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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday. MY PAYDAY

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  1. LOL! There are no bad days for gardening... exept the frosen ones..... :O)!

  2. At first I thought someone was sticking a pole in the ground.
    da..a new tree !!
    Are you the one supervising?
    I know that's my favorite job.
    Sorry, I guess I'll have to read past post to know what kind of tree your planting because I have no clue. Just love new stuff !

  3. Hi Tatyana~~ Gardening in the rain are we? What exactly is down there? :)

  4. They are digging a hole for the hydrangea bush. They started a day before with no rain. Next day, they finished the hole. One is digging, another is protecting the brother and the hole from rain. AT lAST, someone can do the digging for me! They didn't know that I was taking a picture. To be honest, I should admit that I paid them for this particular hole, they split it $2 + $2. I know it's an expensive hole, but people, IT WAS RAINING and I was staying home, and SOMEONE WAS DIGGING!!! It's a dream came true!

  5. Hi Tatyana, there's no bad weather for gardening, are there?

  6. It's a good day when someone else is doing the digging. Looks like a $50 hole, too: nice and wide and deep! I bet your hydrangea will be very happy in its new home.

  7. Digging in the rain looks like fun!
    Don't forget the peat moss! ;)

  8. You got a really good deal there for $4.00!! ha! I hope your hydrangea loves its new home;-)

  9. My first thought was what dedication but then I read you had bribed them although cheap at the price.

    Looking forward to a post of your new plant

  10. Hydrangea. When it flowers, show them to us, will your?

  11. Well worth the $$ ... now, what kind of hydrangea are you planting?

  12. Yes, I bribed them this time. But they like digging so much that they often do it just for fun. The question "Mama, where can we dig?" is common in our family. I need to catch that moment and turn them in a right direction. Otherwise, they can dig a hole in a very unappropriate place, for ex., in front of a bench! They use the earned money to buy tents for themselves, DVD, games, etc. I feel better when I pay them for chores rather than just give money to buy that stuff.
    I will post the picture of those hydrangeas. They were sitting in the pots for a couple years and should be happy now!

  13. It's refreshing to garden in the rain! Makes one feel like a kid again :)
    Hope you had fun!

  14. I wish someone would hold an umbrella for me when I won't come in out of the rain:)

  15. Thank you everyone!
    Answering the question, I have Nikko Blue, Endless Summer and Princess Lace Hydrangea.

  16. Okay, that is cheap labor! My kids have wisened up and demand much! li'l ol' me do most of the digging here..that's why I keep putting off my pond project...BTW, Happy Belated Birthday Tatyana! Mine's next week!


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