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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Pick When There Is Nothing To Pick From

Diana from Elephant's Eye suggested I should write a brief post about how we can do picking while Blotanical is undergoing some remodeling and we can't see the lists of posts.
There might be other ways, but I follow this process.
I know whose posts I want to read. For example, it could be my favorite blogs or some new blogs.

First way:

- Go to the blogger Blotanical plot and click on "My Blogs"
- Under the blog's name, click on the last post's name highlighted in blue. The page with a Pick button appears.

Second way:

- On the main Blotanical page, click on "Search Blogs"
- Click "Search Bloggers By Name"
- Select Blog to Locate (click a red flower on the map, then click the blog's name)
- On the right side of the screen, you'll see "Current Posts", 5 of them.
- Click on the post's name, it'll open with a Pick button.

Good Luck!

Wait! Before running to do your picking, don't forget to water your plants!

Be careful while taking pictures of birds!

Have a great day!

The pictures above are taken from the Internet. Thanks to the authors.
Copyright 2010 TatyanaS


  1. Tatyana, but did you do the dishes and make your bed?? You are so cute! I haven't. Happy Sunday!

  2. Tx Tatyana! You're a star! I'll stick to photographing birds who don't see me as dinner. Or competition??

  3. That's definitely a photographer who is "into" his work.

    Have you been to Blotanical now that it is different? Is it faster for you? I am curious if it is any different for others.


  4. Thanks for the information, Tatyana. Love those photos!

  5. Tatyana, I'm so relieved to know that it's not just me who can't see the picks lists! Thanks. -Jean

  6. Thanks so much, Tatyana! I've been wondering how everyone is picking!

  7. Hi Tatyana, those are amusing photos! I am not a member of Blotanical because we are not allowed here, but most of the blogs i follow are! In my case i normally keep track of the new posts by my followed links through the blogger's dashboard. I make sure i visit all of them, and then pick whoever i fancy from the commenters there.

  8. the last picture concerning the prisoners seemed speak a thousand words...
    Finally take time to smell a flower, you can still be happy.

  9. Love the photo of the bird --augh!!
    In some small way I have enjoyed not having Blotanical up and running--don't feel like I am falling behind in blogging. Now that it is back up I will have to get on the stick!

  10. The picture of the photographer is amazing! I hope he wasn't fed to the babies!

  11. I went with the first way.
    The bird photo is awesome.

  12. Thanks Tatyana, I thought that I was going crazy, or had got on Stuarts "bad list". Still time consuming, I have spent too much time over the last week, trying to get to everyones blog, as well as write my own, answer comments etc. I appreciate Blotanical even more now!

  13. Whoa!! That bird photo is kind of scary!! I wonder how the photographer made out..
    Okay, I'm new to blogging and hate to sound stupid, but what is 'Blotanical'? :)

  14. Hi Tatyana~~ Have you looked at Google Reader? I consider it a viable alternative. It's easy to navigate and fast. I can't do any "Picks" but at least I can follow my friends.

    Great photos. My house plants might actually live if I can get my cat trained.

  15. I love the cat picture. Very cute.

  16. Thanks, Tatyana! I appreciate the info!! Just glad that Blotanical is back up!

  17. Yes, Grace, I agree, Google Reader is great and I use it. The question was - how can we pick when Blotanical doesn't show a list of posts.

  18. Hi Tatyana, I wonder why the bird landed on his head? He doesn't look like bird food :)

  19. Well, it is the 23rd, and it seems blotanical is down again. I can't get on it at all. Are you having a similar problem?

  20. Yes, Blotanical is down. Let's have a break!

  21. Blotanical is down and I really miss all my friends. You made me so happy with your comment so I found my way over here. I'll put you in my bloglist so that I won't loose you again =) No I'll photograph some birds "lol"

  22. The problems with Blotanical co-incided with a very busy period for me and the discovery that, with backcharges coming through on my internet contract, it has cost me more than twice as much as anticipated over the last 4 months. Plus terrible reception anyway. I have posted 3 short posts in nearly 4 weeks. I can't help wondering if the loss of Blotanical played a role in my apathy...
    Anyway, Tatyana, it is great to read one of your blogs again ;) Jack

  23. Tatyana, When I first began blogging a few years ago there was no Blotanical and no blog lists. I began keeping a directory of garden bloggers on my blog and have stuck with it all this time. You can't pick the posts but you can at least visit blogs and that is the fun part and what I would think would be hard not having Blotanical. I see it is finally back up now.

  24. Forgot to say, sometimes it is good when you go out from Blotanical as I think there are about as many garden blogs NOT registered with Blotanical as there those that are registered. The number is astounding.

  25. My Plot is broken and so is my 'My Picks' so I'm there, but I'm not readable nor 'Favable' -- not that it's a big deal until the main site is fixed. I can comment on your Plot, but you can't comment back to me or if you can, I can't read it.

    Visiting blogs and commenting there means something to the person visited and has its own reward.

    I have a question. Are the people on Blotanical the only visits members make to the blogs of others? I have a google reader full of interesting people who couldn't tell a bulb from a corm. Blotanical people are on my blogroll because their pics are more colorful, lol.

  26. Thanks for the info Tatanya :) I stumbled on a way to pick then promptly forgot, so this has been a great help!
    Mind you (as a fairly new blogger) I think in a strange way it was good for me to deal with blotanical being down and learn how to track down the blogs that I had suddenly lost! It was also lovely to find that everyone (who wasn't already set up for this) was frantically looking ways to find and inform each other, it really gave me a sense of community :)

  27. Thx for sharing these handy tips with us here. Very useful while blotanical undergoes re-medelling.

    Lovely snaps too

  28. Yes, it's a drag, isn't it? I lost a lot of my points and now have -6 faves (that's minus six). Let's all hope Stuart will figure out how to cobble it all back together...
    (It's much faster picking from your fave list)

  29. Thanks, I'll give that first way a try soon. It's almost time for bed, so I better not go over there now.

  30. Tina,
    I agree that it is good to visit blogs away from Blotanical as it can become very inward looking. I've visited lots of new to me blogs since Blotanical was down and I've had more visitors and comments on my blog.

    It's quite hard on Blotanical to stray away from the list of most popular blogs which is why I found the best bit where new postings were flagged up. This way I visited a wider variety of blogs.

    I'm not criticising Blotanical just agreeing that maybe to rely on it so heavily is a mistake.

  31. Hi Tatyana,

    Thanks for the advice, I've been wondering how on Earth people are managing to pick posts when I can't see anything! :D



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