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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dress Up That Wall!

No wall left behind! - it could be another name for this post. I have a couple of outside walls that I'd like to decorate. Right now, they are absolutely blank. Naked. Boring. Not-appealing . Sores in my eye. As always, to get the ideas I go to my garden tours picture file. I am so grateful to the garden owners who allow us to come to their places, stomp their manicured lawns, put our noses in all their garden corners, take pictures and then use their ideas in our own garden projects.

Aren't these walls wonderful?! Look at this - simple and gorgeous!

One trellis with clematis makes all the difference:

Row of nasturtiums:

As you can guess, this house is on the water:

Two wooden boxes plus a window are better than just a window:

A clock to remind a gardener that it's time for a break:

If you finish decorating a house wall, it's time to move to a garden shed:

I wish I kept my tools in such order:

Tell us what's your favorite wall!


  1. Of these photos, my fave would be the birhouses on the wall. My friend hangs old brightly colored enamel pots on her walls ( It looks really good. Birds also make nests in them. I also love a clematis on a trellis on a wall.

  2. Hi Dirt Princess! Thanks! I also love that wall. Old pots? I need to see it!

  3. Total EYE CANDY ! I love them all but my favorite is your second photo of the clematis on the white trellis with the center fountain. Lots of lovely green!

    JoAnn fabrics has really cute/cheap wall embellishments.

    I know what you mean. I'm a garden tour addict.

  4. Hi Tatyana

    I like the Sweet Pea wall


  5. Ooh, I love that one with the fountain and the trellis! I so need to do that. I have been wondering how to hang one of my wall fountains on the outdoor brick, but worried it would look swallowed up and stick out like a sore thumb. The trellis around it is the perfect idea. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like the second one with the trellis and fountain. I'd love to have a garden shed like that to decorate.

  7. Great ideas, I covered my garage wall with plaques and other misc. things I've picked up on trips.

  8. So many great ideas, but I like the first photo.

  9. They all look great! My favorite wall is the one with the clematis vine. You have great talent in decorating the outdoors and garden.

  10. For me it's a toss up between picture 2 and 3. I really like the trellises with clematis. Very nice!

  11. WOW!!
    Yes just wonderfull!
    I love the first photo!
    I would like to have that one of my one.

  12. Thanks for showing all these beautiful ideas. I can sure tell these homes are in the Northwest! All that green is sumptuous, especially coming from Arizona.

  13. Vertical gardening - and some great examples to think about.

  14. Thank you so much for the comments!
    The next garden tour is in June and I can't wait to see new masterpieces.

  15. Thank you for sharing these photos......Breathtaking they are!

  16. What wall wouldn't look good with a clematis against it.

    The poppy sniffing puppy is one of my favorite images :)

  17. Oooh, Tatyana, I'd like to go on this tour! Love the second photo with the fountain..our house has the same deep blue siding. I always attend our area's annual garden tour and was actually lucky enough to have my garden on display last summer :) Please drop by my blog, I have something for you :)

  18. Gosh I love this post. I always think you have to have flowers in window boxes--but you clearly show you don't. I like all these ideas and it was sure fun looking at them.

  19. There is a storage room on the back of our house that I've considered covering with something. But the questions of how one paints and what about wood rot have always prevented me from doing something like that. Hmmm... it really needs to be redone anyway. I'm going to give these ideas some thought. I tend to overthink things.--Randy


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