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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Readiness Checklist

Do you have a Halloween checklist? No? Make it. It's easy.
This is what you need:

1. Pumpkin(s).
Check your own garden.
To find a good big pumpkin, use a dog:

If don't have your own dog, borrow one from neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc.

Kids also can be very helpful in finding pumpkins.

Place pumpkins on the front porch:

Carve pumpkins:

Decorate pumpkins:

2. Costumes.

You can get ideas for costumes anywhere:
on the walls

on the streets:

Using masks is always a good idea:

as well as using accessories (the spookier the better ):

You can find accessories even at the flower and garden shows (like those above shown at the NW Flower and Garden Show).
Try to keep costumes decent. This is an example of bad taste:

I know that health care reform is a very hot subject, but anyway, there could be children around.
The costumes below are more tasteful:

3. Decorations.
Decorating your house is very important, especially if you have guests.
Decorate inside and outside the house:

Don't forget bathrooms. Go for bold, nature-related pieces:

Spiders are very important:

Again, use a lot of pumpkins!

4. Food.
Try to use your own produce:

Black organic fingerling potatoes are very appropriate:

If you can, use your own catch:

Blood is not real. Added for Halloween effect

Don't forget berries and fruit:

It's October, but look around your garden. Maybe some fruit are still hanging around:

Spooky dessert is a must:


5. Halloween animals
Animals add a soft warm touch to a spooky holiday.

This picture is not mine. Thanks to the unknown author

No, not bunnies. They are for Easter. What are you saying?
I know he is cute, but leave him alone, he needs to grow muscles. It's not easy to carry all those easter eggs for the kids!
Cats are good for Halloween, especially black. Don't have black?
Orange are OK, too:

If you were saving on cat food, then try to go for quantity.
Two skinny ones will do.

This picture is not mine. Thank you unknown author
Dogs are even better for Halloween. They can be dressed or at least accessorized:

No, don't give him your designer glasses, he can chew on them.

So, let's check our list. We have pumpkins, costumes, decorations, food, animals.
The listed components are basic together with treats for kids. You can then add your own special touch.

Oh, don't forget to save some money for the dentist. The kids will need to visit him after eating all those candies.

As for me, I am ready!


HA - HA - HA!!!!!
Copyright 2009 TatyanaS


  1. Tatyana, if you ever want to see truly tasteless costumes, join us in Key West for Fantasy Fest. Words simply do not describe.

  2. Bwwaahhaaaahhhaa

    Great post Tatyana. So much fun packed in here. I loved all the pictures, really cool!
    Happy Halloween :-)

  3. Oh Tatyana, this was just rich! So full of good ideas too. But that tomato with the slug almost made me lose lunch! A warning please! HA

  4. Too cute. I laughed and laughed. In fifteen years that we have lived here, we have never had Halloween visitors. Too far from any little children, but not too.

    I will have a spooky post for the occasion.

  5. You rock! What a fun post. Love the little kitties looking out the window. The insect art work is very interesting. Your costume is arggghhhhhhhhhh-a-lious. Happy Halloween!

  6. LOL,OMG, what a fun post. I will not be getting my costume off of the street, too old, fat and wrinkly.
    I just love the scarecrow sitting in the patch. The crow just makes it. The kids in the pumpkin patch is a great picture of the twins.
    Those little dressed up ladies are so pretty. NOT! LOL.
    Happy Halloween.Hey, We could trick or treat for seeds instead of candy.

  7. OH Tatyana! You outdid yourself! What a frightenly super post! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  8. What a great blog post, Tatyana! I laughed at the hospital gown costume, took a breath, scrolled down and laughed all over again at the "wimmens"! You made me want to go out and buy pumpkins.

  9. Way to cute! You are getting Halloween off to a big bang!!

  10. What a cute post. loved all those animals!

  11. Tatyana,

    So funny, clearly you have too much free time on your hands. We are glad for it though!

  12. Tatyana this post was just what I needed! Too funny!!!
    I guess I'm coming off of the hospital meds and been really down all day - this cracked me up!!! I'm glad I decided to go online and have a look.

  13. Too funny...looks like you are ready...we are just about there...need a little painting, planting & carving!

  14. Halloween is such a fun time. Your post was just like that. Thanks for your creativity and humor!!

  15. Yikes, I'm not ready! Just found out today that Trick or Treating in my town will be tomorrow night, not Saturday. Must get candy!

  16. Tatyana~~ You are so creative!! This is a great post! My favorite was the one fluffy cat or two skinny ones, on the back of the toilet. Hillarious!! I think your eyeball soup could help me stave off a hunger binge. The pumpkins assembled in the outdoor bathroom are captivating. Love the pumpkin head scarecrows. It looks like you're ready for the big day. Thank you for all these great reminders. No more excuses.

