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Friday, May 28, 2010

May 2010 Blooms

Blue, purple and pink are the main bloom colors in my garden in this cool and moist May, with some red and whites showing here and there.
On the collage above: Tulip Queen of Night, Allium, Bluebells, Magnolia Vine Eastern Prince (Schisandra chinesis), Clematis montana, Pieris, Double Anemone Lord Lieutenant, Double Anemone Mount Everest , Clematis montana Wilsonii, Fragnant Foam flower (tiarella wherryi), Rodhodendron, Petunia, Hydrangea.
On the second collage: Aquilegia, Tulip Judith Leyster, Clematis montana, Heuchera, Tree peony, Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis), Fragnant Foam flower, Zonal Geranium.

New this season, among those shown in the collages, were tulips (First Tulip Container ,Four Tulip Containers), alliums, anemones and foam flower. I am very pleased with them. The tall purple alliums create quite a show in the terrace garden. That garden hosts perennials which are not blooming yet, but the alliums alone look pretty exciting on the dark green background :

Lilac James MacFarland can be seen on the back of the terrace bed. It starts blooming later than other types of lilac.
The anemones exceeded my expectations. They bloom profusely for a long time and, what is important for me, they spread! They have a prominent spot in front of the house, close to the central entrance, and you can not miss them!

There are more blooms around here, but they deserve a separate post.
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  1. Those anemones are gorgeous! What a wonderful colour. All your blooms look lovely -- your garden is certainly thriving, despite the weather. :)

  2. Stunning! I love how healthy everything looks.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Such a wonderful array of colours, and the anemones are out of this world!

  4. Tatyana the collages of your beautiful blooms are so pretty. So much going on in your gardens now. I love the blue anemones though. Just gorgeous!

  5. Tatyana your flowers are blooming so beautiful. I planted anemones for the first time last fall in a container and for some reason they rotted. Love the color of your Allium it looks more pinky than my purple ones. They are a first for me this year too.
    Nice collages!

  6. Love your color scheme! Those anemones are stunning. I have the fall-blooming varieties, but never tried the spring types. I may have to try!

  7. Hi Tatyana,

    I love the colours in your garden, I am very much a fan of the cooler colours so your garden seems to be very much to my taste :)

    I should have lots of anemones, they seem to have been eaten though! I've had problems with moth caterpillars for the past few weeks, eating all my blooms!!!

  8. I just planted anemones this spring and am happy with them too Tatyana. I hope they survive our winters. Your cool, wet weather is perfect for blooms judging by all your gorgeous photos. I love all the different clematis you have blooming and that pink aquilegia is something too.
    Have a nice holiday weekend!

    ps Thank you so much for your generous praise about my photography. It means so much.

  9. Beautiful! I love your anemone's. Mine don't do so well, I wonder if I have them in the wrong spot. They don't spread either. I absolutely love your blue/purple ones. WOW!

  10. So refreshing to see pinks, blues and purple in your garden. The blooms are very lovely.

  11. I have wild anemones encroaching a wet area of the lawn that I was thinking of bringing into the pond garden. Now I think I might go for some color and buy some instead.

    Each and every flower deserves it's own post but then we'd never get to them all.

  12. You have tons of beautiful things blooming there.

    Love those anemones. We have wild spring ones here...and the deer don't eat them. Hmmm...Maybe I should try some in the garden.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. This spring you have my favorite color scheme of whites, pinks and blues. I love those Wood Anemones!

  14. aloha,

    i always love the mosaics especially the lilac/purple/white combos..i am a fan of lilacs

    come and join me for the hot meme for the end of the month.

  15. Pretty spring collage, Tatyana! Anemones are one of my faves, too...love their frilly foliage and spread habit. I've missed visiting your beautiful garden! :)

  16. May has been beautiful in your garden! It doesn't seem to have minded this crazy weather at all. The anemones are so pretty! I need to add some of those to my garden.


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