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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Blog Is One, Let's Have Some Fun!

MySecretGarden blog is celebrating its first anniversary.
Thank you everyone who is reading, following, commenting and linking to it.
You are my virtual friends who have become an important part of my life.
I start my morning with you, I have my first cup of coffee, tea parties and snack times with you, although you might not know it.
I even sometimes talk to you at night ( You thought it was your spouse' snoring that woke you up last night? No, it was me talking to you about your last post. Sorry for that).
You inspire, support, educate and cheer me up. You make me laugh, pat my shoulder and forgive my mistakes.
You spread the clouds in the sky on a rainy day, add virtual vitamin D to my sun-deprived body, provide exercises for my brains and add wrinkles to my face from smiling. Your blogs help me to save money as I reduced the number of garden magazines which I subscribe to. You also help me support our economy by unconsciously encouraging me to spend on drop-dead gorgeous plants from your blogs.
When I weed my garden, I feel your elbow. When I smell a flower, my nose touches your nose smelling the same flower with me. When I carry a watering can, I hear you buzzing in my ear about switching to drip hoses.
I can go on and on, but why don't we end this serious part of my anniversary post and have some fun with a little giveaway.

What: 1. A book "Projects For Small gardens"by Richard Bird and George Carter.

The following are some of the 56 projects with step-by-step instructions:
-a wood and trellis camouflage box
-an herbal window box
-planted gate piers
-a circular pipe with flowering tree
-a brickwork trough
-a trellis screen
-a wooden obelisk
-wattle panels
-a wirework basket
-a sweet pea obelisk
-a rose growing through the tree
-a bean arbor
-herb topiary
-a checkerboard parterre.

2. A book "All New Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomew:

I find this book amazing. My favorite chapter is Vertical Gardening.
How? 1.Leave a comment and tell me which of MySecretGarden posts you liked the most, what type of MySeacretGarden posts you liked the most (my garden, tour gardens, gardens from my trips, etc.) or which of my posts you didn't like.
2.Indicate your choice between book 1 and book 2. If you like both books, please indicate your first choice.
Who: U.S. bloggers who commented on MySecretGarden.

Two winners will be chosen by a drawing. The honor to draw the winning name is granted to my dear husband who has the highest integrity of character from the people I've ever met.
Deadline: 9p.m. EST January 31st, 2010,
The winners will be announced February 1, 2010.
Any celebration needs some flowers.
Below is the cover page for my 2010 calendar which was a gift for family and friends:

Copyright 2009 TatyanaS


  1. Okay, shall I kick this off. First of all I think I 'met' you very early in your blogging endeavors. I distinctly remember a white radish and still can't help but think of you when I see one. Favorite post? Very hard but perhaps the peonies and the stories behind them. You make each post a very personal story that allows folks to relate to you. Very nice.

  2. If I didn't already say it, Happy New Year and here's to many more blogging anniversaries.

  3. Happy blooging anniversary!

    Great idea to have a giveaway, good luck to all those participating :)

  4. HA, Tatyana, a very happy blogaversary to you! What an impact you have had on the garden blogging community in only one year, well done. Both books seem like good ones, but the first is calling to me a little more. All of your posts are wonderful, but I like most of all seeing your own garden and hearing you describe it, like an offspring. We feel your love through your words. One post that bubbles up through so many good ones was the story of the plant passed along from your mother. I may not have it right, but hope you can figure out which one it was. I tried looking from your tags but ...oh well.

  5. I'm not entering the contest but I still wanted to comment. I love the idea of a calender! What a beautiful collage. I'm sure everyone loved it! I will have to make one someday.

    Congratulations on the bloggiversery. I'm about to have my one year as well!

  6. Happy Blogoversary! :) I love all your posts - especially the ones in your garden. Both books look wonderful!

  7. Congrats on one year of beautiful postings!
    I think one of my favorites, but there were many,was of how your Mother loved dahlias and why you got to love them and the gifts of dahlia blooms to the teachers.
    Also love the Contrasts Shower posting also.
    Book one on 'Small Gardens' looks fascinating with its projects.
    I always look forward to your postings and a smile.

  8. Cograts! Yay Hip Hip Hooray! Its a party in the blogosphere! Enjoy! And thankyou for creating your beautiful blog.Great photos by the way!

