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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blooms. May-June

This is what is left after tree peony finished blooming. Its flowers lasted only a week.

Clicking on the pictures makes them larger

This oriental poppy opens its blooms one by one:

I didn't remove chives heads last year and they overseeded in the kitchen garden. I should take them under control.

Spanish lavender:

Foxgloves started to bloom all over the garden. They choose their spots without my help.

This Dropmore Scarlet honeysuckle, hardy and vigorous, is growing in the big pot:

Clematis montana is going strong:

Spanish lavender, rhododendron and calla lily.

Climbing rose Don Juan is a proven perfomer. It reblooms several times during summer:

Rosa rugoza. Thinning out the shrubs brought more blooms this year:

Rhododendrons and azaleas:

Azalea in the blue pot was a Costco Christmas time buy 4 years ago.

Herbacious Peony.
I didn't move it from the pot to the ground and it gave me one single flower.


This guy made a round trip while I was using the watering can.

Perennial geranium and Knock Out rose are just starting blooming:

I love this time of the year when plants come to bloom, and every bloom is like a pat on a gardener's shoulder.


  1. It all looks so nice, Tatyana. The show to come is evident too.

  2. Everything look so pretty, I don't know where to start. But that plum poppy is dreamy. I have a few blooming, but the fancy ones are not open yet. I don't think I have that color. Love it! ~Brooke

  3. Lovely. I have a 'pet' frog in my garden too - adds a certain presence when I try to water.

  4. Lovely Tatyana I especially like your Oriental poppies.

  5. What a pretty couch! Your garden is looking so lovely right when mine is suffering the summer doldrums. Things are dying out and I shall have to plant new things soon or I'll have a lot of bare patches!

  6. If I'm going to pick up on one, it's the foxgloves.

    I remember your foxglove post last time.



  7. If I was a beautiful oriental poppy, I too would be slow in unfurling my beauty to others. She is stunning!


  8. Gorgeous blooms Tatyana! I like the seedheads on your peony. Do you think they'll self seed? I hope mine do.

  9. Very pretty! That poppy photo is beautiful.

  10. AnonymousJune 06, 2009

    Great photos, I especially love the Oriental Poppy...have always wanted to try them. But most of all I love the photo of your pup sniffing the red poppies, what a wonderful shot!

  11. A frog! I would so love to have a frog in my garden! But alas, they're not for suburbia and generally rare in CA. Thanks for the picture!

  12. Never had Poppies,Peonies or Foxgloves...yours look wonderful.
    Maybe someday...

  13. Heather, thanks for stopping by! You know, I am curious, how would it look if all the plants in a garden bloom at the same time?! That would be the show!

    Thank you Brooke! As happens pretty often, I misplaced the tag and don't even know the name of that poppy!

    Hi Hermes! Seeing frogs always makes me smile!

    Joanne, thank you! I have a different type, it will bloom later.

    Brenda, is it so hot already?! On the pictures, your garden looks pretty shady. As for the couch, we bought it just last year and I can't believe how I could live before that, without a soft place to take a nap in the garden! I was looking for it for a long time and found in September(right time to buy garden furniture), you will never guess where!

    Rob, thank you! This is their time! They are spread all over the garden because I let them seed.

    Hi Jen and thank you! I will try to collect its seeds. Do you want me to save some for you? (Ha! Now, I'll know if you return to comments! If you never answer, it means - you don't!)

    Tina, I read your post about peony seeds. Should we try to collect and plant them? Although, I'd guess it takes a long time to grow a tree peony from seeds!

    Victoria and Kim, thank you! I love it, too!

    Susie, thanks! I was lucky to have a camera with me. We got the pup just several days ago and were watching every move of his.

    Town Mouse, is it true?!No frogs? It's not fair!

    Patsi,thank you! I would think that peonies and poppies would look natural in your garden!

