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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Story Of The Dirty Sneakers

Stop And Smell The Flower was the post showing our muddy shoes.

There is a little story behind that picture.
It was during our Kauai (Hawaii) trip in August. Four of us went on a kayaking trip. We knew there would be a hiking portion, too. Just a short hike to a waterfall. How nice, we thought! A light relaxing walk! Here we go!

After a picturesque ride, we stopped, left our kayaks and crossed the river. Nice crossing, water reaching our KNEES. Nice! Adventure! Here we walk.

It had rained the night before. It's muddy. It's very slippery. Mud reaches our ankles.
Tree roots don't allow us to look around much.

Don't trip! Don't fall! Hold this rope, says the guide. Please, don't fall!
It looks like we got more than we signed up for. The walk doesn't look short and relaxing.
Finally, a waterfall. Beautiful.

Hey, there is a wild chicken here! (I told about the wild Kauai chickens here Chicken Secrets )
On the way back, it starts raining. This is a TROPICAL rain. By the time we get to the kayaks, the water in the river reaches my neck. There are two boys with us. The shorter one goes on my back. Thanks to those who put the rope here! If not for it, we could be swept away by the rushing water. I feel like Indiana Jones. Adventure!

Kim and Victoria, you are going to Kauai soon. Don't miss this one!

OK. Reach the kayaks. Get in. Start paddling. AAAH!!!! A log is in front!

BAM! FLIP! SPLASH! Under the water! Hold the oar!!!!!!

- Are you OK? asks a nice young couple from our group. Yes.

AAAAH!!! They flip! It's getting interesting here! Ugh... Paddling...

AAAAAH!!!! What now? My camera! It's in the pocket on the back of my seat. So, it was underwater when we flipped! I hear funeral music playing for my Kodak. Good thing I didn't take my new Olympus. I reach it, it's in the ziploc bag. Horray! Horray to ziploc bags!

The camera is dry!

The trip is over. Yes, we got more than we signed up for.

And I am still haunted by a question:

How was my HAT still on my head when I emerged from the water?
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  1. It is so beautiful there in Hawaii.
    To answer your question on the difference between the two tomatoes, I think, as I recall, they are fairly close in taste and texture.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a beautiful hike. Your do not mind the rain when it is so warm or the muddy shoes. I would beware of the chickens though ;-)

  3. That waterfall looks like the one from LOST, that we obsessively watch. It is spectacular! It looks like a wet but fun hike.

  4. What a great story! Your of lifes little mysteries..

  5. Crazy girl !!
    Kundos to you for being so adventurous.
    Tons of tree roots...had to be hard walking with it being so wet.
    Hooray for the zip lock bag.
    Fun/scary story.
    Don't want to do it!

  6. OK, that almost sounded a little TOO adventuresome. ;) The waterfall looked worth it though! How beautiful. And your boys look very happy.

  7. Oh my goodness!! What an adventure. This will be one you will retell as a family for many years. wow.

  8. The waterfall is a perfect climax to the hike.

  9. Tatyana~~ So, let me get this straight. The water came to your knees on the way and up to your neck after the way back? And...? Wow. This really was an adventure, wasn't it? Talk about a tropical rain. I'm just glad everyone [and your Olympus] was okay. Indiana Jones has nothing on you!

  10. What an exciting trip and a great story.

  11. You take the best photo's! so glad your camera was safe so you could share.

  12. Thank you so much! We are laughing now looking back at that adventure. We are rookies in kayaking. I say that trip made our family stronger! They turned three other groups back when the water in the river got so high. Beyond that part of the trip, the most difficult thing for me was to put my feet into the deep warm mud reaching the ankles...

  13. Thanks for the heads up on this post! Can't wait for our trip.


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