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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

" I see the Earth... "

Let's forget for a moment that we are of different nationalities. Let's, for a moment, just think that we are all humans.
We are creatures living on the planet Earth. We are different in millions of ways, but there is one thing that unites us. This thing is the place of our existence. We are all Earth inhabitants. I want to celebrate an event that relates to all of us. Fifty years ago TODAY, one of us did what millions of others dreamed about for ages. He did what no one else will ever be able to repeat. He was the first human who left our mother-planet. Yuri Gagarin, a 27-year old man, surrendered himself to the wisdom and knowledge of the human race and ventured into space to check if humans can survive beyond the Earth. Many cosmonauts and astronauts subsequently went into space. They are all heroes. But how did it feel - to be absolutely the first? How did it feel - to do something that no one had ever done before? How did it feel - to leave the Earth without knowing for sure if he would ever come back? I ask you to take a moment and think about that man.
He was Your Brother, and he did it for us all.


3-minute clip:

There is also a YouTube movie - historic, unique footage.  See what Yuri Gagarin saw. Watch at least first 3 minutes.
Give him a hug with your heart.
Yuri Gagarin 1934 -1968.

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  1. Thank you Yuri and Tatyana too, for reminding me. Gee, he embodied a noble spirit and I see he died young.

  2. Thank you Terra! He died in a jet crash. The possible causes of the crush described here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Gagarin

  3. Great post.
    More here on his possible death causes:

  4. What brave men. I cannot imagine what they felt to be the first explorers into space. They must have been excited and scared at the same time.A great tribute!

  5. Amazing video, Tatyana! Thanks for posting it. I was fascinated by the possibilities of space flight when I was a kid. Wonderful tribute.

  6. A beautiful tribute to Yuri Gagarin, and so tragic that he lost his life when he was so young. That said, he packed more into his short life, than most of will in our own lifetimes. A true pioneer.

  7. Thank you Tatyana for a reminder about this wonderful men who had a vision!

  8. Because I have a cold I had time to listen to the radio the whole day and they where talking a lot about Gagarin! Great man and it´s also great that USA, Russia and Europe work together to discover the outer space!
    May the power be with you ;)

  9. a great man who had the courage to do this great thing...I love space and to see what he saw is like glimpsing heaven...what I would give to see it too...

  10. I remember reading about him when I was a young adult and amazed that he was so young when he died. Great tribute Tatyana.


  11. I have to admit, I didn't know much about this man. But he was quite brave to do something first and look at how his adventure paved the way for so many others!

  12. Pretty amazing Tatyana. What courage this man had. Nice tribute and so deserving.

  13. Tatyana, We are all equal citizens of our Earth . . . explorers often do break down barriers and borders. Russia was the first in the race to put a man in space much to their credit. I too wonder what it must have felt like to see what Yuri Gagarin did as the first human to leave our planet. I would guess he never looked at the world the same way again.

  14. Beautiful, poignant tribute to a courageous man, written by a fabulous woman!

  15. Hi Tatyana. Very well said. If we don't look after our earth better, future generations may have to leave it too; so Yuri's journey may very well have been the first for very many. Christina

  16. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Carla

  17. Tatyana, thank you for posting this--would you believe I'd never even heard his name before?

    Incredibly brave and at only 27, too. Thank you for introducing me and my daughter to a hero today.

  18. I heard about this anniversary on the news recently. People like him with such an adventuresome spirit are very admirable.

  19. I was moved to see google commemorating the event, but more so to see your tribute to a fellow countryman, Tatyana! What a nice looking man! What a gentle soul with a brave heart! Thanks for sharing. Jack


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