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Sunday, January 17, 2010

When I don't have my own words

Humanity In Tragedy
(Haiti – The Earthquake – January 2010)

Sadness weighs heavily upon my heart,
Human tragedy, devastating loss of life;
A struggling nation where poverty is an epidemic,
They faced the wrath of nature yet again.
Haiti, land of sunshine and misery,
Where the rich thrive, and the poor perish.
Mother Earth drew a deep breath,
And as she exhaled, a shuddering groan
Shook all that lay against her bosom.
There was no anger in her deed.
She did not intend to destroy.
Calamity was beyond her control.
With the very earth shaking beneath their feet,
There was nowhere to run.
Palaces and shanties alike reduced to rubble,
Entombing those who could not escape.
Cries from beneath mountains of stone,
Echo through the streets.
Helpless, they weep for those they cannot reach.
Battered and beaten, they are defeated.
They hold the loved ones they can,
And grieve for those that are lost.
Now the wealthy and poor are united at last,
For there is no discrimination when catastrophe strikes.
But out of the destruction, hope will rise,
Like the brilliant sunshine that warms
Their beloved country.
Nations will join together to assist them.
For we hear their cries, and our hearts weep,
We will take their hands and hold them tightly,
Comfort them, and lift them from the dust.
Sometimes I question,
Whether compassion for humanity still exists,
Then at times like this, I see it
In all its splendour!
And my faith is restored once more.

© Annabel Sheila
Thank you, Annabel


  1. Such a sad event for a country already suffering so much. I used to go to the Dominican Republic a lot, but never crossed the mountains into Haiti.


  2. Oh Tatyana,

    The poem states is to so perfectly what is happening and how it effects those in Haiti as well as those of us who can only watch the devastation and pray.

  3. The suffering is so great, we all need to do what we can. The poem says it well. thank you

  4. That was a heart touching piece.


  5. This is a very moving post. The author said perfectly what many of us have in our hearts. There are several people in Haiti known by people in my church who are yet unaccounted for. We hope and pray.

  6. Tatyana,

    Meg's daughter sailed to the Dominican Republic from Virginia just before Christmas. We are very glad she is back home safe. Doctors without borders ( and American Friends Service Committee( are the best places to send money to. I heard on the news that the credit card companies were getting as much as 3% in transaction fees for donations...:(

  7. Poignant ... perfect. Tragic.

  8. Looks like it's an unimaginable situation down there. We send them our prayers.

  9. Perfect poem. I can't bear to see the faces of the precious children. Hopefully we can help them rebuild a better place.

  10. I don't think It's easy to grasp what's happening in Haiti.

    It seems the news just gets worse everyday.

  11. "I never understood how man could dare to watch a city shaken to the ground, to feel the tremors, hear the tragic sound of houses twisting, crashing everywhere, and not be conquered by a sick despair. Although his buildings crumble to a mound of worthless ruins, man has always found the urge to build a stronger city there. Within my soul I made my towers high. They lie in ruins, yet I have begun to build again, now planning to restore what life has shaken to the earth; and I, in faith shall build my towers toward the sun a stronger city than was there before."
    These are the words inscribed on a monument in my beautiful home city of Napier, New Zealand. The monument refers to the day when Napier was levelled by a large earthquake, and the rebuilding which took place afterward.
    No one in Napier ever experiences an earthquake without an element of fear, waiting to see how big it will get.
    My heart goes out to Haiti and it's people. I hope and pray that enough money is donated to enable them to rebuild "stronger cities" as Napier has been able to do.

  12. Very heavy hearted situation.

  13. Ones mind alone just cannot fathom such tragedy.Your heart just bleeds for them and to hear the despair in their voices asking for help. You wish you could just go through the television set and get to work helping them or hug them. We need to help all we can to help ease this tragedy.
    What a meaningful poem.

  14. Poignant words. Such tragedy.

  15. Such a terrible tragedy and such a poignant poem.

    I find news so disturbing first they tell you about a natural disaster and then the next breath about some bombing atrocity in another part of the World when will people and Nations learn to live together in peace.

  16. That poem is so appropriate Tatyana. It's really a catastrophe there right now. I can't imagine how it would be to live in the middle of it.

  17. Sufferings and blessings are things that we got to get used to. We count each one, and be grateful... It is good to share and help. ~bangchik

  18. So horrific, almost unimaginable ... we are truly blessed to wake and see our loved ones near.

  19. Hi Tatyana Dear, I don't have words either. It's the aerial photos that blow me away. As far as the eye can see, crumbled buildings. And the fact that there are people under them, just unfathomable. I will say that I am proud of this country's humanitarian aid. I believe God has blessed America because when there is tragedy, our people are there.

    The injured birch is a telling metaphor. Well done, girl!

  20. Thank you for sharing this, Tatyana. The devastation and tragedy in Haiti is truly heartbreaking. I sent off a check to the Red Cross today, but I wish there was more we could do. I hope that relief efforts help to build a better life for the poverty-stricken in Haiti.

  21. The scope of the tragedy is unimaginable. Such a sad thing for sure.

  22. It's nice to see nations pulling together. Our differences disappear when we have an immediate goal of saving lives. I wish they didn't suffer another aftershock today. It's the last thing they need...

  23. Sigh. The situation in Haiti is the definition of tragedy, surely. Thanks for sharing a poem that says what's in so many of our hearts lately.

  24. The more I hear, the sadder it gets. I just can't imagine the suffering that they are enduring there. It is heartbreaking. Thanks for the reminder to count my blessings and keep things in perspective.


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