  14. Good morning Tatyana, I too love those Oriental Poppies, what a great color!! I see many of your blooms are in that great purple color!! That lavender looks very happy and the Rhododendron being purple/lavender too-- I love it!! Don't you just love the fragrance that the Rugosa roses have?

  15. AnonymousJune 07, 2009

    Every bloom is a pat on the gardener's shoulder...I love that and your beautiful garden.

  16. I really want to go visit your garden so many flowers in blossom.

    The violet poppy, I did plant some but then I went away and my neighbor were going to water them but no poppy when I got back home.
    Like the photo of the dog smelling at the poppies.

    /Maria Berg, Sweden

  17. Gorgeous photos, all! I especially love the Oriental poppies, the columbine, and the froggie photo! I used to be a perennial gardener until I got into vegetables, but shots of your garden make me long for it again! Hmmm!

  18. That poppy is gorgeous! Great pics. Thanks for stopping by. I miss blogging! I am buying my own camera soon too. This week so posting will become more consistant again. Its pouring rain right now which stinks because my irises are blooming great right now. ugh

  19. It's all so beautiful! Your little traveler, the frog, is soooooo cute! Glad you captured a shot of it.

  20. What lovely pictures. Does your orange honeysuckle have a gorgeous scent? And my chives never seed! I wonder if there are different varieties. Val

  21. The animals always tug at me first so I have to say what a cute little frog on your watering can! Now let's talk about that drop dead gorgeous purple poppy! OH MY WORD. I am in heaven. I think I should have one to go with my salmon/pink one, don't you think? I hope it takes its time opening so you can enjoy it for a long while. I'm going to go back and look at it again. You have many, many beautiful plants in bloom right now. I want to just sit on your sofa and enjoy the beauty you've created!

  22. I think you are also patting the garden on its shoulder, and it is responding to your love and care! the garden looks happy and so-o-o pretty!

  23. Indeed, pat yourself on the shoulder ... your garden is stunning, especially the oriental poppy!

  24. Hi Tatyana, I'll try and remember to save you some seed from those Asclepias-Brian

  25. Well done, writing and photos! I love this time of year, too. Yes, a pat on the shoulder, with something new budding or blooming each day.

    Cute frog!

  26. We bloggers are very fortunate to have the opportunity to see your lovely gardens Tatyana! It must all be just beautiful in person! Wow...what a stunning peony!

  27. Janet, I don't know how it happened that the garden is all purple! Just several years ago I loved reds the most.

    Donna, thank you!

    Thank you Maria! That dog is 4 years old now. I love that picture, too.

    Hi Islandgardener! Several years ago, I started to mix vegetables and perennials. You do have some perennials, don't you?

    Hi Flowrgirl1! Your irises are outstanding!

    Aerie_el, thanks! It was easy, since he was just sitting there. I could take a dozen shots, he didn't jump away. Probably, he was sleeping!

    Valeri, thank you! Honeysuckle has some smell, but not very strong. As for the chives, maybe you deadheaded them? It was a great post recently on Blotanical about different types of onions, sorry - I don't remember who wrote it.

    Thank you so much Kathleen! I will try to collect some seeds from that poppy and share. You are always welcome to visit my garden; I'll even wash slipcovers on that sofa before you come!

    Catmint, I am glad you like my garden, thanks!

    Joey, thanks for stopping by! I don't even know that poppy's name. I have a tag Papaver orientale Manhatten, but the color on the tag's picture is raspberry.

    Brian, thanks! I'd love to have them!

    Thank you Sue! This is the time of the year when we all can pat our shoulders and be proud of ourselves.

    Jan, thank you! We all are fortunate to have such opportunity to visit each others gardens, learn and share (Thank you, Stuart)! Pictures often are better than reality. We can do tricks, cropping, sharpening, straightening, etc. My garden is a work in progress. It could be much better if a garden designer and a lanscaping crew worked here, but I'd rather have a not perfect garden that I am creating myself by trial and error.


Thank you for stopping by and for your comment! I appreciate your time! See you soon on your blog!

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