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Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Foxgloves

My garden wouldn't be what it is without foxgloves.

I love them for their height, symmetry of their blooms as well as for their hardiness, independence, reliability and easiness to grow.
My care of foxgloves consists of only one operation: removing extra plants.
In my garden, foxgloves grow better in those spots where the seeds sprouted naturally. They don't like to be moved.
They make a statement in the garden. They create excitement. Look at these blooms!

They have faces!


Did you know that a Foxglove has a hairy nose? Here it is:

If you'd like to see how foxgloves  beautify my garden, please see the posts under the label 'Foxglove'. Shown below is one of the previous years' pictures :

If you are wondering why I don't show a recent picture, well, right now this is what I am looking at:

I am on vacation, my friends, in beautiful North Carolina.
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  1. Ahhhh! Relaxing ... yo go enjoy it! I'll enjoy your foxgloves for you.
    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Enjoy your vacation in beautiful NC. Which beach? We go to Oak Island. Carla

  3. Hi Tatyana,

    Beautiful photos, Foxgloves are just so amazing and a must-have for any garden!
    I've a few this year although sadly none of the whites/creams I had last year so I've sown some more seeds in the hope to have more variety next year :)

    I hope you enjoy your holiday, oh how I'd love to be looking out at the sea too.

  4. Foxy Foxgloves, love them. Enjoy your vacation, North Carolina is a great place.

  5. Hi Tatyana, I hope you're enjoying your vacation. Meanwhile I'm sure your foxgloves are awaiting your return. I just learned about their hairy noses while photographing a closeup. How fun.

  6. Ah, Foxgloves, I love them, your pictures of them are terrific. I agree the ones which self seed are always the best and most surprising.

  7. Your foxgloves are lovely. We had some this spring (we didn't plant them, they volunteered from the neighbor's property). They were the same color as yours, but our big storm at the beginning of June knocked them all falt. I rather miss them now.

  8. Someday I'll spend time in NC.
    I have happy one year old foxgloves from seed (guess where the seeds came from)in 2 pots but no flowers yet. Yours look great !
    Enjoy your vacation.

  9. Your Foxgloves are so beautiful Tatyana. I remember that weird double one you had that was so beautiful a couple of years back. I sowed the seeds but unfortunately they did not double like their parent.LOL! Have you had anymore like it?

  10. Love your Foxgloves, great 'faces'. I added some to my garden...can't wait for the seedlings to come up.....

  11. I had no idea foxgloves had hairy noses:) I love all your beauties, Tatyana; I've never had much luck with foxgloves coming back, but perhaps I should give them another try.

    I wanted to let you know that the red poppy seeds you sent me last year are blooming and looking gorgeous--I'm thrilled to finally have some! Enjoy your stay in N.C.!

  12. I love foxgloves also. When I saw them on a garden tour a few years ago I knew I had to have some.
    Have fun on vaca!

  13. Great shots of the foxgloves, they truly are a beautiful plant. One year here we had a entire garden sprinkled with them. The old people hated it, I loved it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. Ah the beach! Happy to see someone else loves the foxglove as much as I do. My main flower bed is mostly a cottage garden/wildflower garden and the foxglove are in full glory right now. I absolutely love them.

  15. Oh you lucky dog you... North Carolina sounds like fun girl. Enjoy. The foxgloves are beautiful.

  16. Unfortunately someone who will remain nameless decided to weed the paths in my raised bed gardens and there went all my foxgloves!

  17. Stunning! Enjoy NC ... anxious to see your photos.

  18. I love foxgloves! I like the way you've photographed them, especially the hairy one.

  19. Beautiful foxgloves! I'm jealous. I tried growing them in my NC garden but they didn't thrive and eventually died - I think they didn't like the heat. Glad you're enjoying the beaches!

  20. makes you want to put them on your fingers

  21. I love foxgloves too. I wonder if mine will self seed (I use pine straw mulch). I would like to get a large drift of foxgloves going; now I have just a few plants here and there. Lupine is another favorite of mine. I have signed up to follow your blog. Enjoy your vacation!

  22. Que fotos lindas! Amei as flores e o mar!

  23. I love your foxgloves! The colors are beautiful. They never survive in my heavy soil. :(

  24. I love those lovely colour and their majestic blooms so proud in the sun!

  25. Gorgeous photos Tanya! Foxgloves are so fun but I have never thought they had faces until now! I love your close up of the guy with the hair nose! Thanks for the fun!


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