  9. Many congratulations on your first blog anniversary Tatyana! Wish I had found your blog sooner than I did. What a unique calender cover - the recipients must have been pleased to receive such a gift.

  10. Happy Birthday!! Beautiful pictures and such a fun post. I love your comments about watering cans vs drip hoses. I just can't make the switch. I have a drip hose, which hubby likes to lay out in various beds, but I love to water by hand. We even had automatic drip lines installed in the beds, but I always think 'what if someone gets too little, or too much?'. I have so many young plants, maybe I'll feel better when everyone is more estabilshed. I think blogging has cost me more $, since it gives me more plant ideas, but it's well worth it. :)

  11. Happy blogiversary,Hope you have many more. I've only just found your blog but love it.
    I'm not entering but what a lovely idea. Both books look really good.

  12. Hello Tatyana,

    Congratulations! I can't believe you have only had this blog for one year! I absolutely love your calendar. I definitely have to make one for next year. My favorite post was when you took a autumn walk through your neighborhood and showed us all of the beautiful autumn foliage.

  13. Tatyana there's no way I could pick a favorite post, or even a favorite topic. I have enjoyed them all! You're an excellent writer and photographer.

  14. Congratulations on the anniversary! you have a wonderful blog that I always enjoy reading. :)

  15. Happy new year, Tatyana, and congratulations on your first anniversary. I'm not eligible to enter as I live in the UK, but thought that I would tell you my favourite post anyway. I really enjoyed your vegetable garden post. I know that you're a very accomplished ornamental gardener but until this post I didn't realise that you grow some of your own food, and that you're very successful with this too. Good luck to everyone entering.

  16. I think I met you looking at a field of tulips you had posted and never looked back.

    I always look forward to your posts and this one was particularly inspiring Happy Birthday Blog.

    I am only sorry that I can't keep up with blogging as much as I'd like I thought it was due to all the time gardening but now find so much going on needing my time to do with Lyme awareness and my new Lyme blog.

    Sometimes I see posts in my dashboard as I scroll through and mean to come back for a proper look and then they get lost in the vast number on my dashboard. So if I don't comment for a little while I am still thinking of you and will be back again.

    Have a good and happy 2010

  17. Congratulations on the first year!

    My favorite "Secret Garden" blog is "September 1 and Dahlias" - wonderful tribute to your mother in words and pictures. I think of this story often and pass it along to anyone who will listen. I think you have a delightful mix in your posts. I enjoy them all.

    I would like to enter to win "Square Foot Gardening." I think it would be helpful for my overgrown garden.

    I hope you blog for many more years.

  18. First of all "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear My Secret Garden, Happy birthday to you."
    I always enjoy visiting with you here, and thanks for the tribute you wrote in this post for your readers.
    I am not entering the contest and good luck to all who enter!

  19. Congratulations, Tatyana, on your anniversary and on a beatiful blog that always gives from your heart no matter what subject or photos you are sharing. I remember the trips to Alaska because it is on my dream list of places to visit. Then there was the story of your mom and the dahlias ... actually anytime you share about your homeland it mesmerizes me. But I love the walks through your garden as well.

    Both of those books look interesting but I think the second one would be of more benefit as I am always trying to squeeze more veggies into the sunniest side of my garden.

    Love your collage and what a nice gift to share.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  20. Congratulations Tatyana on your anniversary. Tatyana you have made it very hard because all of your posts and photos are always stunning. I am going to pick October 15, "Purple Frame blooms of October". The flowers are stunning. I would like book 1 - gardening in small places.

  21. Hi, Tatyana!

    I have these books, so please don't enter me in the drawing. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy anniversary. Your blog always makes me smile.

  22. Oh I forgot to say that I love the calender. What a nice gift that would make and being you made it makes it even more special.

  23. I have been reading your blog since Driftwood!

  24. Hi Tatyana

    My favourite post, 'Foxglove the beautiful'.

    Congratulations on your anniversary


  25. Happy Blog Birthday Tatyana! It has been a joy to read and see your beautiful blog. I love your calendar photos. Looking forward to another year of great posts! Carol

  26. Happy Blogiversary! I would have a hard time choosing one post. I love the ones of your garden and the other one that sticks out in my mind was the one about your Mom when she was a teacher and the big bouquet of dahlias (?) she got from the students and how you carried that tradition on with your boys. I also like the ones about your heritage.
    I love book number one and think I will buy it if I don't win it.

