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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tulips Galore. Part 2

The previous Tulip Festival post is here.
Tulips are beautiful flowers, aren't they? There is something special about them. Simple elegance or elegant simplicity.
The Skagit Valley in the state of Washington is one of the most fertile valleys in the country.
Tulips are not the only plant grown here, but it's tulips that bring thousands of visitors each year.
They say the number of guests during the Tulip Festival approaches a million.
This year was the 28th Festival.
Most of the pictures in this post were taken in the RoozenGaarde display garden.
Don't you think daffodils add some subtle charm to the overall picture?
Tulip buds are simple and modest, but look what happens when they open!
Rhododendron makes this scene even more exciting:
Masses of flowers can be a bit overwhelming, but a single flower is such a relief for the eyes.
Long stems with unopened buds remind me of exclamation marks!
The bright sun fades the colors. Shade makes the colors thick and dense. The best of my images are received in halfshade. The flowers look like they were lit from inside:
The yellow tulips below look like open hands. 'We also want to be in the picture! Here we are! Here we are!'
Mountains in the background keep the climate in the valley mild:
Grape hyacinths add their gorgeous blue color:
These tulips remind me of peonies:
Dutch people brought the first tulip bulbs into this country, and a windmill reminds about it:
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  1. Tatyana !
    Incredible !
    It is so amazing ! What wonderful rich color ! Thanks for posting all these beauties.

  2. No words can describe their beauty Tatyana. Are they just for show or for sale? I've seen actual tulips on the ground only once yet, in Sweden and it was awe i felt. In this photos, i also love the grape hyacinths which might not get the limelight but also very beautiful.

  3. Sandra, Andrea, thank you!
    Andrea. Cut flowers are for sale, and then, later, the bulbs are sold too.

  4. Wish they could last a little longer!


  5. So, do they do replanting every year or do all of these return? Just stunning!

  6. Eileen, Darla, thanks!
    Darla, they replant them every year.

  7. Wow! No wonder there are so many that attend the Tulip Festival. I would be walking around with my jaw dropped and drooling at all of that color. LOL! It is all just so fabulous. I would hate to plant all of those with my digging drill bit. LOL!

  8. Incredibly beautiful!

  9. Great pictures! Thanks for the tour - it was almost like visiting it in person :).

  10. Ooooh, Tatyana, I love tulips... my favorite.
    Wish there was a festival near me.
    I think the white and purple one is breath taking.
    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Since tulips don't grow well here (too hot), I have always wished to go to a tulip festival and see the fabulous displays. Gorgeous!

  12. What colors !!
    You must have loved it.
    Maybe someday I'll be able to travel just to see a festival like this.

  13. Thank you everyone! Now, it's my turn to check what is blooming in your corner of the world!

  14. These photos are stunning. Something we really don't get to see everyday!

  15. So many beautiful tulips... beautiful setting too.

  16. Albany's Tulip Fest was yesterday!! Beautiful!


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