  17. Oh my goodness. I thought I was prepared for Halloween, but it is nothing compared to you. I had better get going!

    Thank you for such great ideas and inspiration!

  18. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this one. I am tempted to show it to my daughter but know the photo she would remember the most is the hospital-gown-costume one. :) Love your pirate gear, I was one for a costume ball last weekend and have to say it was pretty fun to have a little "pirattitude" just for a night. Hope you have a fun holiday, looks like you really know how to enjoy it!

  19. Brilliant, Tatyana! This really made me laugh. I have the kids, the pumpkins and the cat - and even some fairy lights round the porch. Now all I need is a bit of time...

  20. Nowhere as ready as you are!! This is a great post, photos are very entertaining!

  21. Funny post Tatyana. Happy Halloween! :)

  22. I absolutely must have a pumpkin scarecrow like the one in the garden with the crow on his head! Very fun and great photos~

  23. You grew a 64 lb pumpkin? I'm impressed! I love the spider cake and the expression on your orange cat's face. Very cute. :) The black fingerling potatoes are perfect for a Halloween dinner.

  24. That is hands down the best Halloween post/photos I've seen all week! Loved the part about one fat or two skinny cats.

  25. Tatyana,
    I love your Halloween post. Like the kitties, pumpkins etc. Good post! Very timely!

  26. Hello Tatyana, what a joyful and funny post, you have made my day for the good time I had looking at your pictures. Your outfit is great!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  27. Tatyana, You should become world-famous for this post!! I'm exhausted after all that. The skinny cats are priceless, and I'll take the "berry"– it's not as scary as it looks.

  28. Oh my goodness, I'd better get going. All I have so far is the orange cat (who fits somewhere in between the range you show here)!

  29. Wow! I better get busy. I loved your post! Loved the dog, cats, pumpkins....:)

  30. Have a Wonderful Halloween! What a beautiful array of Pumpkins and lovely deco. I will surely "haunt" your place if I was nearby.

  31. Hahahaha!!! So funny! I love the doctor costume. I agree... dogs are more fun to dress up for Halloween. Ellie will be wearing something... haven't figured out what yet though... I'm sure she can't wait. ;)

  32. Hello Tatyana,

    I have awarded you the Scrap Blog award on my blog. I would love to have you participate, because I enjoy your blog very much. It would be great to learn more about you. If you don't want to, I understand.

  33. Счастливого Дня всех святых! Я счастлива,что благодаря тебе стала относиться к этому празднику празднично. Одним счастливым днем в году больше!

  34. Nice! We don't celebrate Halloween here but I enjoy reading your post. Its quite amusing. I love the decorate pumpkins photos.

  35. This is too great, Tatyana! I of course loved the dog and cat photos, but that photo of the pumpkin-decorated outdoor "bathroom" and the wonderful spooky spider food were just the best. Too much fun for one Hallowe'en! (And I of course loved the piratical costumes, too.)

  36. I can always rely on your posts to put a smile on my face. Is it wrong that the spooky deserts make me hungry? I l-o-v-e Halloween candy!

    Happy Halloween!

  37. Да, Таня, прекрасно - и красиво, и весело, и интересно! На все фотоснимки смотрела с любовью, и, конечно, особенно - с Рыжиком, Жуликом, Амурчиком (надо же, как может звучать Амур!), а "I am ready" - моё неизменное: "БРАВО!"
    Обнимаю тебя!

  38. Tatanya,
    I love your blog -this is such a good post- made me laugh a lot. Have a great Halloween.

  39. looks like you're all set for Halloween Tatyana! What a fun, fun post!

  40. This is a fantastic post! I love it, but I especially love the cats and dogs, and where did that guy get a wabbit that huge? Is it real? LOL, you had me laughing so hard my DH came to check on me!

  41. Gosh, Tatyana, what a bl...good post.(in A we are allowed the bl word it is not a swearword!) anyway this post is just so funny and so well done. I think you had just as much fun writing your Halloween post as we have reading it! I wish you a very scary Halloween.

  42. Really cute dog! I love the two cats on the toilet. Fun post! happy halloween

  43. So much here to take's all cute and amazing! I loved all of it! You look terrific in your costume...who are the guys on either side?! How did you get your pumpkin to blink on and off like that? It's awesomely scary:-) And your, he is ONE FAT CAT!!! Cute, though! Hope you, and the kiddos, had a happy halloween earlier this evening! It drizzled rain but my son and his friends went out; then it started pouring and is still pouring at 11pm...that's ok, 'cause I'm going to sleep now!!

  44. What a fun post I love all the pumpkins especially the Pumpkin people they are great.

  45. Tatanya, loved your post, made me smile!


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