  27. Happy Blogiversary Tatyana and what a beautiful calendar cover!

  28. Танечка, с Рождеством (с нашим:-)!!! Я без комментов пока здесь и в русском блоге - у меня гости долгие-непроходящие:-), не дают сосредоточиться:-) Просто хочу тебе сказать спасибо за настроение - чудесное и праздничное! Как только всех "выгоню", непременно ВСЮДУ напишу отмечусь подробнее:-) Света твоей семье! С любовью...

  29. Ой, забыл... За фуксию под шапкой белоснежной - сумашедшие поклоны :-) - умопомрачительно :-)

  30. Congratulations Tatyana! Just one year and 174 followers. Very impressive. My favourite posts of yours have been about your family and the time you spend together on holidays and in the garden. I also liked the ones which were collections of images of a particular garden element (eg. Fanciful Fences) Don't go posting either of those books to Australia!

  31. Happy Blog Anniversary,
    I love your calendar cover.
    I would select book Number 1 -Projects For Small Gardens
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.


  32. I could never choose which blogpost I loved the most...maybe THIS one? All of your photos are wonderful in every post.
    Both books are wonderful and it is such a generous thing you are doing.
    Congratulations, and I hope you blog for many, many years to come.

  33. Good evening my blogging friend. Isn't it funny how over this year we have gotten acquainted and become friends. It is hard to pick a favorite post, though I still think about you and your family going through the swollen river while on Indiana Jones. I remember your Meme early last year learning about you and your travels and education. I love the pictures of the meadows in Alaska. I love your puppy.
    Your words at the beginning of this post are so very true, I wake up with a circle of friends, sharing a cup of coffee before I start my day.
    Happy Blogaversary!

  34. Happy first anniversary, Tatyana! I found you just in time to celebrate. What a wonderful blog you have, your photos are beautiful and they always brighten my days.

    I'd love to enter your contest, and my preference would be for book number 1.

    I'm hoping to enjoy your blog for many more years.

  35. Happy 1st Blogaversary, Tatyana! May you have many many more! I have enjoyed each and everyone of your post. My dear, you are so creative. Keep up your good work and Cheers!

  36. Happy anniversary to your blog! I am so glad I came to know you. I enjoy all your posts, and I'm sure I missed some wonderful ones, since I am a late comer. But I definitely loved your green thumb post - that one spoke to my mossy heart! I already have book #1 ( I bought it at Powells in Portland!) , so I would have to choose #2.

  37. Congratulations Tatyana! I’m looking forward to many more years in reading your blog.

  38. Hi Tatyana~~ I'm a little late to the party but at least I made it. Your words are pure poetry and I can feel the love. You're such a dear sweet soul.

    Well I can say without the slightest hesitation that there are ZERO blog posts that I DIDN'T like. :)

    Favorites? Are you kidding? How can I choose? Okay, well... how about...
    Before and After
    Neighborhood Walk
    October Blushes

    I could go on all night. Your blog is awesome. Anyway, happy blogiversary! As for the giveaway: I think there are many others more deserving. Seriously. I've been gardening for many, many years and my bookshelves are literally sagging. So please exempt me.

    Oh, I almost forgot, your collage is absolutely exquisite. Here's to many more years of gardening frienships.

  39. I would love to win either book--I need them--I love growing things, but have limited space and need much guidance. I love your photos gorgeous!! I loved the one about the fancy bird houses---I love bird houses and I've never seen such fancy houses!
    kakihararocks (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. Congratulations Tatyana - I find it hard to believe you're just one! It seems you've been around for much longer giving us fun, advice and stories about your world. That's the mark of a good blogger in my view :)

    Here's to many more blogaveraries!

  41. Congratulations on your blogaversary, Tatyana! You express your feelings about blogging so beautifully, and I totally agree with you--this community of garden bloggers has become such an important influence on me and my life as a gardener.

    My favorite post? Oh my gosh, I can't remember! I do remember your driving around the neighborhood and showing off some fall color--or am I confused on that one?:) I think I like your photos of your own garden, but your photos are always so beautiful no matter what you write about. Wait a minute--I know, the one where you contrasted hot and cold--that one was so clever!

