now. Your endless summer hydrangea has a beautiful blue colour!

  16. Your garden always looks beautiful. Late fall has subtle charms and you captured them well in your lovely photographs.

  17. Oh I missed this post. I've always enjoyed the currants in the fall, lovely colors. It's been so mild that so many things are still looking quite lovely, I see you still have blooms and buds. The hydrangea and the mushrooms are stunning, honestly they are all stunning!

  18. Really looks like winter is creeping into your garden. Love the blooms on your Fatsia.


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