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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vacation. My Picture of the Day


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  1. The antithesis of our region. Blue sky, dry ground, green trees... Love it! No wonder you've left the PNW.

    The Yucca or Agave is extra special!

  2. What beautiful scenery and photo too. Lovely pic of the day.

  3. So dry looking, but so much to catch the eye with interest.

  4. I see high winds in this tree's past. Ruggedness and strength is produced in the face of adversity. Or did it grow his way only because it is desperately clinging to the hillside?

  5. Spectacular - it's a mini-vacation just taking a moment to enjoy the beauty!

  6. I love the structure of that tree against the clear blue sky! Great photo!

  7. Wow !!!!
    All the different elements...contrast,light,texture and color makes for a stunning picture. Then to think you've been there...
    Lucky girl!

  8. I agree with Grace. The tree,sky, clouds, desert, and mountains make it an excellent photo, but that Yucca looking dude makes the photo stellar! It is just such a contrast to the tree in color and shape. Then it is still like the tree with the spikes. I love the photo! Plus, with all our snow, hot and dry looks good right now.

  9. I am having a great time here in Nevada and Arizona and sending you some sunshine and warmth!Thank you for your kind comments!!!
    Greggo, you are so right - it's Sedona, AZ.

  10. Sort-of reminds me of the high desert that I recently moved to (Redmond, OR), but the sky is bluer here and it's a bit more green. And of course snow covered Sisters mountains out our window. Much higher altitude, of course. Just beautiful! I hope you have an enchanting vacation :)

  11. Beautiful place Tatyana, i seems at the very top. It promises a nice sunrise or sunset also!

  12. Stunning picture Tatyana. Tree looks like a type of Pine, on the other hand I don't know of a pine which grows in such a hot climate.

  13. Beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular photo! Happy vacation days to you - soak in the sun and warmth before you come back to the rain!

  14. I don't know where you are, but the photo reminds me of the Grand Canyon area. Have a great vacation!

  15. Ah, Sedona! I remember you saying you were married there. Enjoy, it's so beautiful, as you know. I was just looking at my photos of our trip to Sedona and reminisicing!

  16. Sedona! Jealous!! Have a wonderful time, that is a great picture :) Cheers, Jenni

  17. Great photo! It looks so warm. Have fun! :o)

  18. Soon, Soon, Soon (if I keep saying this perhaps I can convince myself that it will get warmer in Upstate NY!! LOL


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