    Have a great week! We are snow-bound here.

  42. Congratulations Tatyana on your 1 year anniversary/birthday?
    I'm a little late but I get there eventually . . .
    Cute post - they're always either cute, funny, great, serious . . . but all good. Choose? I don't know if I can - I love when you show all of the flowers in your gardens or some where you talk about your family both here and previously in Russia but I also love the ones that have me falling off my chair laughing.
    Same with the book - I'd like to be entered in the drawing but both books look good. Bob always says "Give her 2 choices and she's in trouble" and that's very true - I can't help it. So if I were to by some small chance be chosen for the drawing why don't you just eeny meeny it or better yet I'll take the opposite one of the other person chosen. ;-)
    Thanks for a great year of entertainment!!!

  43. Oh no! I'm not one of the WHO's! So then I won't tell what I like or don't like about your blog =) Happy anniversary / gittan

  44. Happy blogaversary! I like what you wrote about feeling our elbows when you weed, or hearing us urging you to switch to drip irrigation. Blogging is wonderful.

  45. aloha tatyana, i'm sending you some warm sunshine from the islands to celebrate your first anniversary....what a fanatastic year it has been for you and what an amazing blog you've accomplished on your first anniversary....i love all the tours you do especially the autumn tour is a treat to see fall colors...looking forward to more of your wonderful posts!


  46. Yippee! You are one already? Congrats. My favorite post of yours was actually your halloween post. You make a cute pirate.

  47. What posts have I enjoyed the most? I love the posts where you show your full landscaping photos. Up close photos are great but I really love to see your full garden because it is so beautiful! Also, I like the vegetable garden photos. Lastly, you did a post about showing your "real" photos not just the pretty ones and I enjoyed that a lot. For the giveaway...both books look great. I guess book 1 first and then book 2 as second choice. Happy one year!

  48. I'm not entering either, but I do enjoy visiting your blog. My favorite posts like so many others' have to do with the stories. The stories of your gardens through the years, your parents, or snippets of other people's stories like the Alaska post. Congrats on your first year!

  49. Tatyana, I love the way you throw your whole soul into everything you do. That comes across in your posts. I'm Canadian, so out of the running for your prizes, but over the past year (have you really only been blogging that long???) I've particularly loved your photo essays, travelogues and your flower history stories... Keep up the great blogging, blogiversary girl!

  50. Happy Anniversary to your wonderful blog, Tatyana! I am so happy to have found it when I did and glad that you continue to be dedicated to it and your gardening~
    My favorite post was about the chickens, of course! But I must admit I have never stumbled upon one I did not enjoy.
    Love the Projects book but both look like wonderful prizes.
    Congrats on a wonderful year!

  51. Congratulations on your anniversary, Tatyana. I just stopped by to give you my well wishes. I love your blogging sprit and that you always call it like it is--and that you put a big red arrow to the missing button on your jacket instead of Photoshopping one on. LOL Looking forward to more, so keep it coming this year.

  52. Congratulation on your blog anniversary. I always enjoy your gorgeous garden and your "pen" drippping with fun.

  53. Happy blogaversary! Has it only been a year? I feel like I've learned so much from you.

    If I had to pick, my favorite post was the one with all the "ugly" dead stuff. Sometimes I tire of all the pretty, never diseased, never frozen plants. It was so refreshing!

  54. Congrats on your blogaversary! Here's to another happy year! My favorite post of yours was the one on fall color around your neighborhood...with the hidden bicycle. I love fall color & that is one thing we don't get much of here in Southern CA!

  55. Congrats and Happy New year to you. Love your blog. You never fail to make me smile. I like to do all those things with u too. Great post.

  56. Congrats on your first anniversary.

    You have made a beautiful calendar, looks gorgeous. I am sure that they loved it.


  57. Only one year?? I can't believe it. You blog like a pro Tatyana! I must have found you right from the beginning?? Anyway, congratulations on your anniversary. You've done a fabulous job.
    I think book number one looks very intriguing and fits my garden (small!) ~ if I should be so lucky to be selected. I have to say your foxglove post (showing up unplanted) stick in my mind the most. I have major foxglove envy so that would be why! They really are outstanding tho.
    Cheers to you and many more blogging years too! :-)

  58. PS That calendar had to be the favorite gift of the holidays??? I am seriously going to have to put one of my own together ~ your's is gorgeous!

