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Saturday, March 1, 2014

'Circles All Around Us' at the NWFGS-2014

 I can't say that I remember well all the display gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.
This one I do remember. 
I love minimalism in the garden. In this case, I mean a limited color scheme. 
Bright, cheerful gardens are on my list of favorite things too, but I have an appreciation for 
a calm, serene, noble white and green palette.
Plus rustic brown. I think it looks so natural in gardens because brown is the color of dirt, bark, mushroom hats, pine cones and other 'forest' things.

This is the official description of the garden :
'White flowers, variegated foliage in white, and white containers provide a simple yet striking backdrop for a collector’s garden art—creatively enhanced with a circle theme.  Iron circles form wall pieces behind the circular patio, fronted by a 6-foot vertical iron ring sculpture. Ornamental blown glass objects surround this centerpiece and appear throughout the garden.  Plants reflect the theme: round in shape, or with round leaves or flowers.    
Inspirations to take home: adherence to theme for a striking impression'.

 This panel with steel circles attracted a lot of attention.
It served as a beautiful backdrop for an inviting round patio.

I'd put something rectangular or square on the table just for variety, despite the theme, but
it's my personal opinion. 

Green, brown and white colors create a contrast, and a contrast, 
as we know, is a secret to a garden's beauty.

Gracious Narcissus Thalia is one of my favorites.
Some great information about it is Here.

The gate below (Iron Idiom ) serves as a great garden sculpture piece:

I loved these big flat stones around the Katsura tree.
They are very decorative, would help to keep the soil moist around  plants and,
I guess, are safe as long as they don't touch the trunk. What do you think?

 Jesse Kelly's blown glass sculptures looked stunning in this garden.
It would be a tough choice, but if I could select pieces for my own garden,
I'd pick his white and green 'lilies'. And brown glass bamboo sticks. And milky white spheres too.
Saying that, I should admit that there are no glass ornaments in my garden so far.
 I think, subconsciously, I worry about having breakable features in a space where kids and dogs are  roaming.

Shown above is Cyclamen 'Laser Midi White' 
Laser (Synchro) is the series with intermediate flower size on a compact plant.
The earliest and most uniform series in the market for autumn and
winter. Comes in 18 colors.
More open plant habit avoids problems with Botrytis.
Compact plants for better use of bench space (Source).

Plant list for this garden:
Katsura tree,
Yellow Twig Dogwood 'Flaviramea',
White Cyclamen 'Laser Midi White',
Silver Queen Euonymus,
Blue Leaf Hebe,
Jacob Hellebore,
White Narcissus 'Thalia',
Variegated Pieris,
Blue Shag Pine,
Dwarf Indian Hawthorne,
Cunningham White Rhododendron,
Tulips 'White Marvel'.

You couldn't help but notice that many gardens at the show shared the same ideas.
There were other displays with circular form garden art, limited color schemes, use of glass sculptures, etc.,
but I tried to look at each garden separately, as if it was the only garden at the show.
On the other hand, repetition, repetition, repetition and voila! - those ideas,
reoccur in several gardens, actually got into my amateur gardener's brains.

***Copyright 2014 TatyanaS


  1. Wow, the gate is fantastic and those blown glass bamboo pieces are just wonderful. While repetition is a great concept to take away from the show I agree that a bit of different geometry on the table would be good too.

    The flat Baja stones are so special. Our stone yard has them and I've been thinking I need to find a spot for them.

    1. Shirley, thanks! I like the stones around the tree, but I am still wondering if it would be OK for tree roots.
      Garden accessories in this display garden looked awesome.

  2. I love all of the garden art especially the rusted circles. Thalia is a much underused daffodil, very hardy, multiplies and holds it's flower a long time. I have it in a couple of places and each year I say I must add more of them.


    1. Eileen, thank you! It's great when a plant is beautiful PLUS hardy and multiplies!

  3. What an interesting theme! Parts of it I love, and parts of it I appreciate. Those blown-glass sculptures are incredible!

    1. Thank you Beth! Northwest has great glass artists!

  4. The wall pieces of iron circles are great and also the green lily glass sculptures are beautiful, but I should not like to have it all in my garden. Just a single piece is enough. The Narcissus 'Thalia' should not be missing in the garden, one of my favorites.

    1. Janneke, thank you! I guess Thalia will bloom in your garden very soon!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Love the glass with metal.

    1. Thank you! I had two big garden containers, in front of the central entrance, empty this winter. Those glass sculptures would look great in those containers!

  6. That was a great garden! I especially loved the gate and rusty metal circle screen. We're so lucky to have the NWFGS so close to us! Than you for posting so that we can relive the magic of the show!

    1. Thank you Peter! You were good posting about NWFGS right after it ended, and I am SO slow!

  7. Hello Tatyana, is that area under a dark roof or under a building. It feels like at the basement of a building. I can't imagine the difficulty hauling those big rocks and heavy metal decorations, but they are fantastic. I love most those glass bamboo look alikes. We have an ongoing garden show here too, but it is not as big as that, ours also looks so very natural in open spaces.

    1. Kalantikan, thanks! This show is held in huge Convention Center in Seattle (344,000 sq.feet= 31959 sq. meters). This year, there were 23 display gardens. In my previous post, there are 2 short videos showing how one of the gardens was built in 72 hours.
      You are so lucky to have a show garden in the open space! I believe it is beautiful!

  8. It was nice that you had time to actually study the gardens. I felt too pushed and shoved at the Philly show to do that.

    1. Les, I found some information later while looking at my pictures.

  9. Nice shots. I also love white serene garden and I am creating one this year -- all the plants already collected. And, that small portion will be hosting only fragrant, white flowers :-).

    1. KL, I bet your white garden will be beautiful! There are so many interesting plants and combinations! There were pictures from Sara Duke's white garden posted on the 4th of July, 2011 in this blog. If you are interested, you can find them using the SEARCH button on the top of the blog. Good luck with your project!

  10. I love all of the garden treasures. It really gets me itching to garden.


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