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Monday, April 27, 2009

Red and Yellow Tulip Fields

These are other tulip fields from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Skagit Valley tulips are among the finest tulips in the world.

Oops, I see some red spots among the yellow tulips on the picture below!

Hundred of farms in the Skagit Valley sell tulip and other bulbs and full grown flowers to grocery stores and other flower outlets throughout the U. S. and the world.

We've been told that soon plants will be topped to allow bulbs to grow bigger.

Skagit Valley is the main provider of tulip bulbs in the country.

One of the companies-growers is owned by the Roozen family growing bulbs since the 1700's. We saw a lot of people visiting its 3-acre Display Garden with over 300,000 planted bulbs.

They added 10 new tulip varieties for this year.

Click on me! I am the best picture
and you can see a helicopter with those who wants to see flowers from the sky!

Display Garden includes 88 varieties of tulips and also many varieties of daffodils, crocus, iris, hyacinths.

We took a trip on Saturday and skipped the Display Garden because of a crowd.

Click on me, click on me!
You will see the plane advertising the outlet stores. Who needs shopping during the festival?!
Now, listen to this!
The Run Through the Tulips fun-run is one of the most popular festival events. Its participants have the chance to run through some of the prettiest Skagit Valley tulips on the 5K race. Wow! Run through the tulips!!!!!

The festival lasts throughout the month of April and the first (this year it might be the second) week of May.

Visitors can take a guided bike tour, a helicopter tour, or just drive from field to field.
To see other tulips go here Purple and Pink Dream , to see daffodil fields go here Yellow Seas .
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  1. I would just be in heaven if I ran threw the tulips, but those orange tulip photo at the bottom is gorgeous.

  2. It is magnificent. I like how you put in about the helicopters too.

  3. WOW! What a sight!
    Oh I wish I was there to see it... not to run ... thats not my thing ;o)!


  4. I would walk slowly not run, but what a sight. Wonderful.

  5. That is really a sight to behold. I love the sheer volume of color. Makes me want to plant tulip fields here at my house.

  6. Breathtaking! Great photos ... thanks for sunshine in my rainy day!

  7. It is simply amazing! How do they plant them? By machine or by hand? That is quite and undertaking. Ofcourse I realize that most come back, but then there is the dividing and re-planting. I would love to go there

  8. Those tulip fields are amazing! Great shots too.

  9. What a stunning sight and lovely photos.

  10. Wow, that field of red tulips knocks my socks off! And the yellow's hot too. Beautiful photos, Tatyana.


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