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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Deer Looks Better In Someone's Garden

First picture - my garden. HE is going for rose buds:
After I shouted, HE moved to another garden. I feel better. Those people are safe: there are no roses in their garden.
Do you see HIM? HE looks better in someone's garden. And their grass is greener, too!

I use Liquid Fence Deer Repellent to protect my plants.

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  1. Great pictures, and I'm glad he left your gardens.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thankfully the deer can't get in my backyard, or I would be in big trouble since I have too many plants there that they would love. They nibble in the front occassionally but everything I have out there is "deer resistant." Plus, they enjoy going to my neighbors more...they have a pond that they can go drink out of!
    I have woken up in the middle of the night hearing them outside my bedroom window...eating out of my window box!!

  3. Oh wow ... what a brave little guy!
    I fight the deer in my veggie garden so I know just how persistent they can be!

  4. Lol, your neighbors might not agree, but I understand your feelings, Tatyana:) Everything looks so lush and green in both your gardens, and I had forgotten what green grass looks like. We've had so little rain this summer that we haven't had to mow in weeks.

  5. Where are your dogs?? If our dogs aren't outside and there is a deer or squirrel or bunny...we bark at them. hahahahaha

  6. Wow, Janet has a great idea--to bark at the critters. ;-) My neighbor has a dog, and I keep saying he's welcome to come in my yard to chase away the rabbits and chipmunks. Cute post!

  7. Hi, he came to your front door and is not afraid. But your beautiful garden isn't for him!

  8. Cute! I usually put my dogs on them. Of course that only works when I am home. Does liquid fence really work? I have never tried it.

  9. Thank you everyone!
    Answering your question: dogs are on leash and usually far from that part of the garden. Liquid Fence works for me!

  10. Amazing to see deer, not in a field or the woods, but in what looks like suburbia! I am so fortunate the deer haven't discovered my place, though they are not far away in a state park and the surrounding area.

  11. he actually looks quite happy in your garden, had he's photo taken and then moved on

  12. Tatyana, Your deer are much bolder than mine are. Mine tend to stick to the edges of the garden, spook easily, and only move in close to the house when they haven't seen (smelled?) any sign of human habitation for a couple of days. -Jean

  13. It's amazing how they will eat roses - one would think they would be too thorny! My front yard plants are pretty deer-proof, other than the lilies which I spray with Deer Off when they start budding. My neighbor's garden is not so fortunate - the deer also like her roses!

  14. Those cute things can sure riddle a garden in no time at all. I use liquid Fence to Tatyana. And a broom. LOL! I tried to chase off a big buck with a broom last summer and it just stood there looking at me. I am sure it had never saw a sight like that before. LOL!

  15. I seriously doubt the grass is greener, Tatyana. :) Yes I love deer in other people's gardens. In mine, not so much.


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