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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Northwest Flower & Garden Show - Four More Display Gardens

Slowly, but surely, I'm continuing to show my pictures from the 2015 Northwest Flower&Garden Show (NWFGS).
Following are the pictures of four more display gardens with comments from their NWFGS description.

Giovanni’s Grotto

"The romance of Italy, both its people and environs, is captured here in this grotto hideaway.
It has the feel of an outdoor room with its sitting area complemented by a stellar water feature and tiered landscape. The man-made structural elements are balanced with the use of natural stone, grass and water for an environmentally-friendly landscape.
The senses come into play throughout, highlighted by a plant palette of brilliant color and the tranquil sound of flowing waters.
The Garden Creator has used artwork depicting Italy’s landmarks, imaginatively transferred to wood, to underscore the Mediterranean flair of this garden.
“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Create a garden vignette with a global flavor, including plant material that grows well in multiple climates".


Lettre d’ Amorchid

"The singular beauty of orchids is spotlighted in this private space where lovers met, parted and ventured back alone to reminisce. Orchids cling to rocky crevices and grow among tree branches…as they bloom in the tropical breeze, it’s hard not to fall in love!
Several types of orchids—growing on the ground and among the trees and rocks as they do in nature—are showcased in this display.
This garden dreamscape reflects the passion of orchid growers and enthusiasts from all walks of life. Over 30 volunteers have collaborated in creating this garden, and the plants come from the personal collections of Northwest Orchid Society members.
Curious about growing these delicate beauties for your own enjoyment? Knowledgeable members of the society are on hand to answer your questions.
Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Orchid varieties for NW gardens; growing in your home or greenhouse".


Three Phases of Love…Young, Passionate, Forever

"Bold use of color and imaginative plant selections signify three phases of love—from the onset to eternity. This captivating three part display takes us through the romantic journey.
An artistic gate welcomes you to the pathway of love and you’re invited to linger at a bench among blooms of soft pastel colors. Your journey continues, surrounded by exotic trees, shrubs and ground hugging plants. The passion heightens as you reach a waterfall (and a likely setting for a lovers’ tryst) surrounded by red hot tulips and ferns. 
The final destination captures happy memories (and a few tears) experienced by the lovers in their time together. Trellis walls frame windows—where we view our two aging lovers enjoying a cup of tea. You’re surrounded by blooms of blues and purples, with a large Magnolia framing the intimate setting. Love is forever.
Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Expressive gardening style; use of color and its directive power".


A Woodland Nymph’s Dream

"You don’t have to be a woodland nymph (“a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden”) to savor this garden’s delights.
A stacked ledgestone wall and whimsical twisted stick arbor frames the entry to the nymph’s secret playground. A flagstone path leads you into the dream—a place to sit and take in the garden’s features: a peaceful spill of water is a backdrop for colorful blooming dogwoods, currants and the curves of Contorted Filberts. You’ll also find beautiful winter blossoms of Helleborus and the first blooms of early spring Witch Hazel.
Look carefully for the nymph at play among the branches and roots of an interesting stump and log–reclaimed from a recently logged site on Whidbey Island.
Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Take advantage of existing items in your yard and garden."


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