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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chairs, Chipmunks, My Shoes and Mt. Rainier

I promised to show my Mount Rainier pictures, which I took in August.
Well, I have two sets of them.
One set includes gorgeous-out-of-this-world-wonderful-weather pictures,
and another set includes mysterious-dramatic-foggy-cloudy-weather pictures.
Let's start with the first set.
Just several notes, and I'll let you enjoy the view.
First, Mt. Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington.
Second, I didn't feed the chipmunks! Someone else gave them nuts.
It's not a good idea to feed wildlife. Please, don't do that!
Third, the beautiful petunias belong to the Summit House restaurant,
the highest restaurant in Washington state.
Gondola ride to the top of Crystal mountain, where the pictures were taken,
costs $20 for adult with discounts for youth and seniors.
Trust me, it's worth it!
And, at last, Yes, those chairs are very comfortable  and
No, there is not any barrier in front of you when you sit on them.
Now, please enjoy the grand magic of wonderful Mount Rainier!

***Copyright 2012 TatyanaS

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wildflowers Around Mt. Rainier. Just pictures

I join Gail at Clay and Limestone for Wildflower Wednesday
***Copyright 2012 TatyanaS

Monday, September 24, 2012

September On My Potting Bench

 Honestly, I don't know who put a feather in the Tucan's pot!

 Amarillys  is asking: Is it December already? 
Next to it - Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Tasman Ruffles'.
Monrovia site describes it  as one of the best and hardiest selections of this New Zealand native species. Evergreen shrub, it can reach 10'!Oh-la-la! 
I'll try to keep it not taller than 3-4 feet!  Does anyone have it?
I bought it while visiting Dan Hinkley's new garden. Sorry, I can't show you the pictures of the garden. 
They asked not to publish them. I'll just say that it's beautiful!

Please, tell me what is that plant next to the poppies in the little watering can?

Have a great week!

***Copyright 2012 TatyanaS

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