  59. Hello, my girlfriend shared your blog with me today. I haven't had a chance to catch up, but love the calendar idea and many pictures of your garden. Your are an inspiration to us all! Happy 1 year anniversary.
    Keep up the fabulous blogging! Char

  60. Happy Anniversary and we wish for much much more. Keep it pouring like the snows on your scenes and the lights on your photos. I am sorry we are discriminated from joining your contest. (just kidding!). I've just won an award in a travel blog by commenting just like in yours. The travelblog owner photographer is giving Nat Geo moleskin and notebook, Mango Magazine and a free slot for an out of town photography workshop. Isn't that great! Maybe if we from the hot climes are included i might get another win, lol. Thank you and happy blogging. I will not choose as i will not vote.

  61. Happiest of blogaversaries! It's been a joy to read your posts and get to know you and your garden! gail

  62. Happy Blogging anniversary and thank you for many enjoyable posts!

  63. Beautiful blog..congrats and your dog is fantastic! I love stuff like that. My dog (chow/shepherd) looks similar to yours but she just turned 3yrs? Yours is a puppy right? Have a great day, Regina-

  64. Happy Anniversary Tatyana! You're the best!

  65. Thank you for showing lovely flowers.


  66. Great contest, Tatyana! You have a lot of great posts. I'll have to choose the tulip festival post as my favorite because Kim and I sooooo need to get up there to see it. Your photos were lovely.

    And which book? That's hard also, they both sound very nice and useful. I guess I'll go for the Square Foot Gardening book as we need to amp up our veggie growing.

    Thanks for the contest, they're always fun!

  67. Happy Blogaversary Tatyana! I think you've made a huge impact in only a year's time. I am so inspired by your blog it's difficult to only pick one post. Perhaps the tribute to your mother in the Dahlia post - it's the first that comes to mind but ever since stumbling in through Blotanical I've loved every post. I love seeing your incredible photography from your garden. I would choose your beautiful calendar over the books but would be thrilled to win the Projects for Small Gardens.

  68. Happy blogiversary! It seems like much longer than one year. I have always admired your photos. The calendar idea is great.

  69. I just found your garden blog and love it, love your picturs! I would love to see the entire calendar.....does each month have a new picture? I look forward to followin your blog.

  70. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary. Well done! I enjoy your posts that deal with your own garden the most, but your trip posts are great, too. If I'm lucky enough, I would like to have book 2. Best wishes in 2010!

  71. Happy New Year & Congratulations for your 1 year old blog.
    Hope to see & hear more from your wonderful garden experiences.

  72. Congrats on your first year anniversary. I just discovered your site - love your photography. I've bookmarked it, and I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time going through your archives. Love your calendar for friends and family. I hadn't thought of doing a calendar, but I'm going to do it for stocking stuffers next Christmas. Thanks for the idea! I would love to win the book on projects for small gardens.

  73. What a sweet gesture, Tatyana!
    Wishing you a very happy 1st anniversary and a bright and healthy new year!
    You've reminded me that January brings my blog anniversary also. This will be my 4th year! Time flies when you're having fun :)
    I know just what you mean about blog friends. They are an important part of my life too. Isn't technology amazing? We can share little snippets of each others' lives from all corners of the educational and fulfilling to "know" so many interesting and inspiring people.
    I love what you've written here and love seeing your gorgeous photos of your beautiful garden.
    I've read the second book so would choose the first, thank you.
    here's to another wonderful year of blogging!

  74. Hi there. My absolute favorite post of yours is the foxglove post that sounds like a Dr. Suess poem, (here you see them in a boat, there you see them by a moat)! I like all your posts, but since I've no interest in succulents (no idea why) I'll pick that as least favorite. My favorites generally are your garden tours: I am particularly fond of seeing gardens as they are 'all mixed together,' so those win out over single flower picks. And, Book #2, then Book #1. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  75. Happy bloggyversary! I love your blog - we just bought our own house last year so I'm very excited about getting started on my own gardens. I love your Herb & veggie related posts the most - and I love ALL the photos you post! Great job!
    I'd like to win either book but especially Square Foot Gardening! I have a small yard! :)
    mannasweeps (at)))) gmaildotcom


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